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Blueberry Side Snap Simplex All-In-One Diaper

Blueberry Side Snap Simplex All-In-One Diaper
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While this is truly an all-in-one diaper, we are also including it under "potty training" because the stretchy sides can make it work as a pull-up and pull-down diaper for the early stages of potty learning. It definitely is a diaper, but sometimes a diaper that can work as a quick pull-down is just the thing that is needed. Again, this is not the intended use, but depending on baby's shape and size, it sure can work this way as an alternative use. This is also wonderful for EC (elimination communication) for times when a pull-up, pull-down diaper is needed. 100% cotton white birdseye inside.

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Side Snap Simplex by Blueberry is a good name for this all-in-one diapers because it snaps at the sides. This name helps to distinguish it from the one-size version. Side Snap Simplex is true-sized all-in-one diaper with a 100% cotton interior with stretchy sides. Really very stretchy! The cut is trim across the bottom. I think that big round-bottomed babies (often girls with very big-booty shapes) in the size large especially, might not have enough coverage in back. Average bottoms, however, might really like this trim fit. Yet it is great on wide babies because the sides are so stretchy so don't misunderstand. I just mean that it's not low on the legs in back. It is cut trimmer. As cloth diapers go, this diaper is not bulky at all. So cute and handy for quick changes. Keep one in your diaper bag to use and also to show off to your cloth-nay-saying friends. Karen doesn't recommend it at night because the stretchy side tabs are absorbent, unless you are choosing it for night for the special feature of being able to possibly pull it up and down for potty learning. If baby has just outgrown the Newborn Simplex, the medium Side-Snap will still be too big on baby in the rise for a little while yet. The sizes don't quite flow into each other and there is a size jump up from newborn to medium. Made in USA.

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Oct 26, 2013
This is our favorite AIO. Hands down. Easy to wash, and side snapping fit our tall, skinny awesome. Very gentle but snug fit at the legs. Easy to add a doubler in the pocket area. Never had to pull the extra tongue style insert out before hand, it always agitated out. We loved this diaper for going out and grammas and nursery workers. And now that our son is potty trained, it serves as our night time diaper as we can pull it up and down easily to go potty but still has enough absorbency for any accident.
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Jul 16, 2014
I really like this diaper. The side snap closures took a little getting used to but the fit is amazing and we have never had problems with leaks.
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Jul 17, 2014
PLUS for being cotton; PLUS for being trim; CONS: did not hold enough (change 10+ times a day) and had to stuff; Fit was better than the OS so they get 1 more star; They wash and fold inside out so you have to turn them right size and stuff flap then stuff with doubler for these did not hold enough; This equals an expensive pocket. I took these on a 2+ week trip and sold them when I got home...hated the turn it & stuff game; In addition, they wear out faster than other AIO I have. Snaps needed to be fixed by Blueberry. Great customer service!
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Mar 26, 2014
The Simplex 2.0 is a great "pull-up" style diaper for those who are potty training! The stretchy side tabs allow my daughter the diaper up and down, and the cotton inner lets her feel wet. We are using these as nighttime trainers. The medium fits her great at 24lbs with room to expand on the sides, shorter in the rise so they fit like underwear.
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Mar 19, 2014
I can't say enough good things about these AIO diapers. Trim between the legs, absorbent, easy to wash cotton, comfy side snaps. Love 'em! The larger size fits my short and very chunky 8 month old and my tall and skinny 2 year old.
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