Flokati Wool Pad With Cotton

Fluffy, soft and snuggly merino wool pad with cotton on the reverse side.  

Size: Two-ply.  37" x 53"    which is 95x135 cm which in inches  (in feet i is 3.1' x 4.4')    

Stock Status: Low stock.

Made in Lithuania.

Materials: 100% wool knit over a base of 100% polyester, printed side 100% cotton

Wool density: 500 g/m2

Certificates: WOOLMARK, OEKO-TEX


Why choose a wool pad for your baby?  Babies love wool!   They soothe to it.  Some say a wool is like magic for calming a baby.  

flokati wool baby blanket with cotton  Flokati alps wool blanket with cotton  Shown on a small couch.


Not for use in a crib.  It is fluffy and has "loft" to it so don't use it in a crib and do not use it for sleeping baby.  It's for supervised playtime. It's lovely on the floor and on your lap.  You might even be able to go coverless for while when baby is on a wool pad.  Wool is used as a diaper cover fabric because of the absorbent nature of wool and the resistant nature of it because of the natural lanolin on it.

Or use the cotton side up when that is preferred.   

Or you might just keep it for yourself as your favorite couch grown-up blanket. It's really snuggly.   

Care: Hand wash using a proper wool wash (not a harsh detergent). We recommend Eucalan but there are several good brands of woolwash out there. It can be machine washed if you have a gentle wool cycle designed for washing wool using a gentle wool wash. Do not iron. Do not dry clean. Do not tumble dry. Do not sun. Wool does not like heat of the dryer which will felt it. You may prefer some slight felting if you choose to do that. Some shedding is expected for new wool. Some shrinking, felting and pilling is normal for soft merino wool and it is the normal nature of wool to have variations in color. These are not defects. This is part of the natural beauty and the nature of merino wool. Wet wool does smell like a sheep because it is real merino wool.

Wool does not need to be washed often. 



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