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Thirsties Diaper Cover - Hook and Loop - sized diaper cover

Thirsties Diaper Cover - Hook and Loop - sized diaper cover
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newborn-preemie 4-10 lbs 0-1 month

x-small 6-12 lbs 0-3 months (Karen says this runs bigger, perhaps 8-13 lbs)

small 12-18 lbs 3-9 months

medium 18-28 lbs 9-30 months

large 28-40 lbs 30-42 months

When Thirsties Duo size 2 Aplix is getting too small on your toddler, the size large cover is the next size up.  It has room enough inside for a nighttime diaper.

The hook and loop version is on this page. The snap version is here.

Don't confuse this sized cover with the Duo Wrap. The Thirsties Cover does NOT have snap rise adjustments. This is a true sized cover which comes in sizes Newborn/Preemiethrough Large.

The newborn-preemie size is suitable for preemies or for those who want something tiny and not bulky that truly fits your brand new full term baby for the couple of weeks. Use this over a preemie, newbie or newborn prefold (but not for over Newborn Workhorse since this cover is tiny).

The x-small size is good over Workhorse size small or for skipping size newborn diapers and starting in small or novice size prefolds. Understand that is will be big at first but it can be workable and newborn babies do grow quickly.

Size small fits over the size medium Workhorse and size medium fits over the size large Workhorse, generally. Don't go by just the size name (such as "small") but instead pay attention to the weight ranges because the size names vary from product to product. When planning your diaper stash, remember that paper and pen notes still work very well to help you figure things out.

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There are no rise snaps on this cover.

preemie newborn cover  See this on a baby

Thirsties is a simple wrap-style cover with leg gussets. It is an exposed laminate cover which is also referred to as a "wipe-clean" interior. The PUL (waterproofing) is exposed on the inside for a more slick, wipe-clean surface. Simple and effective. 100% polyester with TPU laminate. FREE of VOCs, PVC, phthalates, lead, and latex. Made in the USA.

preemie newborn diaper cover Preemie/Newborn is for tiny newborns.  Oak and Acorn limited edition print pictured has sold out but this picture still shows the fit nicely.

 In size Large, this is one of the few covers that fits really well over the XL Workhorse or XL Prefolds. Actually having a cover that fits correctly is important in both the tiny and the big sizes. Most adjustable covers are really adjustable "mediums" and don't fit well on newborns or bigger toddlers.

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Bobbi Kochman
Feb 20, 2016
I use Flips and Thirsties Duo's with snaps during the day, but the hook and loop on these large Thirsties makes it perfect for wrapping tightly around those nighttime diapers on my toddlers! We use the XL green edge prefolds on both my 22 month old, and my day trained 3.5 year old at night. The green edge prefolds, paired with a large flat or small prefold (and occasionally a hemp or bamboo doubler) all fits under these large Thirsties covers wonderfully! If you are looking for a full coverage PUL cover to fit over all that wonderful night time cotton, this is it! Look no further!
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Jan 2, 2017
This newborn size cover is great for cloth from birth or someone expecting a small baby. A half-flat pad folded in thirds both ways fits perfectly in this cover. It's my favorite combination on my 7lb newborn. It's so trim and fits well under the cord.
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Kristina Pop
Aug 21, 2017
I really love these covers over the workhorse diapers.
The large cover fits wonderfully over the XL workhorse. It's the only cover I have tried that really, truly fits properly and covers the XL workhorse without excessive tucking or constant double checking that all the cotton is tucked in.
I also prefer the hook & loop closure so I could get the best fit on my slim-side of average, very tall (99%-tile) toddler.
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