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Cloth-eez Prefold Diapers - Organic White - SECONDS SALE
Cloth-eez Prefold Diapers - Organic White - Seconds newborn
Cloth-eez Prefold Diapers - Organic White - Seconds - small
Cloth-eez Prefold Diapers - Organic White - Seconds - medium
Cloth-eez Prefold Diapers - Organic White - Seconds - large

Cloth-eez Prefold Diapers - Organic White - SECONDS SALE

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 In dozens only.   Size Newbie and Novice in stock.

Newbie makes a wonderful doubler or booster insert in a pocket diaper for overnight.

SECONDS means not first quality but second quality. It does NOT mean second-hand.  All diapers are new but have some sort of a flaw or something minor wrong with them that makes them not first quality.   

Cloth-eez Oeko-Tex certified made of chlorine-free white organic cotton prefolds diapers.

Prices vary by size. Please visit the Detailed Information link to learn more and see pictures on babies. The pictures can help you choose your correct size. Sizes overlap and are approximate.

Seconds are new, unused, not returns, not washed. Seconds means second quality, or "b" grade or "irregular"

Seconds does NOT mean second hand.

If you want first quality, buy first quality.  Please read this page.

Since this group is a very small group of seconds we are able to inspect every diaper.  While they are seconds, and have some minor issues, they are better than most seconds and quite nice.

What makes them seconds? For the most part, I really can't tell but there is something wrong with every diaper that is a second. They are marked with a black mark, usually on the tag if there is a tag.  There are many things than can be wrong that can make a diaper not meet "first quality" standards.

Most often the cut is a bit small or short. It is possible that an edge isn't quite straight. Sometimes a layer is not quite flat. It will matter less after shrinkage. There could a a thin section in the weave of the fabric.  Every diaper will have something that makes it imperfect in some way. It might be this kind of error or it could be some dirt or hanging threads or whatever. Trim off a hanging thread with scissors.   If there is a major issue, use a needle and thread to repair it before you wash it.  That doesn't happen often but it could happen.

Usually cutting errors make the diaper smaller, not larger, but I don't see this in this group.  See images below. They truly are seconds, and are sold "as-is". Seconds can be nice to have on hand to give some depth to your stash without having to spend much on diapers that really are your back-up diapers. If you wash 20 diapers at a time, you really need to have 3 dozen diapers on hand. So if you have 2 dozen first quality diapers for your main stash, your "spare" dozen can be seconds and it's ok if they are imperfect ones. Or, have a dozen seconds that you keep in various places, such as in the car, a sitter's house, or the grandparent's house, so you are never caught without a diaper on hand. 

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This group of seconds.  August 11, 2023.seconds prefolds secondsprefoldtag novice seconds sale prefolds stack


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