Thirsties Menstrual Pads

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Washable menstrual pads from Thirsties with organic cotton inside.

Waterproof TPU protects undergarments with a secure snap fastener. 

Liner:      4 layers of absorbent organic cotton

Regular:  5 layers of absorbent organic cotton

Super:     6 layers of absorbent organic cotton

Sold in packs of 2 pads per pack.  

Liner:         7.5" L,    2.75" W
Regular:   10.5" L,    2.75" W
Super:    12.75" L,    2.75" W

Stock Status: In stock. Usually ships same or next business day.

Two pack bundles contain 2 of the same size; sampler 3 packs contain one of each size to make it easier to get started with organic cotton pads.   

2-pack bundle Ocean Life includes 1 each of Jellyfish and Ocean Lullabies 

2-pack bundle Reef Life includes 1 Reef Life and 1 Tangerine

Coordinates with Thirsties Clutch Bag

Clutch bag for menstrual pads  Desert Bloom menstrual pads shown in a Thirsties Clutch in Jellyfish.

Reef Life menstrual padThirsties Menstrual Pad Ocean Life Description ImageThirsties Menstrual Pads FloralThirsties Menstrual Pads FloralThirsties Menstrual Pads SakuraThirsties Menstrual Pads FloralThirsties Menstrual Pads SakuraThirsties Menstrual Pads Floral SizesThirsties Menstrual Pads Sakura Sizes

Liner: 7.5" L, 2.75" W
Regular: 10.5" L, 2.75" W
Super: 12.75" L, 2.75" W

Thirsties Menstrual Pad SnowburstThirsties Menstrual Pads Floribunda 3 Pack

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Ellen M.
Kansas Kansas


These are nicely made. Giving 4 stars because they’re quite substantial. Great for cycle days. A bit thick for daily liner needs. More like a small pad.

Andrea C.
Washington Washington

Comfortable and absorbent

These pads are comfortable, stay in place and absorb and wash well. Happy I got them!

Abigail B.
Georgia Georgia

They don’t slide around or bunch

I am new to cloths pads, so I can’t compare these to others. So far so good. The quality is very high for sure. They don’t slide around or bunch. They are easy to care for. The price seems a bit high to me, but you get what you pay for.

United States United States


Overall, this product is excellent. I have only tried the "liner" and "regular" sizes so far and plan to order more of all sizes soon. I like them better than a different brand of cloth pads I have been using (these are softer and stay put better!) except for as a daily liner. I prefer cloth pads over disposables (softer, no trash) and do use a cup on the heavy/regular (to me) days and 1-2 overnights since I do not trust *any* pads to do the job reliably for those jobs. Mine have been washing up no problem in loads with diapers and even regular laundry. I usually spray the pad after use with diluted BacOut, put it in my bathroom's wet bag... then wash every other day (sometimes daily, depending on how much laundry is happening)... I just do a quick, water-only prewash with any wipes and pads that have accumulated then add whatever laundry I was going to wash and wash as normal for that particular load. Simple. Personally, I do not think the liner size should be considered a liner. It's a bit much for that purpose. 4 layers doesn't sound like a lot, but when it's Thirsties' high quality cotton jersey... it kind of is thick. I like it as a backup to a menstrual cup or on super light/spotting days. Regular is good as an average pad. I would imagine the super would be good for heavier days (although it looks kind of awkwardly long? I guess we'll see once I actually try it), but I would not trust it alone overnight for a heavy flow night knowing my cycle. If the back tapered out to be wider, I would consider it to be a night pad, but this doesn't, so I don't. I would consider these to all be daytime use only.

United States United States

Work as desired but bulky to me

This is my first experience with cloth menstrual pads. I purchased the liners. In the past I've only ever used disposable liners (e.g. Always brand or similar) that are very thin with no wings. The wings on these Thirsties liners are bothersome to me. I find them bulky and very noticeable when I walk. Perhaps I'm just not used to a pad with wings, but I wanted to write this review to let people know since I didn't see many other reviews here. I think if you are used to wings, and/or used to cloth pads this might not bother you. The pad part works as desired and the product itself is high quality. The cotton and TPU outer are very well made.

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