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Mommys Touch Fleece Liner 6-packs

Mommys Touch Fleece Liner 6-packs
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Mommys Touch Stay-Dry Fleece Liners in packages of 6

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Size newborn is about 3.75 x 9 inches, with some variation - Out of stock

Size regular is about 4 x 12.5 inches, with some variation - Out of stock

One layer of lightweight stay-dry fleece with a cut (unfinished) edge. Line your cotton diaper with fleece and obtain a measure of dryness next to baby’s bottom since it allows the moisture to go through it but it doesn’t feel wet. No long term studies have been done using polyester fleece next to baby’s bottom, but it seems to us that it’s got to be safer than chemical filled throw away diapers. Many moms have used this material in this way successfully in the past 8 or more years. Use these to add a drier feeling to the cotton diaper next to baby. The color of these is white and it is dyed white.

The edges are not always perfectly cut nor perfectly square. This is an economy version of the stay dry liners. We simply took the same fabric that is used in the Mommys Touch stay-dry pocket diapers and cut it with a fabric cutter into these stay-dry liners. While most of them came out nicely, now and then there are some that are just a little off. If you happen to see this, and most of them are fine but not all, just take a pair of scissors and trim it a bit if you run into that. We priced them very low because of this. The fleece is typical fleece which is the same as is commonly used in pocket diapers so it is good diaper stay-dry fleece. It is not suedecloth. It is stay dry on both sides. It's decent diaper fleece (but not the really nice thick stuff that the Malden Mills Fleece Liners are- 200 weight). They work nicely as an economy stay-dry liner.

Sold in packs of 6 liners.

100% polyester fleece. Made in USA of imported fabric.

mommys touch fleece liners

fleece comparison comparison of this white cut-edge typical fleece shown on top to the thicker finished edge Malden Mills fleece on the bottom

stay dry fleece on newborn Workhorse showing the size of the newborn stay-dry fleece (diaper not included)

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