Cloth-eez Simple Muslin Baby Wipes

Cloth-eez Simple Muslin Baby Wipes
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Tandalyn Szczurek
Feb 7, 2017
I love these SO much!!!! I've washed and dried them a few times to prep them. They're really soft and work well. I love the size which is a little bigger than most wipes. I use them as wipes, wash rags for the bath or sticky hands, spit up rags, and handkerchiefs. I love them so much! You can't go wrong with these at all. The kids have even used them as Barbie doll blankets. They have many uses :)
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Ashley K
Mar 1, 2017
Got these in the wipes sampler. We are currently potty training, but these would have been fantastic for diaper changes. I'll be ordering another 2-3 dozen. Planning to use them around the kitchen as unpaper towels!
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Sharisbel Buchanan
Apr 24, 2017
I haven't used these just yet (still waiting for baby to be born!) but I was disappointed when after only one wash (top-loader, perm-press cycle), 3 of the wipes suffered some serious tears/shredding along one of the edges. And since I've washed them, I can't return them. :( I know that these wipes are inexpensive, but I really expected more quality-wise.
GMD response: We are sorry about the edge sewing defects. We are happy to replace them once we know about the problem. You can let us know about any issues by replying to your order or shipping confirmation, or you can use the Contact Us link on the site. We are a small business and we really do stand behind our items and they are under warranty. We really are happy to replace them for you right away. I'm sorry about the problem. Sincerely, Karen.
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May 6, 2017
I first got these wipes, well because I needed more wipes to replenish my stash for baby #3 and because I wanted to try the new muslin flats but didn't want to spend the money if I didn't like the material. So about these wipes- they are a very nice large size. I think I washed them about 4 times to prep them. I was a little disappointed because the material was still a little rough but they did quilt up nicely. I thought hey, they are just wipes so no big deal, right. But, something magical happened somewhere between 6-8 washes. They became buttery soft and super absorbent. I will actually lay these in my flats in quarters in the wet zone for just a little extra absorbency without the bulk. For reference I use flats on my 3 month old son wrapped into a diaper. He is a heavy eater and a heavy wetter! Of course, I use them as wipes as well and they work great for that as well. Recently, my 2.5 year old potty trained girl had a bout of a stomach bug. She messed her underwear a few times and boy was it a mess. These wipes were outstanding! I only had to use 1 wipe to clean up! Amazing! Because of their size, these wipes can be used as napkins or to clean dirty hands and faces and probably many more uses. I can't decide if I like these or the terry/velour ones better, so I ordered more of each!
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Christiania Edstrom
May 20, 2017
I use these as "un-paper towels" in my kitchen for cleaning up. I also dampen them and give them to my toddler while he eats so that he can wipe his hands and face! I've used them as tissues and I plan on using one or two as a doubler as needed for our newborn! These wipes are great because they have so many uses. The fabric is super absorbent, but also allows for a little scrubbing action if needed. I did have one (out of almost 40) where the stitching came apart on the side, but Karen was amazing and sent a new one out right away! When I got the sampler pack I had a hard time deciding between these and the birdseye wipes for the kitchen. The birdseye would be nice for scrubbing kitchen stains, but these are perfect for use as napkins and to clean up spills at the table! I would definitely recommend these.
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Aug 10, 2017
I bought lots of these wipes in preparation for our new baby. I wanted enough for wipes that I didn't have to.worry about running out but after comparing their size to.the preemie prefolds I also wanted enough to use them as diapers. My baby weighed 9 pounds at birth and I have been able to get a great, trim, fit using them as diapers. They work well when doubled for those light newborn pees but may need a third wipe trifolded and laid inside for heavier wetters. We should get several weeks of use out of them as diapers and then we will never need to worry about running out of wipes, which they are wonderful as. I also used two muslin wipes as a makeshift bandage for my newborns belly cord when it tried to fall off early. By pinning two together I was able to wrap them, trifolded, around his middle to add a padded barrier to help keep his cord on a bit longer. These wipes are wonderful and serve many purposes. I would happily buy them again...and again.
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