Cloth-eez Workhorse Fitted Diaper - Organic White Snap - Use coupon code CLEARANCE

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Newborn, orange edges fits birth to 11 or 12 pounds.  

Small, yellow edges fits 9 to 14 pounds.   (Low stock!)

Save 20% with coupon code CLEARANCE

Note:  We had this showing as a markdown before - but we have changed it to a coupon for clarity.  With a coupon, you can see the savings in the checkout which is helpful to know you are getting the discount clearance price.  USE coupon code CLEARANCE for 20% off.

  Our regular return policy does apply.  

 Looking for bigger sizes?  Workhorse fully stocked in all the sizes in the unbleached organic version in both snap and no-closure.    

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Excellent interior design.   Built-in doubler-flap is attached at only one end for easy cleanup and quicker drying.  Nicely absorbent. Quick to put on baby.  See this on a baby

We will miss these.  Organic Unbleached in Snap and No-Closure versions will remain fully stocked going forward.   

Faster prepping!    Made of the same lovely organic cotton as our unbleached organic version, but the fabric has the natural cotton oils already removed by a chlorine-free peroxide whitening process. They are a creamy-white, not a bright white, because we do not use optical brigheners on the lovely organic fabric.   Genuine Cloth-eez made of organic cotton Workhorse diapers, certified to Standard 100 by Oeko-Tex. Chlorine-free whitened organic cotton made without optical brighteners. 

All of the versions of Cloth-eez® Workhorse™ diapers are made of the same 100% cotton prefold diaper fabric that has been sewn into fitted diaper shape with a built in flap style doubler. Newborn and small have 6 layers in the flap and medium and up have 8 layer flaps, which is age-appropriate layering. Did you ever wish your lovely prefolds were shaped like a fitted? There is no better diapering fabric than the cotton prefold fabric. It washes so easily and wears so well. No polyester stink, no microfiber stink, no repelling, no special detergents are needed for 100% cotton diapers.

The back of the snaps are covered by cotton fabric inside so no snaps touch baby. The flap style doubler is sewn inside in the back only for quick drying. See pictures on a baby here. Designed by Karen and made exclusively for Green Mountain Diapers. I love cotton diapers, especially prefolds, but sometimes a fitted style is preferred. This is an economy fitted with great low price and no confusing adjustments which create additional bumps and lumpy places. It's not fancy but it does the job really well at a great price. Sized diapers fit better than "one-size-fits-all" diapers because young babies are little and older babies are bigger. Yup, that's true. 

Consider baby's shape when choosing size. Wide, round "booty" shapes will need to size-up sooner than narrow, flat-bottom shapes, who will stay in a smaller size longer. Fast growing newborns can skip size small and go from Newborn to Medium.  Size small is very close to size newborn, but it is a little thicker and more absorbent, so size small can often be skipped. Or if baby is already just born when purchasing diapers, skip newborn and start in small.  Small is biggger than newborn but the size jump is not that much and there is size overlap with small and newborn.  If you plan on starting cloth diapers soon after birth but not immediately at birth, then consider skipping newborn and starting in size small.   Or get some of each size and use them side by side, putting the bigger and more absorbent small on baby for night or longer stretches of sleep.     

Tip:  Baby girls tend to have bigger bottoms and size up sooner than boys.   This varies of course, and is not always the case.  But often, the hip and booty shape does tend to be narrower for boys, who may fit size newborn a little longer.    Look and mom and dad's body shape to make your best guess on this.   

For the same thing in unbleached organic cotton, go here.

Note: This is a diaper. It requires a cover (sold separately).

Again, This is a diaper which means it is the absorbent part. Use a diaper cover (the waterproof part) over this diaper, which is not included.

These diapers are certified to Standard 100 by Oeko-Tex, as are all Cloth-eez brand cotton products.  We purchase certified organic cotton which is woven to our specifications, then cut, layered and sewn to become these beautiful diapers.  Only the cotton itself is organic, not the entire process.  We are proud to acheive the OEKO-TEX-100 certification of the diapers.


Organic White or Organic Unbleached?  What is the difference?   1.  The fabric color.  2.  The number of initial ("prep") cycles needed.   Other than that, they are the same.  

This white version has already had the natural cotton oils removed using a peroxide based, chlorine-free whitening process without optical brigheners.   Fewer preparation wash cycles are needed since we have already removed the natural cotton oils.   The organic unbleached version still has the natural cotton oils and is tan in color.  Unbleached needs more initial wash cycles to wash off those natural cotton oils than white does, but that is a one-time thing.   

Unbleached Organic is available in both Snap and No-Closure versions but the Organic White is only available in Snap closure.

  More pictures on the Workhorse page.

The body is made of organic cotton. 100% cotton exclusive of trim. Made in Pakistan.  Standard elastic at legs and waist which may contain latex.  Nickel-free polyresin snaps. Edge thread and tag are nylon or polyester.

Oeko-Tex certified cloth diapers  

Please note that you can use any mainstream laundry detergent on cotton diapers. You do not need to purchase "special for cloth diapers" detergents. We do not sell them and they are not needed on prefolds or Workhorse diapers.  Keep it simple. Use what you would normally use on your regular household laundry, however we strongly recommend fragrance-free laundry choices. 

 Newborn organic white Workhorse cloth diaperSmall organic white Workhorse cloth diaperMedium organic white Workhorse cloth diaperlarge organic white Workhorse cloth diaperXlarge toddler organic white Workhorse cloth diaper

baby maternity magazine top choice award 2020 Award winning diaper!

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United States United States

Just buy them!!

We recently started using cloth and I tried a couple other brands' fitted before finally going in for these. i was a bit nervous about the multiple sizes. But my goodness, this are SO SUPERIOR to everything else we've tried. They're softer, they wash and dry better, they're designed so that additional absorption stays put and cotton is always against baby's skin. Just better in every way. If you're looking at reviews because you're on the fence, don't be like me, just buy them!! I'm so mad that I bought other products first when all I needed were these, wasting $$ and precious space in our apartment.

Andrea C.
Washington Washington

Always great quality

Love the workhorses. They are great quality, absorbency is great, and easy to use and clean. Great under wool or a duo wrap.

Karla Y.
Nevada Nevada

Why did I wait so long to get these?

We've always struggled with overnight diapers since birth and I had seen the workhorse fitteds and brushed them off because I thought they were too expensive. But after loving the prefolds and seeing so much positivity for the workhorses, I finally gave in and bought 6 pack. It's been, literally, an overnight change. Haha. We put a diaper liner (the fleece on outside, microfiber on inside 4 layers kind) on top. No leaks! 1) Diaper liner 2) workhouse 3) diaper cover It's been everything I have been hoping for. We purchased the XL green trim that's currently on a 22 month, 26lb kid with a big belly.

Brittany W.
Texas Texas

Wonderful diapers for cloth obsessed mom

I have been using the Disana tie nappy system for two babies. Those diapers are one of my absolute faves because they are 100% cotton. However, sometimes you just need a little help! Complicated diapers can be exhausting and when you have three little boys, there’s no shortage of exhaustion. These diapers came to my rescue PERFECTLY. They fit wonderfully and we use them mostly without covers so I can change my baby right after he gets wet. I don’t care for snappies, boingos, or pins, so snaps were perfect for us. I’m always scared my baby boy will get snagged on his privates with other fasteners. I have a big guy, 15 months, 20 something pounds, and the large fits a bit snug. Not too tight but we won’t have many more months he can squeeze into them. We have one more snap on each side before it’ll be too small. I hope to potty train by 18 months. If not, guess I’ll be buying the XL workhorse ;)

Ariel B.
New York New York

Great product

Makes cloth diapering super easy and was delivered incredibly quickly

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