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Storchenkinder Wool Cover Long Legs

Storchenkinder Wool Cover Long Legs
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Size 1 - size 62/74 cm, runs big, perhaps 2 to 12 months

Size 2 - size 74/92 cm, runs big, perhaps 12-36 months (sold out)

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Woolies for play, day or night.  It's a wool diaper cover that is also pants. Very practical.  Certified organic merino wool made in Germany. The waistband is soft and stretchy like a turtleneck knit and is all wool without elastic.  Trim enough for daytime but still double layered through the front and back so it can work overnight, too if you have enough cotton underneath it to do the job of absorbency as needed. One layer at the side panel. This is the long legs version called longie (pronounced as in not short but "long" then the letter "E").

Perfect under snowpants, or under a skirt as warm tights. Or for bedwetter protection. Pure comfort. Play wool with so many uses. No dyes!

Roomy and stretchy to fit over a big fluffy nighttime setup and comfy.  These are made for cloth diapers. Wool is not hot. Just because they are wool don't think that wool is automatically hot. They provide a nice layer to keep baby comfortably covered. They may be just right a warm climate where air conditioners are running. If the room is winter-cold though, and you need to keep baby really warm, you'll need more that just these alone for warmth. Look at the Kusikuy Alpaca Night Pants for something much warmer. Wool helps to naturally regulate body temperature. It is not sweaty like synthetic pajamas. It comes up high at the waist to keep the belly well-covered and not chilly. Adorable!

These are flat lock seam sewn.  The price is great for a long legs pant though but be aware that natural fibers like merino wool are not like plastic polyester fibers and care is needed to fully enjoy them for a long time.  Hand wash in a proper wool wash.  They are soft, breathable and very trim. Made in Germany.

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Nov 21, 2015
I have size 2 in red for my 18 pound 10 month old. These really do run big and the legs are quite long on him. After lanolizing, these pants have not leaked at all, and are working great for us as an overnight diaper cover/pajama pants. I wish I had bought the size 1, as I'm sure they would have fit him better, but the size 2 will probably last us until he's 2! Heed Karen when she says, "don't size up". Despite being way too big, and not staying rolled up, I still love the quality and look of these darling wool pants.
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Apr 10, 2016
I bought two pairs of these in the fall to keep my toddler warm and I love them! Both pairs have accidentally been put through the regular wash AND the dryer and yet they have not shrunk, stretched, or pilled. They are holding up way better than the Disana overalls I used last year, and they have been used on a daily basis since fall. I got them large enough that I should get another season out of them next year. I do not use them as a diaper cover, but as long undies over a regular cover and sometimes over PJ pants to keep my babe warm in our drafty old farm house. They are super cute and I am very happy with my purchase.
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Nov 27, 2015
WHOA! These are amazing! My husband wants me to order more, and he never says order more! They are soft, warm, great fit, and keep in the peeped. I love the quality. They are so cute! Got the red pair, it is darn adorable. They are a little long. I got a size 1 for my almost 11month old son. He is 20lbs, more longer than he is thicker. The bootie fits nice, there is a little extra length, but not enough that it drags.
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Oct 12, 2015
I like these a lot. They work great as a diaper cover, but they're also handsome enough to wear as pants when going out of the house. I have used them both during the day and at night, and they have not leaked for me (properly lanolized and paired with enough absorbency for nighttime use). I own all three sizes because I have 2 in diapers.

Since the three sizes cover a large age range, you won't always have a "perfect" fit, but that is easily remedied by rolling up the leg cuffs (since the stripes look great both on the inside and outside of the pant leg, I think it actually looks quite cute rolled up).

The size 1, fit my son right away, but he was born at over 9 lbs, so I cannot attest for fit on a smaller newborn. He is now more than 13 lbs, and the size 1 is still fitting him great. For my daughter, I had initially bought a size 3 because I was going by the age recommendations given. She is a petite 21 lbs at 20 months, and the size 3 was all around just too big on her. I ended up buying her the size 2 and it fits great!

Overall, I love these little longies. The quality is great, they're cute, and they work! What more can you ask for? I agree with Karen that the brown ones look more of a grey-ish brown, but it's still a handsome color. We have the blue, red, and brown ones, and all three are very good looking colors fit for a boy or a girl. I took my son out in these on a 75 degree day, wore him in a Moby for 3 hours, and he just slept comfortably the entire time! Didn't sweat, and didn't leak through. These are great!
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