Flokati Wave Changing Mat

Merino wool baby changing pad with elastics at corners.

Size:   44 x 82 cm,   which is  17 by 32 inches,  in feet 1.4' x 2.7'.     

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Made in Lithuania.

Materials: 100% wool knit over a base of 100% polyester.

Naturally water-resistant without plastics.

Certificates: WOOLMARK, OEKO-TEX Standard 100.

flokati wave merino wool baby changing mat

back of wool changing pad with corner elastics Back of pad showing elastic straps.    If you don't want the elastics on it, remove them with scissors. 

No sweaty vinyl here.   Many babies find wool soothing.  It's not cold to the touch like vinyl and polyurethane foam pads.  Use this over your current pad.  Then put a prefold down under the diaper area just in case of messes to help keep the wool clean.  Some babies might cry less when placed on a wool pad for changing.  All of my (Karen's) babies always preferred wool so I'm a big fan of using wool on the changing surface.  

Wool changing pad Flokati Wave Changing Pad placed over regular foam raised side changing table pad shown on a Graco Changing Table by Storkcraft.   

Don't want any synthetics on your changing area?  Use what you already own instead of buying a foam and vinyl thing.  Fold up some large towels for padding and use this wool pad over the towels for a squishy, water-resistant and comfy natural fabric changing station.  This pad has some softness to it but it is meant to be used over something else for increased cushioning.    You can fold the towels so the sides are higher than center to create a cozy changing spot.

 Care: Hand wash using a proper wool wash (not a harsh detergent). We recommend Eucalan but there are several good brands of wool wash out there.  Do not iron. Do not dry clean. Do not tumble dry. Do not sun. Wool does not like heat of the dryer which will felt it. Some shedding is expected for new wool. Some shrinking, felting and pilling is normal for soft merino wool and it is the normal nature of wool to have variations in color. These are not defects. This is part of the natural beauty and the nature of merino wool. 

Wool does not need to be washed often. 

• Naturally dust mite resistant
• Naturally anti-microbial and anti-bacterial

Wool density 400 g / m 2