Cloth-eez Baby Wipes Sampler

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Baby wipes sampler pack of 7 wipes, containing 1 of each of various kinds of Cloth-eez cotton wipes.

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Not sure which wipes you will love? Try this sampler pack of 7 wipes containing:

1 Cloth-eez Two-Sided Wipes in white

1 Cloth-eez Two-Sided Wipes in unbleached knit terry

1 Cloth-eez Baby Washcloth Square Cotton Velour

1 Cloth-eez Birdseye Wipes made of organic cotton

1 Cloth-eez Mini Wipe in sky blue

1 Cloth-eez Organic Muslin Baby Wipes

1 Cloth-eez Paper Towel Alternative white

100% cotton. Made in Pakistan.

sample pack of baby wipes

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Holly J.
North Carolina North Carolina
nice to see all the different types

I liked being able to feel each type of wipe so this is a great option GMD provides. Ordered this plus one pack of the white two sided to get started. Ended up liking the white two sideds best so we ordered two more packs, plus a pack of the muslin wipes for various use. I do like having different types though, satisfying.

United States United States
So glad I ordered this!

I am very happy that I ordered this to try out wipes before I just went ahead and ordered some. My top two have to be the Birdseye and the mini wipe (for diapering purposes. The Muslim wipe was too big for me to feel like I had perfect control over it while wiping. We like it for use as a hankie though! It’s so soft! The baby washcloth didn’t do much for my baby who eats solid food. I can see it working better for EBF waste. I love the cloth paper towel alternative for cleaning up messes and dusting. I will definitely be ordering some in the future to help cut down on paper use.

United States United States
Worthwhile purchase

We have been using the organic muslin wipes with our daughter and like them. But while ordering her next size diapers I thought it would be nice to try some of the other sizes and textures of wipes. This sampler was a great way to do that. I loved the mini wipes, the alternative paper towels, and the birdseye wipe and have ordered some of each. They will be good for applications other than diaper clean up. I like the birdseye and paper towel for face and hand clean up during meals. The mini wipes are also nice for quick face clean up and will also serve as an alternative to cotton balls or facial pads. The unbleached two-side wipe had an imperfection in it: the edging seam had a break in it. The baby washcloth was nice but not as substantial as I would have hoped.

Washington Washington
Great way to figure out which wipes work best for you

I really like this wipes sampler, that helped me to try most of the Cloth-eez baby wipes sold by Green Mountain Diapers, so I do not have to guessing which set of 12 to get. I just wish there were 2 of each wipes:-) in the set, or some discount on getting 2 of the sets in one order.

Olivia H.
Virginia Virginia
Best Gift for New Parents

Included this wipe sampler in a cloth diapering gift for soon to be parents. What a great idea for them to try these out and see what they like best. I learned when diapering my own infant, that each of us has our own preferences and develop a routine that works best for us, so this will help them do the same.

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