Cloth-eez POSO pull on snap off diaper cover

Cloth-eez POSO Cover

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Back snapping cover. Tag goes at baby's right hip.

Size XSmall       5 - 9.5 pounds 

Size Small         7 - 10 pounds

Size Medium   10 - 16 pounds

Size Large        15 - 26 pounds or longer for tall and lean, not for thick legs.   

See pictures.

FREE GIFT!  Add your free POSO to the cart for each $50 of order value*

Leg openings on this production in size Large came out smaller than expected so it will fit best on average to thin legs. It may not work for very chubby legs.  In size medium the leg openings also came out just slightly smaller than expected also so we tweaked down the weight recommendations to adjust for that.  Leg openings are fine on XSmall and Small.  Heads-up that it could be snug on very chubby legs in medium and large. 

The waist on all sizes is correct, soft, comfy and very adjustable.  That's the best thing about this style diaper cover - tummy comfort.  It doesn't have bumpy rise snaps and it has plenty of room inside for absorbency.  You won't have the problem of the "leg elastics pull away from baby causing leaks when I stuff it too much" with this style cover because there is plenty of room inside it.  The fabric is thin and soft which smashes down under clothes so even though it's roomy inside, it feels trim under clothes.

The sizes are close to each other so skipping a size can make sense.

POSO stands for Pull On, Snap Off.  On a young baby you use the snaps like a regular cover but on an older baby it can make sense to pull it on.  It's a pull-on shaped cover that snaps off.  It's supposed to be able to be pulled on like a pull on, by undoing one waist snap to pull it up, and then fastening that snap once it is on.   But that's pretty much a fail since the leg elastic length came out too small on the medium and large.  It's supposed to be a quick option for standing diaper changes for older ones. If baby is thin, it could still work that way.  On a young baby you'll still snap it on as usual, noting that it snaps to the back, called a "back snapping cover".   This is a cover (also called outer or waterproof part).  The diaper part (also called the absorbency or inner part), is not included.    

Use it over a fitted style diaper or a pinned prefold or flat.   Snappis and Boingos are not recommended under this. Pinning is preferred since the cover does not have snaps along the front to help hold the Snappi in place.   Great over fitteds such as the Workhorse diaper. 

This cover is made of our signature very soft fabric.  It has leg gussets, adjustable snaps at the leg and waist, and is true size which means it does not have rise snaps in the front.   I like that that it doesn't have snap bumps in on the outside of it. 

Do not pad-fold under this cover since the shape is like an old-fashioned pull-on pant.  

 USAGE TIP:   It's a "back snapping cover".  The inner Cloth-eez tag will end up at baby's right front hip.   Know this so you don't put it on backwards.  The snaps snap towards the back on purpose.  Most covers snap to the front, but this snaps the other way; toward the back.  Know this: it snaps to the back and the tag goes at baby's right hip.  Repeating for emphasis.

Once you know that, it's easy to use, but since it is different than others, it is important to highlight that difference. 

Why choose this style cover?   The #1 reason is baby's comfort. 

  • It's comfortable for baby. The higher front helps keep the top of baby's pants dry.  It can be put on more loosely for less pressure on baby's tummy.   
  • It is easy to use over fitteds and pinned diapers with a higher rise
  • Roomy inside to add plenty of extra absorbency when needed 
  • It looks retro and poofy, but it smashes down well under clothes
  • No extra work of tucking everything in on a too-trim-fitting cover.
  • Adding doublers do not cause the leg elastic to pull away from baby's body because it's very roomy through the bottom and the seat
  • No stuffing needed

free cloth diaper pins One FREE pair of pins per order is available with this item (even if you get it as a freebie) when you add the pins to your cart through this Link. Please be brave and add the pins to your cart. Pinning is not scary! You can do it! This cover will not hold a prefold in place unless the prefold is fastened.

Available only in white to keep costs down. White is a beautiful, classic diaper color. 

Down the road after a lots of use and washings, this softer, 1 mil cover may wear out faster than a thicker 2 mil cover such as Thirsties, but that is the tradeoff for the softness and lower price point.  Most often babies outgrow the sizes long before that happens, but side by side Thirsties will win the durability contest.  1 mil and 2 mil refers to the thickness of the waterproof TPU layer (PUL and TPU are terms for the waterproof layer and they mean the same thing and are used interchangeably by various brands.  Technically they are all TPU.)

100% polyester with TPU laminate.  Standard elastic at legs and waist which may contain latex.  Nickel-free nylon snaps.  Made in China.

Machine wash warm, hang or tumble dry, remove promptly. No bleach. Do not stretch or pull on warm elastics. Do not overdry. 

*Maximum free gift items per household is 25. The value of the POSO cover is not part of the calculation to reach the fifty dollar increments.  

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