Crinkle muslin adult twin blanket
crinkle muslin blanket
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Crinkle Muslin Adult Blanket

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3 layer crinkle muslin blanket made of 100% cotton.  The word "crinkle" refers to the quiltiness. It is silent. It is 100% cotton and does NOT make any crinkle noise at all. :) It is comfortable muslin made with no dyes and no optical brighteners.

Size:   "My Side" after shrinkage is about 52" wide by 90" long.

"My Side" is narrower than a twin comforter on purpose, and much longer than a Throw size. Throw size is too short for an adult.  This is slightly wider than a Throw and 20 inches longer than Throw size.  Goldilocks says, "It's just right". 

For reference, the surface of a twin bed is 38" x 75"

The surface of a king bed is 76" x 80" 

Size My Side is just right to cover one adult.  It has plenty of length and it wide enough to be comfortable to sleep under without extra width that just falls off one side of the bed or gets in the way.

The weight is really nice, too.  It's not too heavy but it is significantly more than just a sheet.  Perfect on a hot night to feel covered without any sweaty synthetics.  Perfect under another blanket on cool nights to flop nicely around your body better than a sheet does.  The floppiness is nice to snuggle around you to keep you cozy.  It has the right "flop" or a nice soft "hand".  Fall in love with crinkle muslin. 

100% cotton is not sweaty like polyester and other synthetics are.  

Natural fibers in your sleep area make such a big difference to sleep quality and comfort.

My Side has excellent washability. Unlike a comforter or a big 2-person size blanket, this  fits easily into the washer for quick and easy regular washing.  That is a wonderful feature!  

100% cotton. Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Certified to be free of harmful substances. Certificate number 17.HPK.12333  

Made without dyes. No optical brighteners were used on the fabric. The color is cream white.   It is not optically brightened with chemicals so it is not bright white.  It is a light creamy white.  

These blankets are not prewashed. Please wash and dry before using.  They will shrink to the stated size and fluff up after washing.  Before washing size is 55" x 94".  After washing size is about 52" x 90".  Shrinkage will vary somewhat.

Custom made for Green Mountain Diapers in Pakistan. 

Notes from Karen:

We do not prewash our blankets for a few reasons.  Prewashing is another step that costs money which would make the price higher.  Prewashing makes the cotton fluff up a lot. That means they take up more room for shipping. Fluffier prewashed blankets cost more to ship than smaller blankets. Shipping is a big expense.  Both of these factors add to the price of prewashed items and keeping prices down helps a bit. The industrial prewash has a slight laundry smell. We strongly prefer totally fragrance-free laundry products and don't want to bring anything with any odors into our fulfillment area.  GMD is fragrance-free and many of our customers have fragrance-free homes.  It takes fewer washes, usually just two cycles, to fully prep an blanket that is not prewashed - but takes about 5 cycles to wash out the prewash laundry smell from a prewashed muslin blanket. It makes good sense to not prewash them. The result is that we are able to offer these lovely blankets at a lower price than similar blankets. 

This size called My Side is unique and it really makes so much sense when you use it.  Since it is narrower than a twin comforter size, it is SO MUCH easier to toss in the wash.  It actually fits in the washing machine very easily.  Big oversized blankets not only hang over the edge and fall to the side when you are sleeping but they are a pain to wash because they are big.  I am really happy with My Side and so pleased to offer these at this low price point.  I hope you love it, too.

One more note from Karen:  I made these in this size because I wanted one for me.  This size suits my needs perfectly.  If you suits your needs, too, I hope you love it as much as I do.  Pair it with a Disana wool blanket and enjoy natural bedding and comfy nights.

Ragdoll cat is not included, but the kitty shows the color tone of the off white fabric nicely.

  creamy white color.

My Side shown over a twin size futon on the floor. 

Tip:  Bedding has tagging rules, but once you own it, you are free to cut off the tags.  You own it and you can do what you want to with it.  

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