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Cloth-eez Birdseye Wipes - White

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2-Layer birdseye baby wipes in optical-brightener-free Oeko-Tex certified white cotton. Pack of 12.

Two layers of 100% cotton birdseye fabric. About 7 x 7.5 inches after shrinkage with some variation. Before shrinkage they are about 8.5 x 8.5 inches. Fold in half to fit into a wipes warmer.

Quick to prep.   Just wash twice and start using them.  Easy.

Birdseye fabric has little "birds" woven into the fabric. This is much smoother than terry but not as smooth as flannel. Thus, they have a nice amount of "grippiness" to get stuff off with a balance of being smooth enough for softness. They can also be used as cotton diaper liners, to keep meconium off of your newborn diapers or if you need to use a cream but don't want to use a flushable liner. The cream will wash out of these more easily than a prefold or other diaper because they are thinner, yet you still might have to scrub creams off by hand. Easy washing and fast drying. Also great in the kitchen for little cleanups jobs.

We added a small seam across the wipe to help them keep their shape, yet cotton shrinkage will vary a bit of course.  Suggested amount: 4 packs for a young baby, 3 packs for an older baby. 100% cotton. Two layers of fabric sewn together to keeps stuff off your hands yet they are still thin enough to be easy to use. 

They fit in most wipes warmers when folded in half.  Notice how nice and flat these wipes are after washing. Trim yet substantial since they are two layers

There are many ways to use cotton wipes.  You might choose to dip a clean wipe into a blow of the water.  Don't double dip.  Perhaps use a sports bottle or peri bottle to get them wet as you need them. If you need more cleaning power than water alone, spritz the wipe (or the baby's bottom) with a gentle cleansing spray or wipe it across a bar of gentle soap..  You can pre-moisten the wipes if you prefer.  There are many "wipes recipes" out there. You control the ingredients that you use on your baby's most delicate parts.  Less is more. The less "stuff" you put on baby's skin, the less "stuff" is absorbed into the baby. Skin is absorbent.  If you ever had wrinkly fingers from being in water a long time, you know that this is true.  Skin is not waterproof.  This is another reason why simple cotton cloths for wiping baby's bottom is better than any wipe manufactured ages ago with preservatives.  Cotton works better anyhow.

For a young baby, try putting warm water in an insulated beverage container and keep that near your changing place.   Wipes warmers are fine (take out the foam insert thing if it has one when using cloth), but perhaps use something that you already own, such as a bowl or other container from the kitchen. Young babies tend to prefer warm wipes.  

Also available in natural unbleached version.

compare baby wipes and paper towel alternative wipes

Comparison of various kinds and sizes of these and the Paper Towel Alternative version.   They are the same fabric (choose white or unbleached natural) and construction (two layers with center seam), but different sizes.   Shown new in this picture, before normal cotton shrinkage. 

Contents:  Made of 100% cotton, exclusive of trim. Made in Pakistan. Sold in packs of 12 wipes.

Instructions:  Machine wash/dry.

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