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Smart Bottoms Hanging Wet Bag

Smart Bottoms Hanging Wet Bag
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Easy to unzip diaper storage. Seam sealed. Made in USA.

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This hanging wet bag is the perfect alternative to a diaper pail. It can easily be hung by the handles which each have a big, strong snap. This bag will hold at about 2 days worth of diapers and can easily be emptied into the washing machine using our unique double pull zipper design. The double zipper design really is easier to open than other designs. Every little thing that can make things easier when your hands are full is quite nice. Seam sealed so it does not leak or wick. It also opens up quite well when unzipped for washing and it's not to big so that helps it wash well also. If you have a main changing area on one floor and and extra changing area on another floor, this can be very nice since it isn't too large and it is quite attractive. Keep the top unzipped a bit and that gives it good air circulation to help prevent odors, and zip it closed when you need to. It is easy to transport to the washer, too. Made in USA.

Made of 100% polyester PUL

Care Instructions: Machine wash and dry on warm, or hang to dry.

Holds approximately 20 all-in-one diapers

The straps each have a big, strong snap to aid in hanging it up.

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