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Crinkle Muslin Changing Cloth

Crinkle Muslin Changing Cloth

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3-layer crinkle muslin cloth made of 100% cotton. 

Size:   32" x 17" before shrinkage.  After shrinkage about 30" x 16". 

This 30" x 16" size is longer than similar items in order to provide more coverage, comfort and cleanliness under baby.  Generously sized for great coverage.

What is it?  It could be called a changing station liner, or changing pad liner, but that name usually implies disposable paper or plastic. This is washable and reusable so it needs a different name.  It's not a changing pad and it's not a changing table cover since it is not like a fitted sheet.  It is a simple 3-ply cotton muslin cloth made in the size of a standard changing table surface.  I

Protect baby from the cold changing surface with this simple cotton cloth designed to be the perfect size and weight to do the job.  Lay it down on the changing surface.  Toss it in the wash as needed. With three layers of cotton, it is thick enough to do some absorbing if needed, but thin enough to be easy to wash without adding too much the the laundry load.  It is similar to a changing pad cover but much more cost effective. Since it has no elastics to fidget with, you get this placed with on or off the changing surface with one hand.  Simple is often better and more economical.

Curved or oddly shaped changing pad area made of a cold, hard polyurethane with a synthetic surface? Sticky cold vinyl changing pad? Soften and warm it up with this simple crinkle muslin changing cloth.  No worries about the fit. Lay it over anything and it's fine.

Would you rather lay down on a cold, firm surface or three layers of crinkle cotton muslin over it?  Perhaps, maybe, possibly - baby might cry less if baby isn't shocked by a cold surface.  Cotton is cozier.

There are many uses for a good cotton cloth.  Fold it over as a substantial large burp cloth or use it as a lap pad.  Do you have a substantial diaper change to clean up? This can be used like a giant baby wipe in a pinch. Follow up with cotton baby wipes for the details. .  It's easy to toss it into the wash and replace it with another one quickly.   

Have several of these on hand.  Babies are wet people.

100% cotton. Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Certified to be free of harmful substances. Certificate number 17.HPK.12333  

Made without dyes. No optical brighteners were used on the fabric, either. The color is cream white. It is not optically brightened with chemicals so it is not bright white. It is slightly creamy white.  

It is not prewashed. Please wash and dry before using.  It will shrink to size and fluff up after washing. Shrinkage will vary somewhat.

Each layer (ply) of our crinkle muslin is thicker than other muslin plys. Some muslins out there are super-thin. This is different and I like it better. Each ply is thicker providing more durability, padding, absorbency and it feels nicer, too.  

Once you own something, it is ok to take the tags off if you choose to do that.

100% cotton. Made in Pakistan.

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