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Flip is an exposed laminate PUL cover with a snap-down rise and stretchy side tabs. Snap closure. One size fits most. Works great with prefolds. Made in USA.

Stock Status: In stock. Usually ships the same or next business day. 

Adjustable one-size fits most, 7-35 pounds.  (Karen thinks it is best at 9-28 pounds) Fit will vary based on the shape of the baby.

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An exposed laminate ("wipe-clean") TPU (also called PUL) cover with a snap-down rise and stretchy tabs. One size fits most. Works great with prefolds and fitteds too. This cover is known for it's great fit over a very broad size range. It is and excellent choice over trifolded prefolds and it also fits well over the Workhorse diapers, too. Manufactured by Cotton Babies. Tried and true bumGenius quality. Patented design made in USA.  (TPU and PUL mean the same thing).


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They look so much nicer in real life, I think. Lovely, gentle elastic that works. A very comfortable cover. Cloth-eez prefolds sizes Small and Intermediate can get you through all of the rise settings of the Flip cover, although all sizes Novice through Medium will work well. More information

Flip Diaper Covers

The 3x3 adjustable snap system on the cover and will adjust to fit most babies

from 7-35 pounds*

    *Fit is approximate and may vary depending on size & shape of your baby.

U.S. Pat. 8,518,007; 8,062,276; 8,777,915; D708,319; D708,320; D708,321; D708,739. Other U.S. and International patents pending.

Designed by a mom.

Made in USA of domestic and imported materials.

All Bum Genius and Flip products can ship to USA addresses only.

Please wash bright and dark colors separately or with like colors a few times before washing with light colors to avoid color transfer. Just like you don't put new jeans in the wash with white towels, don't put new brights in with white diapers at first. Once washed and prepped several times then it is OK to wash them with lights and whites. This is true for all brands of covers, all-in-ones and for pail liners and wet bags too. 

flip diaper cover click here More pictures on a baby 

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Susanna K.

Love them!

I really prefer the Flip diapers for my baby. I tried Thirsties, but then didn't fit his hip joint well. I tried the Bum Genious Pocket style but didn't like needing a new diaper all the time. The Flip fit well, and work great with my Cloth-eez prefolds, and 5 are plenty enough, so very affordable!

Susanna K. verified customer review of Flip Diaper CoversSusanna K. verified customer review of Flip Diaper Covers
Faith C.

love the fit and function of these covers!

We have used a variety of other brand covers at home, but we needed more once my son started daycare since they require a new cover with every diaper change. Our son is 3 months and these covers have quickly become my and my husband's favorite. The leg elastics are very gentle. I was concerned we would get a lot of leg leaks since there is no double gusset and the elastics are so gentle, but we have actually had zero leaks in these so far. We have been using them overnight now too with a small workhorse plus a hemp doubler without fail. I like how these make for easy pad folding (for day care). At home we still opt to snappi to contain poo and get a couple more uses out of the diaper before washing. Both pad fold and snappi work great. We also love how this cover seems easier to fasten and get a good fit without too much extra work, maybe because of the stretchy side tabs.

Faith C. verified customer review of Flip Diaper Covers

High quality and fits well

The material feels high quality. It provides great coverage and has held in many large poop situations. It fits my long, skinny baby very well. He seems to be able to wiggle and kick comfortably.

Liberty W.

Does the job

These are a good product, however I do like the [Cloth-eez] Workhorse Wraps more, they work better since they have the extra gussets and they are more affordable than the Flip covers. However, I do like that the Flip cover is adjustable.



No matter what, these leak and never get me past one wet diaper before I have to throw them in a wet bag. The new pastel colors are pretty, but all in all, I think they’re ineffective and overpriced.

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