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Cloth-eez Two-Sided Wipes - White

Cloth-eez Two-Sided Wipes - White
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Cotton terry on one side, soft flannel on the other side. The thick woven terry is great for the main job, and the nice, smooth, gentle flannel is great for the final touch-up details. White cotton is the best color for wipes, so you can see what you are doing. 5x8 inches, approximate measurements before washing, and they will shrink somewhat.   I love this size, the feel, and the practicality of the 2 different sides. May fit in your wipes warmer without folding. This wipe is Karen's favorite, because I find it easiest to use several wipes per poopy change, grabbing a fresh wipe as needed, rather than folding a larger wipe over and over. These wipes are a less overwhelming size for a young baby's small bottom, yet still fine as baby grows. To me, flannel on one side and terry on the other has the best "feel" for the job. Suggested amount: 4 packs for a young baby, 3 packs for an older baby. 100% cotton. Two fabrics will shrink differently from each other so expect shrinkage and some curling at the edges. Made in Pakistan.

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Clare Randolph
Nov 27, 2013
I really love these! I ordered 50 of them (I think?) and have not run out once. They are such a bargain and they are so soft on baby's bum! I always get two ready when it's a poopy diaper, but frequently I can clean up the mess with just one (I'm guessing this will change once baby is eating solids, though). I get them wet and spritz the Kissaluv potion on both sides. They wash up really well - no staining so far.

I do agree with the 3-star review about the edges. They do fray a little, and based on my experience with fabric, I think they would be even better if the material were preshrunk before sewing, as flannel and terry shrink differently. There is a little bunching around the edges because of this. However, they can be smoothed out flat, and this small flaw is not enough to warrant a reduction in my rating of them. They are fabulous and the perfect size!
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Jan 1, 2014
Amazing! Hands down my fave wipes...wish I had bought these first and that these were the only kind of wipes I have. No folding necessary...just stack one flat on top of the other. They fit perfectly in my wipes warmer. I don't even use the warmer pad...just run plain water over a small stack, wring out the excess, and place in the warmer...place new ones in each day, so no funky smells or drying out! Have yet to see a stain (breastfed only baby here right now). The perfect wipe! I LOVE them!
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Dec 9, 2013
these were wonderful for my daughter... but she is 9 and using them as regular washcloths. what i love most about them is that the terry side is textured enough for getting her sparkly clean when she needs to scrub herself after getting filthy but gentle enough for her still very delicate skin. these are highly, highly recommended!
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Jennifer Sandoval
Jan 4, 2014
I started off with the Bumkins reusable wipes and Spasilk terry cloth wipes, alternating the 2 in my Munchkins wipe warmer. Neither fit in it, so I have to fold them in half. I paid about 50 cents per wipes for these, even though they fray, fall apart, and are paper thin. I figured, who cares? They're still reusable and they manage to get the job done, albeit terribly. On a whim, I got 1 stack of these just to see what the husband & I thought. I'm FURIOUS at myself for ever buying anything else! These fit phenomenally in my son's wipe warmer -- no folding, scrunching, or any other weird fits. They're so thick and soft, perfect for wiping up my thick all natural butt paste, yeast prevention oils, poop, old pee, and anything else on my son's tush. I can use the terry side for his formula poo (I lost my breast milk), and the flannel side as a smooth finishing cleaner. I truly only need one wipe for everything. I used only 2 today when my son had a major poo after taking in apple puree for constipation! 2 was plenty to clean up the whole thing, poo up the back included!
I'm partial to Sbish wipes for my son's hands, face, and body. Those wipes are very pricey, and they have tags coming from them to distinguish them from these. If I was fluffing on a budget, I'd definitely use just these wipes exclusively!
I'm buying more for bath time, my husband's shop towels/rags, our washcloths, kitchen counter rags, dish rags, etc. And at this price, why not?!
I HIGHLY recommend these! You truly cannot go wrong. Did I mention these are super absorbent? Yup! They hold my wipe solution beautifully, and make cleanups a breeze. Also, Karen, the owner, is great! Buy these wipes asap from GMD! I promise, you won't be disappointed!!
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Nov 8, 2013
Love these wipes. I bought three sets and I'm back for more. The two sides are really practical (terry for the messy, soft flannel for everything else), and the more you wash them, the better they seem to get. I wet them down with my own diaper solution for each use, and they soak up a good amount. A real workhorse--highly recommended!
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