BumGenius Hangout Wet Bag
BumGenius Hangout Wet Bag Dazzle
BumGenius Hangout Wet Bag Zinnia
BumGenius Hangout Wet Bag Countess Dot
BumGenius Hangout Wet Bag Sassy
BumGenius Hangout Wet Bag Sassy Dot

BumGenius Hangout Wet Bag

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Easy to unzip diaper storage. Made in USA.

This wet bag is thoughtfully designed to hang from a doorknob or hook in any room of your home. Wash right along with your dirty items and fold up small to store away when not in use. 

  • Machine-washable
  • Leak-resistant
  • Zipper closure
  • Holds 10-12 cloth diapers  (or maybe more)
  • Possible to unzip it with one hand

Keep the top unzipped a bit and that gives it good air circulation to help prevent odors, and zip it closed when you need to. It is easy to transport to the washer, too.

Easy. No fidgety snaps to deal with and it's stays strong with no worries of it falling down. 

Although designed for cloth diapers, it's is useful beyond the diapering years.  It's fantastic in the kitchen for Washable Paper Towel Alternative cloths. I leave mine unzipped all the time and everyone adds their not-paper-towels to the bag easily.  We've saved a lot in the kitchen with this setup. 

Hanging style storage options are not made for soaking.  If you spray or dunk diapers, wring them out first so they are not dripping wet. It can be helpful to place a dry prefold in the bottom of the hanging style bag. The dry diaper will absorb some excess moisture that not have been fully wrung out.  If you dunk or spray and choose to store diapers dripping wet, choose a pail style storage option made for holding water instead.

Made of 100% polyester PUL

Care Instructions: Machine wash and dry on warm, or hang to dry.

Note from Karen:  Be aware of how your doors close and which way the door swings when you think of where you will put it.   Some doors close deep in the door frame and flatter on the other side so think about that for your hanging location.  It need to be on the flat side of the door closure.  The handle does not have a snap.  You can hang it over the neck of a good hanger if you use it in a closet. 

Sassy Dot has red and yellow dots. Countess Dot has pink and purple dots.

Sassy Dot close up countess dot close up

white bum genius hangout wet bag in a bathroom diaper storage

        bumgenius hangout wet bag diaper storage mirrorBumGenius Hangout Wet Bag ZinniaBumGenius Hangout Wet Bag SassyBumGenius Hangout Wet Bag Countess DotBumGenius Hangout Wet Bag Sassy DotBumGenius Hangout Wet Bag Dazzle

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