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Smart Bottoms Nighttime Trainers

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The Nighttime Trainer feature 5 layers of organic cotton and hemp fleece in the wet zone and a layer of TPU, the perfect combination for children new to potty learning or those that need some protection. The stretchy waist and legs allow your child to easily pull the trainer up & down on their own, giving them confidence and independence in this new stage of their life. The natural fiber interior allows your child to instantly feel when they have had an accident which will help them better understand when they need to use the toilet.
While these trainers do have a waterproof layer to help prevent puddles, they are not intended to replace a diaper. The Nighttime Trainer will hold a small accident but will need to be changed immediately. If the trainer is left on too long after an accident or if the child is sitting when they have an accident, some urine may leak around the legs. This product is not meant to function as a diaper. If your child is not showing signs of readiness, continuing to use a diaper is recommended.  If more absorbency is needed consider the Smart Bottoms Pull-On Diaper.

Material Contents:

Interior: 5 layers of 55% Hemp Viscose & 45% Organic Cotton

Waistbands, legs, & sides: 100% Polyester

Wet Zone is reinforced with laminated TPU

Care Instructions:

This trainer is made from natural fibers and will need to be washed and dried a minimum of three times before first use. It will increase in absorbency up to 8-10 washes.

Remove any solid waste from trainer and rinse with warm water. Wash on hot with the amount of detergent recommended for your machine for a heavily soiled load. Dry on warm. Do not use bleach or fabric softener.

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size chart potty training pants

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