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Cloth-eez Workhorse Fitted Diapers Made Of Organic Cotton

Cloth-eez Workhorse Fitted Diapers Made Of Organic Cotton
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$6.95 each for size Newborn, orange edges fits birth to 11 or 12 pounds

$8.95 each for size Small, yellow edges fits 9 to 14 pounds.

$9.95 each for size Medium, red edges fits 14 to perhaps 24 pounds.

$10.95 each for size Large, brown edges fits 21 to 30 pounds (or starting at around 18 pounds for rounder, fuller-shaped babies)

$11.95 each for sizes XLarge, green edges fits 26-38 pounds, or age 2-3

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workhorse newborn organic diaper workhorse organic newborn diaper open award winning natural diaper See this on a baby

Cloth-eez® Workhorse™ diapers are made of wonderful 100% cotton prefold diaper fabric in fitted diaper shape with a built in flap style doubler. Newborn and small have 6 layers in the flap and medium and up have 8 layer flaps, which is age-appropriate layering.Did you ever wish your lovely prefolds were shaped like a fitted? There is no better diapering fabric than the cotton prefold fabric. It washes so easily and wears so well. No polyester stink, no repelling, no special detergents are needed for 100% cotton diapers. The snaps are covered by the cotton fabric inside so no snaps touch baby. The flap style doubler is sewn inside in the back only for quick drying. See pictures on a baby here. Designed by Karen and made exclusively for Green Mountain Diapers. I love cotton diapers, especially prefolds, but sometimes a fitted style is preferred. This is an economy fitted with great low price and no confusing adjustments which create additional bumps and lumpy places. It's not fancy but it does the job really well at a great price. Sized diapers fit better than "one-size-fits-all" diapers because young babies are little and older babies are bigger. Yup, that's true. We made the wings a little longer on the no-closure version to give you more fabric to use for pinning or fastening them but the rise is the same for both versions. Consider baby's shape when choosing size. Wide, round "booty" shapes will need to size-up sooner than narrow, flat-bottom shapes, who will stay in a smaller size longer. Very fast growing newborns can skip size small and go from Newborn to Medium. 100% cotton exclusive of trim. Made in Pakistan.

For the same thing in WHITE cotton, go here

Note: This is a diaper. It requires a cover (sold separately).

One FREE pair of pins is included with purchase of the no-closure version. That means one free pair per order, not per diaper. You re-use the same pair of pins over and over again. If you need more pins or other fasteners, see fasteners.

Please note that you can use any mainstream laundry detergent on cotton diapers. You do not need to purchase "special for cloth diapers" detergents. We do not sell them and they are not needed on prefolds or Workhorse diapers.  Keep it simple. Use what you would normally use on your regular household laundry. Yes, Tide is ok or whatever you happen to like. This is a diaper which means it is the absorbent part. Use a diaper cover over this diaper, which is not included.

Please wash several times before first use. The white version needs a few cycles before first use. The organic unbleached version needs quite a few preparation cycles to wash off the natural cotton oils before full absorbency is reached. This "prepping" (4 or more wash cycles) is a one-time thing. Link to more washing information.

Cloth-eez Workhorse Organic Diaper size newborn  size small size medium size largexlarge  More pictures on the Workhorse page.

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Oct 29, 2013
This is my FAVORITE cloth diaper! It's the bomb! I used size small when we brought our 9+ pound baby home from the hospital. Fit perfectly, even under the umbilical cord, if you folded the top down, which is easy to do. I actually prefer the workhorse fitted to the prefold, though the prefold is much more versatile as you can use it trifolded in covers and in pockets when baby grows out of a size. But the fitted is soooo easy! It takes a second to snappi it on and another second to put on a cover. It has NEVER leaked outside the leg channels once, whereas the prefolds have, though the cover contained it from there. And I love the feel of the organic cotton. Nothing beats changing my baby out of a wet diaper and pulling this fitted around her waist, all snuggly and soft and dry again. The feel is wonderful. It's not too bulky at all. Washing is simple in that you don't have to be careful about which detergent you use so long as it's free of those nasty extra ingredients, and you can bleach the hell out of them if you need to; and cotton is far more superior over stinky microfiber (now banned from our house lol). Drying doesn't take all that long, just on the longest cycle in your dryer. Comes out soft and fluffy every time!! My 6-week old is nearing the end of the fit of size small, she's around 13ish pounds already. But once she outgrows it, I will definitely be buying the next size up. LOVE LOVE LOVE!! Can't say enough.
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Oct 31, 2013
Love these! Cloth diapered my second child with Bum Genius, so we did disposables until she was big enough for those. My third child had problems from the get go with the disposables. I purchased these and prefolds and was completely scared to be cloth diapering a newborn. These diapers are so awesome that it makes me want to have a fourth so I can use them again. No leaks. Washes great. Super soft. Easy, easy, easy.
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Oct 26, 2013
I LOVE these diapers!!! I have tried prefolds and pockets and they just didn't work. I had a "rolling baby" during diaper changes and the prefolds were such a pain! These are a painless diaper change, and they DON'T LEAK!! (I had leaking issues with my pockets). I have a thin daughter, and these fit well on her. I have the kind with snaps. My daughter is 23 months old, and about 22 lbs - she wears size Large during day, and X-Large at night (with a thick insert). Hope this helps!
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Nov 25, 2013
These are truly the BEST cloth diapers, and I have tried many. I have never had a leak, and have used them on my baby for 10 months now, since he was born. If I had the chance to "do cloth over again" with my other 3 kids, I would ONLY purchase these diapers. No leaks, no stains, no ammonia issues. The BEST!!
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tabatha foultner
Oct 27, 2013
This was the first cloth diaper we used on our newborn son and I absolutely loved it. My only regret about it is that I only bought one! Size small fit my 8 pound baby with no leaks.
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