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Blueberry Organic Side Snap Simplex All-In-One Diaper

Blueberry Organic Side Snap Simplex All-In-One Diaper

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Organic cotton inside, side-snapping all-in-one cloth diaper with stretchy sides.

Size Medium: 12-25 pounds (runs bigger)

Size Large: 22-35 pounds (sold out)

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This organic version is just like the Side Snap Simplex but this version is made of organic cotton inside. The unbleached organic cotton is organic prefold diaper fabric. It is very soft and the quilty fabric will require some flattening which is the nature of the prefold fabric. 12 layers of organic fabric smartly sewn to dry quickly with a pocket opening at both ends. 

While this is truly an all-in-one diaper, we are also including it under "potty training" because the stretchy sides can make it work as a pull-up and pull-down diaper for the early stages of potty learning. It definitely is a diaper, but sometimes a diaper that can work as a quick pull-down is just the thing that is needed. Again, this is not the intended use, but depending on baby's shape and size, it sure can work this way as an alternative use. This is also wonderful for EC (elimination communication) for times when a pull-up, pull-down diaper is needed.

Side Snap Simplex by Blueberry is a good name for this all-in-one diapers because it snaps at the sides. This name helps to distinguish it from the one-size version. Really very stretchy! The cut is trim across the bottom. Average sized bottoms might really like this trim fit! Wide babies with big bellies can get a comfortable fit from this because the sides are so very stretchy. As cloth diapers go, this diaper is not bulky at all. So cute and handy for quick changes. Keep one in your diaper bag to use and also to show off to your cloth-nay-saying friends.

Karen doesn't recommend it at night because the stretchy side tabs are absorbent, unless you are choosing it for night for the special feature of being able to possibly pull it up and down for potty learning. If baby has just outgrown the Newborn Simplex, the medium Side-Snap will still be too big on baby in the rise for a little while yet. The sizes don't quite flow into each other and there is a size jump up from newborn to medium. Made in USA.

See this on a baby.

A unique all-in-one diaper design that combines the convenience of an all-in-one diaper while providing the absorbency adjustability of a pocket diaper.

It is made with a waterproof outer layer and 12 layers of 100% organic cotton twill fabric in the wet zone.

The diaper has pocket openings on both ends that allows you to increase the diaper's absorbency by adding extra inserts. This also enables any extra stuffed-in doubler or insert to agitate itself out in the wash. Half of the soaker pad is attached, while the other half also comes out through one of the pocket openings during the washing cycle. The result is a diaper that is thoroughly cleaned inside out and dries fast-either in the dryer or on the line.

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Stephanie L.
United States United States

The trimmest AIO I’ve found!

I have several Grovia Organic AIOs and was curious how another side snap would compare since I love how side snap AIOs are more trim. These are very lightweight but still absorbent enough for my average-wetter daughter. If you dislike bulk, these are a great choice! Blueberry AIOs dry faster than my other AIOs because they are open on both ends like a pocket. They prep easily and quickly (I started using them after one wash). My only skepticism is that, compared to the Grovias, the quality of the materials seems a bit less durable - the side panels are less thick and stretchy, the snaps seem cheaper, and the weave of the PUL seems less dense/more lightweight. But again, I think this makes it a lighter weight choice which I like, and we have not had any issues even when I need to rip the diaper off one-handed (ah, the wiggly baby stage!). So it will be interesting to see how they last over time. The rolled elastics are definitely gentler on her skin. I do plan to purchase more. My daughter is 14 lbs and the medium fits perfectly with growing room on the sides.

Green Mountain Diapers Blueberry Organic Side Snap Simplex All-In-One Diaper ReviewGreen Mountain Diapers Blueberry Organic Side Snap Simplex All-In-One Diaper Review
Courtney D.
Texas Texas

Excellent AIO’s!!!

I’ve tried multiple types of diapers, as I’m sure most cloth diapering parents have done. The organic cotton on my toddler skin is much better than microfiber fleece I’ve had with the bumgenius 5.0 pocket diapers. With those, the urine bounced right off and out the diapers. With these organic cotton diaper inners, all of the urine is easily absorbed. I like the flap that you can adjust by folding to soak up extra little boy wetness. I am using these as pull-ups since they are so stretchy on the sides. It’s a little difficult, but definitely doable. I have the size large for a 28lb boy at 23 months. The only con is that it takes over a day to dry inside. I’d love to have more of these in my stash, but they are pretty expensive compared to flats.

Haley B.
Ohio Ohio

Love this

Love this since its organic cotton inner but side snap to pull on for my extra wiggly baby.

Claudia K.
United States United States

Great daytime diapers!

I really like these. I have cotton fitteds and flats that I use mostly with PUL covers, and they work well. But my baby is starting to run away from me when I change him and we are working on some elimination communication, so I wanted something that might be possible to pull up and down all together. These are much trimmer than my fitteds (Esembly, for reference) and they don't hold as much, but they are great for daytime since I change so frequently. They seem easy for my baby to move around in. They are so trim and don't take up much room in the washing machine and diaper bag. One reason I didn't go with all-in-ones to begin with was time to dry, and I am very impressed that these dry faster than my fitteds. If I let him go too long in one of these, the sides get wet, and, as stated, they are not waterproof. But I like that they are stretchy. I can pull this up and down on my skinny baby, although it's not super easy when they are snapped on tighter snaps because, of course, it's tighter, but also there is less of the stretchy side to stretch. I love that these are sized. I am not a big fan of rise snaps. Size medium is perfect on my tall, skinny 20lb almost 1 year old with room to grow on the sides, but we have some larges as well and they work on the tightest snap. I wish they weren't so expensive, but it looks like most all-in-ones are pretty expensive.

Marilee A.
New York New York

Hope they're great

I purchased these for my niece who is due in June. I was looking for a practical gift and was astounded how most stores only offer disposable diapers. Heck I couldn’t even find pins in local retail. That began my search for environmentally friendly, monetarily practical and alternative solutions for a modern parent. I found your website and these all in ones and was very hopeful. They arrived in good time and I love them. I’m impressed by the quality, their ability to grow with the age of the child and their commitment to not being another throw away good produced in this world. We’ll know more when they get used, but initial inspection is spot on. Goood product.

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