Flokati Merino Wool Sleeping Bag Cozy Sleep Sack

Flokati Merino Wool Sweater.

Size 70 is for 5-12 months.  This is not for a newborn baby. It is big! 

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Wool is so much nicer than polyester!  Once you try, learn and understand wool, you'll understand how there is no comparison to synthetics and you'll even enjoy the occasional hand washing of the lovely fabric. 

Made of 100% organic merino wool.  Wool is soothing to babies and they love it. It does not need to be washed often. Just wear it again and again and simply air it out between uses.  The natural lanolin on the wool helps to keep it clean.  When it is time to wash it, please wash by hand in a proper wool wash to keep it soft and in shape. An adorable embroidered happy sheep. Zipper closure for easy access without buttons. Made in Lithuania.  

merino wool sleeping bag embroideredwool sleep sack with zipper

Flokati wool sleeping bag size measurements 

Approximate measurements before washing 27" x 12". Expect some shrinkage after washing.  It is much too big for a newborn baby. 

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