blue spray bottle
tiny amber spray bottle for diaper bag
tall green spray bottle for cloth wipes
boston round 8 oz spray bottle

Empty Spray Bottle

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Empty PET plastic spray bottle for using with wipes solutions and cloth baby wipes.

  Maximum order is 2 per customer.

High quality 2, 4 or 8 ounce plastic spray bottles. We are offering these very inexpensively as a convenience for our customers to help make using homemade wipes solutions easier.  Keep a bottle filled with distilled water for rinsing or for making fresh (washable, reusable) hand-and-face wipes. I use the clear one for water; the blue one for homemade wipes solutions. I find that having colored bottles makes it easy for me to know what is in each bottle. These are cosmetic-quality bottles which really are better than the ones in stores, in our experience. We are not a wholesale supplier of spray bottles. Purchases are limited to 2 bottles total per order. (To clarify, that does not mean 2 of each color, it means 2 bottles total per order.) Made of PET plastic which is a commonly used soft drink container plastic. 

  bottle comparison picture  

cloth diaper wipes solution bottle comparison

blue spray bottle Blue 4 oz spray is shorter than the tall green 8 oz spray bottle.  

The green tall bottle and the larger Boston Round are 8 ounces. Also available in pump and disc cap styles. 

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