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Cloth-eez Sherpa Doublers - Unbleached - half price sale

Cloth-eez Sherpa Doublers - Unbleached - half price sale
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SALE!   50% off!   Why?  Now that we have the white version of these in stock, we are clearancing these.  These still wonderful but I think people are happier when things are quicker to prep.   

Available individually or in dozen packs.  SAVE 10% when ordering in dozens!  $2.10 each x 12 = $25.20  save 10%, just $22.68 in dozens.

After shrinkage approximate measurements:

Newborn: 10 3/4" x 4"

Small: 11 1/2" x 4 3/4" yellow edges

Large: 13" x 4 1/8"   brown edges (sold out)

XLarge: 15" x 5"   green edges

unbleached sherpa doublers  pictured after washing.

Why this fabric? It's 100% cotton, squishy-soft, and it lays quite flat after washing. Two-layer cotton sherpa doublers (or call them inserts) boost absorbency of any cloth diaper. To replace your stinky microfiber inserts, measure the microfiber inserts and choose the sherpa doublers in the size that will work for you. Stack 1, 2 or 3 Inserts together to customize them for your absorbency needs.

Please wash on hot with detergent several times before first use. To speed up prepping, soak overnight and then wash.

About the fabric

This fabric lays flatter than the twill prefold fabric of the Cloth-eez doublers. It does not absorb as quickly as the twill fabric, but it is squishier, flatter and softer. It does need quite a bit of prepping before use so be sure to wash them on hot with detergent 5-10 times before using. You can cut down the prep time by soaking them. It's a really nice fabric for a soft and squishy feel with no polyester. It's squishier than hemp and lays flatter than twill. A rare find in 100% cotton.

close up of cotton sherpa Close up of unbleached after washing

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Nov 12, 2013
I use these the doublers at night along with a pinned prefold and they are wonderful. They are squishy and soft, and absolutely no bulk. Love them!
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Oct 31, 2013
I love these. We use the yellow ones inside the red edge work horse fitted diapers at night. As stated, they lay flat and don't bunch up in the wash like their cotton twill counterparts. Super soft.
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Nov 3, 2013
We received these this weekend and I couldn't wait to prep them and use them. They worked great last night on my DD with a medium wide baby prefold and a wool disana cover. Extra soft and absorbent, and not so bulky as using a second prefold.
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May 22, 2014
HOLY COW are these stubborn to prep! 6+ wash/dry cycles before the water quit beading up and rolling off, and they still needed a few more washes to really absorb. But now that they're all broken in, I really like them. I use the Green Edge Sherpa in a XL Workhorse sort of as a stay-dry(ish) liner and for (trim) extra absorbency in addition to a L GMD hemp doubler. They work great for a slight absorbency boost, but I certainly wouldn't replace my hemp with Sherpa -- hemp is just way more absorbant, there's no contest.

My son keeps me guessing, some mornings he wakes up completely dry (hopefully an indication that PT is coming) and other mornings he is just soaked. These inserts don't feel as wet as the Workhorse material, even when sopping wet, which I think makes my son a little more comfortable on his heavy wetter nights.

4 stars just because of the crazy amount of prepping, otherwise these are exactly what I was looking for and I am very happy with them.
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Oct 25, 2013
I love to use these inserts as doublers with a prefold for my toddler and as inserts in a Capri cover for my 6 week old. Very soft and I love the natural fibers!
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