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Snugglewool Pad

Snugglewool Pad
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Size Bassinet is 15 x 30 inches.

Size Cradle / Changing Pad is 18 x 36 inches.

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Our pads are backed with sturdy organic cotton.

Once you discover how much babies really do sooth and relax on wool, you'll want one for your changing table. Wool doesn't feel cold like other changing pad covers. It's really lovely and babies really do love it! Make changing those adorable cloth diapers even more enjoyable with a Snugglewool pad. I often place a prefold down on top of this, just under the diaper area, to keep to wool clean when there is a poopy change to do. It washes easily in your washer on gentle. It doesn't need washing often but when it does, I wash it on my gentle cycle with Eucalan wool wash. Don't use detergent. Use a quality wool wash that is enriched with lanolin so that it stays soft. I really do find babies love changing time on a Snugglewool.

Reversible! Use either the wool side or the cotton side up. Choose unbleached cotton or organically grown unbleached cotton on the back.

Made in USA.

Please note the measurements. Use on a changing table as a changing pad topper.   It has two elastic straps on the back which flip over easily for use with either side up (but you'll want to use the lovely soft wool side, I think).  

The soft wool really is so snuggly! Don't think wool=itchy wool sweater or coat. This is not like that. It's soft and wonderful.

SnuggleWool products are made with 100% Merino wool, which means they are naturally antimicrobial, stain and odor resistant. Wool will keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

Shown before washing:

snugglewool baby changing pad  back of snugglewool pad Don't need to use the elastic strap? It's easy to snip if off with scissors if you choose to do that.

baby on snugglewool This is what the Snugglewool wool looks like after washing. As you browse around Green Mountain Diapers, you'll see babies on Snugglewools all over the site. From my experience as a mom and from many baby photo sessions over the years, I (Karen) am very convinced that babies are happier during diaper changes when on a Snugglewool.

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