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Cloth-eez Prefolds seconds - limited time only.

Seconds are new, unused, not returns, not washed. Seconds means second quality, or "b" grade or "irregular"

Seconds does NOT mean second hand

What makes them seconds? For the most part, I really can't tell. There are many things than can be slightly wrong that can make a diaper not meet "first quality" standards. Most often the cut is a bit small or short. It is possible that an edge isn't quite straight. Sometimes a layer is not quite flat. It will matter less after shrinkage. Every diaper will have something that makes it imperfect in some way. It might be this kind of error or it could be some dirt or hanging threads or whatever.

These are the actual pictures of this group of seconds taken on May 29, 2013, and our 2014 seconds look just the same as these.

unbleached wide seconds white large more seconds


"Seconds" means "b-grade" or "irregular" but it does not mean second-hand. They are new. What makes them seconds? Various things. I don't know exactly. None of them will be perfect.. Some are cut wrong so the size didn't come out right. Usually cutting errors make the diaper smaller, not larger. They truly are seconds, and are sold "as-is". Seconds can be nice to have on hand to give some depth to your stash without having to spend much on diapers that really are your back-up diapers. If you wash 20 diapers at a time, you really do need to have 3 dozen diapers on hand. So if you have 2 dozen first quality diapers for your main stash, your "spare" dozen can be seconds and it's ok if they are imperfect ones. Or, have a dozen seconds that you keep in various places, such as in the car, a sitter's house, or the grandparent's house, so you are never caught without a diaper on hand. But, the price is good, so it can be a good deal even so.

Missing corner stitch is a rare problem but please double check yours before washing them and fix first if needed.

Missing corner stitch is a VERY RARE problem but please double check yours before washing them and fix first if needed. We do check for this but just in case we miss one corner we want you to double check yours before washing them.

corner stitch

We try to make sure the vertical stitch is there on each diaper, but PLEASE check your seconds BEFORE washing them. If you don't have the vertical stitch, take a needled and thread and stitch the corner. If you do this if needed before you wash it, it will be great. But if you wash it first it will unravel if the corner stitch or any other skipped stitch is not there. INSPECT your seconds before washing them. Fix anything that needs fixing, if anything, before you wash them. You can hand sew a few stitches at the corner or use a sewing machine. This should be rare because we do look at all the seconds for this problem. But there are so many diapers I want to tell you to look for this JUST IN CASE we have missed a corner in our inspections. Almost all of them will not need any fixing, but they are seconds so we are making a big point of telling you to inspect them before washing them just in case of any issues.

Consider buying a size up or to grow into just in case diapers are cut a bit short. Seconds should be for extras and are not intended be the the "main stash".


NOTE: The seconds are marked with a black mark on the tag if there is a tag or at the corner of the diaper if there is no tag which is the indication that the are seconds. Some may have a cut tag but most will have a mark as the indication.


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