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Cloth-eez Workhorse White Fitted Diapers

Cloth-eez Workhorse White Fitted Diapers
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$6.50 each for size Newborn, orange edges fits birth to 11 or 12 pounds.

$8.50 each for size Small, yellow edges fits 9 to 14 pounds.

$9.50 each for size Medium, red edges fits 14 to perhaps 24 pounds.

$10.50 each for size Large, brown edges fit 21 to 30 pounds (or starting at around 18 pounds for rounder, fuller-shaped babies).

$11.50  each for size XLarge, green edges, 26-38 pounds, or age 2-3

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Cloth-eez® Workhorse™ original white fitted diapers. Chlorine-free white 100% cotton. Simple. Effective, pure cotton. Or choose the same thing in organically grown cotton here.

Wonderful 100% cotton prefold diaper fabric in fitted diaper shape with a built in flap style doubler. Newborn and small have 6 layers in the flap and medium and up have 8 layer flaps, which is age-appropriate layering. Did you ever wish your lovely prefolds were shaped like a fitted? There is no better diapering fabric than the cotton prefold fabric. It washes so easily and wears so well. No polyester stink, no repelling, no special detergents are needed for 100% cotton diapers. The snaps are covered by the cotton fabric inside so no snaps touch baby. The flap style doubler is sewn inside in the back only for quick drying. See pictures on a baby here. Designed by Karen and made exclusively for Green Mountain Diapers. I love cotton diapers, especially prefolds, but sometimes a fitted style is preferred. This is an economy fitted with great low price and no confusing adjustments which create additional bumps and lumpy places. It's not fancy but it does the job really well at a great price. Sized diapers fit better than "one-size-fits-all" diapers because young babies are little and older babies are bigger. Yup, that's true. We made the wings a little longer on the no-closure version to give you more fabric to use for pinning or fastening them but the rise is the same for both versions. Consider baby's shape when choosing size. Wide, round "booty" shapes will need to size-up sooner than narrow, flat-bottom shapes, who will stay in a smaller size longer. Very fast growing newborns can skip size small and go from Newborn to Medium. 100% cotton exclusive of trim. Made in Pakistan.

Also in organically grown cotton here.

Note: This is a diaper. It requires a cover (sold separately).

One FREE pair of pins is included with purchase of the no-closure version. That means one free pair per order, not per diaper. You re-use the same pair of pins over and over again. If you need more pins or other fasteners, see fasteners.

cloth-eez workhorse newborn snap Workhorse sizes small snaps cloth-eez Workhorse medium snap Cloth-eez Workhorse size large Workhorse diaper size Xlarge diagram of Workhorse inside eco friendly award

Please note that you can use any mainstream laundry detergent on cotton diapers. You do not need to purchase "special for cloth diapers" detergents. We do not sell them and they are not needed on prefolds or Workhorse diapers.  Keep it simple. Use what you would normally use on your regular household laundry. Yes, Tide is ok or whatever you happen to like. This is a diaper which means it is the absorbent part. Use a diaper cover over this diaper, which is not included.

Please wash several times before first use. Link to more washing information.

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Amber Thompson
Nov 4, 2013
I love the diapers. Poop doesn't escape. These are THE BEST newborn diapers for keeping in that messy poop. Keeps my covers so much cleaner than pre-folds. Love the price. Love that they are completely cotton. Love the ease of use. It's all around love with these. The only thing I would ask for a change/upgrade would be a single rise snap on the newborns for the cord stump time. I wasn't able to use these with my last until he lost the cord stump, but they are still worth having in your newborn stash for sure!
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Dec 10, 2013
I love our workhorse diapers! I discovered these on our third child, and have used them since birth. They are absorbent, hold in all kinds off poo, from runny newborn to peanut-butter toddler poo. They are also quite absorbent. I am happy to see a doubler in the newborn-I had an older style with no doubler and our newborn quickly outgrew the absorbency. My husband likes using these, also. They are easy to put on and easy for other caregivers to change. We use these under Flip covers right now, and they are trim under clothes. No leaks!
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Nov 1, 2013
I agree with a previous reviewer about these diapers being able to contain the runny poop of EBF babies. Each morning (my baby's 'poopy' time!) I pull these out and use them instead of my prefolds. I never have to wash poop out of the cover (Thirsties Duo Wraps work great with these!) when I'm using these fitteds. I prefer the no-closure because you can get a very customizable fit with a snappi. However, you can still use a snappi with a snaps version! The flaps just aren't as long but it still works. Such a durable diaper and so absorbent, I could go on forever about these!
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Oct 26, 2013
I absolutely love these! The red edge fits my very thin 22mo old, but the brown edge are great for overnight without being too bulky. I love the snap with wool for overnight. He never woke up with wet sheets despite sleeping for 10-12 hours. The diapers wash and dry easily. These also fit great under a thirsties duo cover. My husband never complained about them, and he does not like the big cloth diaper booty look :)
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Jan 22, 2014
I really love these diapers but with caveats. At first we used prefolds and flats, which were great, but at some point someone gave me a few of the red edge medium workhorse fitteds and I loved them so much I abandoned all the other types and bought a full stash of these. The reds and the browns held up fine but many of the greens are shredded. I think we've been using them about a year (longer than we used the red and brown) and the top few layers are coming completely apart and some of the snaps have torn off (they started ripping between the snaps where there is stress on the fabric). I'm actually going to buy more because they fit well, work well, and are a great price but you should know that they might fall apart after a year of using them. Not sure if my son is extra hard on diapers or what.
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