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Thirsties Natural One-Size All-in-One Diaper - Snaps

Thirsties Natural One-Size All-in-One Diaper - Snaps
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One size fits most from 8 pounds to 35 pounds.

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The hook and loop closure version of this is here.

Note from Karen: I'm not one to "hype" anything, but I seriously love this diaper! The elastic is so soft and stretchy and the design is great. The "feel" of it is just right. This is a new item in late 2016 and I would loven some customer donations of pictures of this and the hook and loop version on babies for the "See This On A Baby" page. Email karen@greenmountaindiapers.com. Thank you!

Natural fibers inside, this one-size fits most all-in-one diaper is made in the USA. This easy-to-use cloth diaper includes 11 thirsty layers of natural fibers: 3 layers of organic cotton in the body and 2 soaker pads with 8 layers of the same hemp/organic cotton. As with all "one-size" items, they are really quite huge on brand new babies. I like them (all kinds of one-size things) starting after the newborn time, perhaps 11 pounds and up and choose newborn sized items for my brand new baby. Made in USA.

Care and Use:

Prewash on warm. Wash on hot. Add another rinse on warm. Hang to dry or dry in the dryer on low.


Outer – 100% polyester with waterproof TPU laminate. Inner Liner – 100% organic cotton. Inner Absorbency – 2 layers of 100% organic cotton. Inner Soakers – 8 layers of 55% hemp - 45% organic cotton

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Sep 4, 2016
I love this diaper! My 12 month old has sensitive skin so I stick to natural fibers as a result. I use mostly prefolds and covers but my husband prefers all in one's. It was hard to find an all in one that worked well and didn't break the bank. This fit the bill! Once prepped this diaper holds a lot of urine! And easy to spray off stool. It holds all the stool in as well. Fits my chunky legged little one very well. I am buying more so that I can use them once baby #2 arrives in January!
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Oct 14, 2016
This is an AMAZING diaper (sorry for yelling)!!! Lots of AIO's are bulky on my 3 month old but this diaper is surprisingly trim. The two soakers in the center are much thinner than the width of the diaper which helps fit between tiny legs. Performance wise- we were able to use this overnight on our little guy sleeping and peeing 8 hour stretches. As he gets older this diaper may not hold up on its own but it is easy enough to add extra absorbency. The movable soakers are great because you fold them to have more absorbency in the wet zone for your little one. Highly recommend!
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Feb 16, 2017
I love the all in one natural thirsties for my 2 year old, not so much for my newborn. The bulk is too much for a little one, I'd say more fitting starting at a few months old. My 2 year old wears this on the biggest settings, I do not know his weight, but he wears 18m-24m pants. It is pretty soft material, and I prefer this for an walking, crawling, active child.
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Apr 29, 2017
I normally use prefolds/workhorses and covers, but like having AIO's for daddy & grandparents etc. I love that the absorbency is all natural fibers (hemp and Orgnanic cotton) and I love that it's not super bulky either.
Holds a lot and is still very trim
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Jul 25, 2017
The best of the best!!! Fit is great, super absorbent, washes well, soft, quality is fantastic! I can't say enough good things about this diaper! The ONLY con is that it is not dry in one cycle on low - I run them for two.
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