Blueberry Organic Side Snap Simplex All-In-One Diaper

Blueberry Organic Side Snap Simplex All-In-One Diaper
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Feb 28, 2017
We've been using these for potty training of our 2yo. He notices when he's wet in cloth but doesn't care if he's wet in pull-ups, so we wanted to find cloth pull-ups, and these are the closest we've found. They fit tightly on the side (on the fourth snap), even though he's tall and skinny for his age. Importantly, they absorb more than training pants (since they're actually diapers), because when he forgets to go, he lets loose with a lot. The two-layer cotton washes and dries easily.

Downsides: the elastic on the side can absorb liquid from the diaper part, so even though the outside is waterproof, I've had the sides of his pants get wet from soaking. They're still a little bulky in the front and back (what you pay for absorbency). You have to be careful pulling them up to make sure they don't catch on a little boy. ;) And the biggest problem is that the snaps are SO tight, we have to pry them open with our fingernails, and we've already ripped one snap out trying to open them up for washing (they don't wash well unless you unfold them).
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