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Cloth-eez Wastebasket Pail Liner

Cloth-eez Wastebasket Pail Liner
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Cloth-eez Wasketbasket Pail Liner for a medium to large bathroom-sized wastebasket.

Drawstring closure. Size 20 inches tall. The tallest wastebasket this will fit is 15 3/4 inches. This is not teeny-tiny so please note the measurements.


Why this size pail liner? This is perfect for storing dirty diaper covers until wash time. If you store the covers separately from the diapers, then they wash more easily and they will last longer. While many people do choose to wash the covers with the diapers, covers really will last longer if you treat them more gently and wash them separately, or with a regular load of baby clothes, and hang them to dry or dry on low. Covers really don't need the harsh washing that diapers need, especially if they have been stored separately. Having several small pails around be more convenient than making many trips up and down the stairs or across the house. Great for storing covers separately in an open pail.

Non-diapering uses: Use as a regular wastebasket liner. It is washable and re-usable! I think they look really nice, too. They might also be helpful for sorting delicate laundry, or any number of uses around the house.

Adjust the drawstring to a snug fit and then tuck the strings into the pail. Yes, the strings do slide but it is for adjusting the liner to the pail but not for fully closing the bag. When it is closed all the way there will still be a small opening at the top where the fabric is gathered. The fabric is diaper cover fabric which is PUL polyester knit. It is not seam-sealed so while the fabric is waterproof it is not meant for soaking or excessive moisture.

Custom made by Mommy's Touch for Green Mountain Diapers' own Cloth-eez brand.  Made in USA.

wastebasket pail liner in black wire basket 16 inch wastebasket Both photos show the Wastebasket Pail Liner - two different sized pails- many uses for this size!

wastebasket pail liner open     mooo roses roses

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These are bigger than all of our wet bags and wider, too. For comparison to other tall pail liners, the small pail liner is 5 inches taller and 2 inches wider. The typical pail liner for a tall standard 13 gallon garbage can is 30" tall (such as Thirsties Pail Liner, Kissaluvs Antibacterial Pail Liner and others). The wastebasket size is 10 inches shorter that regular tall kitchen can size. Yes, you need to get out a ruler and measure the height of your wastebasket. Gallons don't tell the whole story. Height matters more than gallons for proper fit.

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Melissa Goduti
Apr 21, 2016
We've had two of these in rotation for 6 months now, and they're holding up really well. We wash diapers and pail liners every other day, so each of our liners gets washed every fourth day. After spraying poopy diapers, we do wring them out with rubber gloves before putting them in the basket/liner, so they're not dripping wet, but this liner does a good job of keeping the moisture in well enough that it's not gross carrying it to the washing machine. The bag may feel a little damp (as expected), but it certainly doesn't feel wet. We've been happy with these so far! They fit perfectly on a Sterilite 3 gallon/11L trash bin.
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