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These run long.  Compare measurements to your baby's current pants. (rise:waist to crotch; inseam: crotch to cuff). Measurements approximate.

Size Small - tag 6m  6-12 months (rise approx. 8.5", inseam 10"-11") Not a newborn size. They would be very long on a newborn baby.  (Small is similar to size 74-80 Disana Leggings, for reference

Size Medium - tag 12m  1-2 year (rise 9", inseam approx. 12")  (Medium is similar to size 86-92 Disana Leggings, for reference)

Size Large SOLD OUT - tag 2T  age 2-3 years (rise 9", inseam approx. 13"-14.5")   (Large is similar in size to 98-104 Disana Leggings, for reference)

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Each pair is unique and individually knit so each pair is a little different.  They are so soft, warm and durable.  

Please wash by hand but they can be gently machine washed in a proper gentle wool cycle.  Alpaca is not as subject to shrinkage as merino wool is.

Two-layer alpaca is an effective, warm yet breathable diaper cover fabric. These lovely baby pants are two layers and are both the diaper cover and the clothing. Alpaca is more durable than merino wool and also very soft. No dyes in the brown and natural cream colors. The lovely gender-neutral brown color is the actual color of the super-fine grade

baby alpaca pants  Kusikuy alpaca shorts showingThe second layer is basically a pair of shorts connected at the top inside. 

Do not bother to lanolizing alpaca. Alpaca doesn't have lanolin on it naturally so skip the lanonlin entirely.  Alpaca is warmer than sheep's wool and easier to care for too.  I don't lanolize them but I still prefer to hand-wash my daughter's pants because I think hand washing my lovely wools and alpaca items because it is fun, satisfying and not hard to do. These pants are night-worthy yet suitable for day wear as your favorite pants, no diaper separate cover needed.

Fair trade made conscientiously in Bolivia, these pants are a custom-ordered item hand-knitted for Green Mountain Diapers. Amazingly soft!

Hand knit in Bolivia, fair trade, good wages. I really mean "hand knit" - with knitting needles, and that circular piece that connects the needles to make the circle. They are not made on a machine but are actually hand-knit by women, providing jobs and income for the indigenous women in rural Bolivia as an extra thing they can do to earn money as they go about their lives. This is very small-scale and totally custom. No sweat-shop manufacturing at all for these. They are really quite homemade by highly skilled knitters. These are so lovely. There is no need to lanolize these. Alpaca is very hypo-allergenic since there is no sheep's lanolin on them. Once you try and know alpaca, you'll be sold on it and not even want to use any other pants.

SCENT NOTE: The alpaca yarn has been washed before knitting as all natural yarns are. The washing product that was used has a slight fragrance. I can notice a scent on these like a shampoo, I think, so we don't recommend these for fragrance-free households.  If your household uses Tide or any other fragranced laundry products, essential oils oar anything in your household that has a fragrance, then you may not even notice any initial fragrance at all on these. Completely fragrance-free households could notice it so we are disclosing this information.

See more pictures on babies.

Measurements will vary a little and finish work will vary, too. These really are hand knit on needles so expect variations which is part of the beauty of them. 

kusikuy baby pant alpaca size comparison   Small brown, Medium natural cream, Large red.  Size comparison.  You can see just above the knee where they shorts section underneath ends.  The fit is snug for warmth.  They are called pants but the fit is more like leggings.


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    Steph L.
    Barrington, IL

    Wow. Worth the investment. Note GMD’s sizing.

    These pants are absolutely scrumptious. So soft and luxurious. They don’t have to lanolized (!), and we’ve worn them day or night over a fitted with no leaks. Take note of GMD’s recommended sizing. I inadvertently returned a pair because the sewn tag didn’t match the sticker on GMD’s bag. Take note of the actual measurements provided by GMD. Our 4 month old (26.5” and 14 pounds) is wearing these pants with a 12 month sewn tag. Yes, they’re baggy but fit fine in the waist (which is nicely adjustable) and plenty of room for a fitted diaper. And he’ll wear them for months! If you’re doing mostly fiber covers these are definitely worth the investment. I only wish they had more colors! Will probably buy the shorts in the future too.


    When these pants arrived, I was really happy with the look and feel of them, but they were more snug-fitting than I realized.

    When these pants arrived, I was really happy with the look and feel of them, but they were more snug-fitting than I realized. I had measured a loose-fitting pair of pants to compare to GMD's fit recommendations for length, but I just imagined them fitting looser. The tighter fit could be okay, but I didn't think they'd fit my baby for long, so I returned them. (The cost is too much to justify an item that my baby probably can't wear for very long.) I'd consider buying them when larger sizes are again in stock. They feel soooo soft and luxurious, and the color is lovely.


    These pants/shorts are SO amazing.

    These pants/shorts are SO amazing. I have a pair for my daughter who is a month and a half old and they are by far her best diaper cover. We use all wool, and I purchased these after reading they can be machine washed and DON'T HAVE TO BE LANOLIZED ! Wow they are durable, lightweight, soft, hold a TON of pee, and they are gorgeous. I wish I had purchased these for all of my stash. These are perfect for overnight, and if I could I would seriously have her wear these all day (I only have one pair :( I have one size wool covers that fit from 10lbs to 30 and I prefer these to them ! If I could redo I would buy all Kusikuy

    Heather B.

    I just used these on my one-year old last night over a cloth diaper and cover as an extra layer to keep the bed dry. I LOVE them.

    I just used these on my one-year old last night over a cloth diaper and cover as an extra layer to keep the bed dry. I LOVE them. They are super soft and barely got damp this morning. I also put a wool liner against her bottom and she slept through the night and felt cozy this morning when I changed her. I know these are pricey but I think they are well worth the price! I will be buying more of them!


    These are a very useful multifunctional pant for us.

    These are a very useful multifunctional pant for us. I don't think they do nearly as good a job as a well lanolized disana cover, but these serve a different purpose. They are awesome pants that act as a diaper cover over a gmd fitted during the day. I love using them in the winter time when I am wearing my baby and we go outside for long walks. They keep her nice and warm and my carrier dry. So if you do any walking/hiking with your baby keep these in mind as an amazing base layer.

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