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Stay-Dry Doublers

Stay-Dry Doublers
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$3.95 each size small (4 x 11 inches, blue/green edge stitching)

$4.95 each size long (4 x 14 inches, blue/pink edge stitching)

$8.50 each size night (5 to 7.75 x 14 inches, shaped)

stay dry hemp doublersstay dry nighttime diaper doubler  Size small and night shown. In between is size long which is a new size which replaces large. Long is the same width as small but long is 3 inches longer at 4x14 inches.

This is the same as our Hemp Doubler, above, (three layers of 55% hemp, 45% organically grown cotton) but topped with a layer of virgin Malden Mills 200 weight polar fleece. Polar fleece allows the moisture to go through but maintains a dry feeling next to baby’s bottom, since fleece is hydrophobic (afraid of water). With quality polar fleece the argument that only disposables keep baby’s bottom feeling dry is simply not true. This washable synthetic really does keep baby’s bottom dry.

stay dry doubler front and back see more pictures

For all of these sizes of stay-dry doublers, the BLUE edge stitch side is the side that has the stay dry fabric. The blue edge stitch side goes next to baby. Think "b" is for blue is for baby.

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