Disana Boiled Woolen Wrap


Disana Boiled Woolen Diaper Wrap. Made in Germany.

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All age/weight recommendations are approximate:

Size 62-68, (tag says 3-6 months) about 10-15 pounds

Size 74-80, (tag says 6-12 months) about 15-20 pounds 

Size 86-92, (tag says 12-24 months) about 20-30 pounds  

Size 98-104, (tag says 2-3 years) 30-38 pounds

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Because these are boiled wool, they have been felted already, thus these wraps do not need special preparation. You may want to size up if you are on the top end of the size range. As with all clothing, size recommendations are only guidelines; we cannot guarantee fit. I like this for nighttime only. The closure is hook and loop and it works but it's not all that great, yet it does the job for nighttime diapering. If you can use a simple needle and thread you can change the hook part to either make it smaller or turn it the other way to greatly improve it. Some have modified it to change into a snap cover. I wish this came in a snap version. But, as it is, the closure is okay enough and sufficient for nighttime, but it's not a good enough closure for daytime use, in my opinion.

The wool is fabulous though! It is thick and dense and works very well. But because it is boiled (pre-felted) the wool does not stretch. The cover doesn't stretch at the waist. That is fine at night when baby is laying down, but for daytime, I prefer a stretchier cover. Yet, for night, wool is breathable and works really well. If you need to change baby at night (which is a good idea and a common need) then having a wrap style could be just the right thing because you don't have to pull it down like you must with a pull-on. Thus, when you change baby in place, the wool cover can be opened and the diaper inside it changed without making a wet spot on the sheet and without having to put something under baby to keep the sheet dry. Wraps work well over unfastened prefolds, too, which can be handy for a quick change in the dark. This works over fitteds, fastened prefolds or unfastened prefolds. Made of organic merino wool. Made in Germany.

While most people use it the way it is, if you are crafty and can hand sew, you might consider changing or modifying the closure. Some customers have seam ripped it off and shortened or moved it and resewn it or replaced it. Some talented people have done some interesting things to customize it. I agree the closure is not the best. With some work and skill, it can be modified and customized to meet our fit and preference requirements. Of course, when you modify a product you do void the 90 day warranty and what you do is your responsibility. Always make sure you are doing things safely and not creating any choking hazards or other hazards any time you modify a baby product. The wool itself is amazing.

   inside of Disana boiled wool diaper wrap

gots Link to disana brand brand page.

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Love it

I use this for a nighttime set up- and I love this product over any others I’ve tried for nighttime (interlock and knitted soakers, pants, Disana pull on soakers). Let me list the reasons I love these: 1. Dry time is awesome when I do have to wash or spot wash them. I live in a humid area and all my other thick nighttime solutions take forever to dry and is a pain. 2. I was able to use these right away and have been using these for three months and have not had one leak. 3. Super easy to clean, infact- the only reason I’ve had to clean is due to poo getting on it. I hate spot treating a pull on cover for poo. I usually have to wash the whole thing because it gets wet anyway and smears. Since this is a wrap, it opens and I can truly just clean the “spot” and let it dry. Sooo much easier. 4. No surprise poo everywhere when you go to change a diaper and either don’t know if it’s soiled or “how bad” a blow out is. You just open it flat. So much cleaner on my changing table. 5. I love it has no elastic and I don’t have to worry about that wearing out or irritating fat thighs. 6. I don’t have to baby it. It’s already felted. I can clean it without being anxious I’m about to ruin it. 7. It’s very soft and thick and quite lovely. I think it’s vey comfortable on baby. The Velcro sides do fit weird, I figure we’ve all got quirks. It really doesn’t bother me, as I put a blanket sleeper on over the diaper and baby doesn’t mess with it and I’ve never had it dig or rub wrong or have any complaints about function or comfort. I also sized up for a nighttime diaper and it fits VERY generously so maybe people had too small of a size?? No problem for nighttime though. I use a (xl prefold with a small Sherpa or medium prefold padfolded) or a (muslin toddler sized flat with a small flat pad folded in a pickman fold) for my 19 month old chunky boy -moderate wetter and this all fits inside the 2t-3t (which is ginormous, and the Velcro meets each other in the middle its so big on him) with absolutely no problem and maybe half the diaper is wet at most in the morning. It’s bulky but looks and seems comfortable enough and works very well. No leaks, no elastics, and all super breathable. Love it.

Rebecca S.


Fantastic diaper cover, zero leaks!


I bought one of these (size 86/92) and then bought a second one because I love it so much.

I bought one of these (size 86/92) and then bought a second one because I love it so much. I'm not looking at larger sizes for him (he is currently 18 lbs) I love these. They work great and go on like a cover making for super easy diaper changes. They come pre washed and lanoed, so ready to use ouf the box so to speak! I just wish they had more colors.

Susy Shearer

My favorite wool cover ever!

My favorite wool cover ever!! I've had two kids with organic prefolds (w/ snappi) and organic wool outers and these are by far my favorite. I'm about to buy a second one because I've like the other one I bought so much, I've been using it 24/7 for a few months now and I think I'll need to finally give it a wash. It ticks all the boxes for me - no leaks, grows with my growing baby, easy and quick diaper changes, very little maintenance and it arrives ready to be used. I wish I discovered this with my first child! For reference, other brands I've used: little beetle snaps, little beetle velcro, imse velcro and wool pull-ons (can't remember brand).

A Green Mountain Diapers Customer

I really like this wool cover for overnight use.

I really like this wool cover for overnight use. It's completely leak proof, which is the most important part. One disadvantage is that it has no stretch, so when my little guy outgrows it, that's it. We have a size 86/92 for our 7 month old, who weighs about 17 pounds. He began wearing it at six months and 16 pounds, and I'm expecting to get at least several more months' use from it. Because of the velcro, diaper changes are very easy and quick. I've had no trouble keeping all the cotton layers contained inside the wool wrap, and the velcro has not contacted his skin. I'm so happy to have an easy, leak proof solution for overnight use.

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