Cloth-eez Organic Muslin Diapers

Cloth-eez Organic Muslin Diapers
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Alicia M
Mar 23, 2016
LOVE!!! I own both types of cloth eeze flats, and I way prefer these hands down over the Birdseye. These are so soft, so absorbent, and wash up easier in my hard water then the others! Definitely going to be ordering more and fingers crossed they offer these in half flats, so I can have a smaller size for burp rags.
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Mar 31, 2016
These muslin flats are really nice and I like them better than the birdeyes flats for an older baby. They are softer, thicker, easier to pin, and more squarish. Like Karen said, these muslin flats would fit bulkier on a newborn than a birdeye flat would because it is thicker, but then again the thickness offers extra absorbency. For comparison, these muslin flats are like 2x thicker than Aiden and Anais muslin blankets. For color comparison, these are more brownish/yellowish than their other flats. It would be nice to have these muslin flats in a thinner option for mom's who would like to use muslin on newborns or want less bulk and having a half size would be nice too.
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Amanda V.
Mar 21, 2016
Flats are my diaper of choice. Prior to these we had Green Mountain Diapers 100% cotton birdseye flats. We love those and I saw these were released and wanted to try them. My son is a heavy wetter and we that these hold more than the birdseye. It didn't take him long to soak through a birdseye. He wore one for naptime, which was about 3 hours, and barely the front part was wet. I am very impressed with these and glad to have them in our rotation. They are a bit thicker than the birdseye but the absorbency makes up for that! Keep in mind these would be bulky on a newborn but for toddlers they are amazing!!!!!!!
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Mar 24, 2016
I'm really like these. I have 2 in diapers and they work for the both. The 19 month old is only 20 lb and fit nicely and are absorbent enough for her. I also have a 2.5 month old and the work for her too. She is 13 lb. They are a little bulky on the younger one but they work great at night for her. I have the birdseye flats and I like them but these are even better.
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Cecilia Morgan
Apr 1, 2016
I have only had these diapers a couple days, but I really like them. They washed up great after prepping them. Super soft and an amazing size for an older baby, toddler, or heavy wetter. LO is almost 16 mo and maybe 19 pounds. She is a heavy wetter. So far through cloth diapering her we have used small yellow esge prefolds, med red edge prefolds and birdseye flats all in the unbleached organic cotton, and now we have added a dozen of these musling diapers.. We have very hard water in our town and as beautiful as the organic cotton starts out our water is very hard on them makes them stiffer and not always quite as soft as they should be. But all of these diapers have held up wonderful and depending on age and size of baby seems to have depended on which diaper was my favorite at the time. Flats have become my favorite as I feel they just wash better and are easier to deal with. And these muslin diapers are wonderful! So soft they get almost a quilting to them after prepping them not like a prefold but sort of. I would not recommend these for a newborn they are a lot of fabric and mine conpared to the birdseye washed up about 2 inches longer and about same width for comparison as we all know this is never exact. For me and my daughter I feel like these are going to be a perfect in between from the birdseye and prefolds. She soaks through a regular flat in 40 minutes (she drinks a lot lol) so bad that she pees through her cover often. And prefolds just wash great in my hard water and low water wash plate HE washer which uses even less water than the newer ones with the tradition tall agitator in the middle. So these are my new "it" diaper sooo happy with them so far! I feel like they are just as absorbant as a red edge prefold but maybe a little trimmer and because of having so many options for folding flats. I am feeling like she will outgrow the red edge before potty learning. These muslin absolutely in my opinion will get almost any child to potty training. Can't say how they hold up yet but comparing this diaper to my birdseye, taking my awful water into consideration. I had 18 birdseye and after a year I am still using 3/4 of them. So depending on your water, washer, and how may diapers you have I think these will hold up longer in comparison. They are thicker than the birdeye and so to me the whole diaper and integrity of it just seems slightly better. Time will tell! PS i am using these with Thirsties size snaps and Blueberry size 2 Capri snaps. Thank you GMD for amazing products and customer service!
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Apr 19, 2016
These muslin flats are great!!! My daughter has been outgrowing her medium (red/blue) prefolds mostly in the rise- she is very tall... I pulled out some brown edges and just couldn't imagine putting them on her yet. They are just huge and summer is coming and we are in the Louisiana heat! Between that and having a lot of travel coming up, I decided to give flats a shot and had heard great things about these muslin ones. I love that I can customize the fit and rise for my very tall girl, I love that they will wash easily when we travel, and I love that I can fold them for absorbency where I want it instead of having to put a huge huge prefold on her. I think we will keep our brown edges for night time and will stick with the muslins hopefully until potty training. Thanks GMD!
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Jun 12, 2016
These are my new favorite diaper. I had been using the yellow edge prefolds with pins until my 16 lb 3.5 mo outgrew them. I decided to go with these flats because they are easily customizable with all the different folds, wash easily and are more trim than prefolds.

I would say these are just a little bit thicker than A&A blankets. They appear to be a very good quality. They are very easy to pin- MUCH easier than prefolds and my son seems to move around a lot easier than he did with the prefolds. My only disappointment is that they shrunk to smaller dimensions than advertised- approx 26x26 in. so I hope they will still be able to get us through until potty training.
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May 10, 2016
So excited to find these nappies available from GMD! Used something similar (a European brand given to me by my Dutch mother-in-law) when my daughter was born in 2003. My absolute favorite with a cover for ease of use, efficacy & ease of laundering.
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Apr 14, 2016
These flats are fantastic. After multiple washes they have stayed very square which is a huge plus for most flat folds. Absorbency is great and I love having organic material next to my baby's skin. They are a little more bulky than some of my other flats but they also absorb more so I appreciate it.
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Jun 8, 2016
I normally use birdseye flats (origami fold) and covers and was excited to try this new type of flat (isn't it great to pay just a few dollars to try new diaper, rather than $15-$20??? I love flats!). These are really nice; thick and absorbent. It's a little bulky for my thinnish 9 month old but is great for naptime or long trips, and I know she will grow into it. For comparison, I also have a name brand large hemp flat which is also very absorbent, but cannot be pinned so it's not practical. This muslin flat washes, folds, and pins beautifully. Great purchase.
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Aug 8, 2016
These diapers are great. They are super soft and work well in wool or flip covers for naps and overnight on my daughter who is nearly 2. They are also nearly perfectly square so they are easy to fold. They are bulkier than the birds eye flats (which I also really like). To compare, when pad folded 7 of these are the same thickness as 10 birds eye.
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May 25, 2016
These flats are fluffy, soft and absorbent. Easy to pin or snappi. It performs like a small prefold with little bulk. I am in LOVE with them. Price is a little high to turn my stash into just these, but would if I could!
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Rachael Newman
Aug 10, 2016
These are my absolute favorite diapers! They are super soft. I just love the "weight" if them. They drape so nicely and are super easy to fold. I wish I had had these from the beginning of my cloth diapering journey. I would absolutely love these in a half size for smaller babies. The "one-size" is perfect for my older toddler (19 months).
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Apr 7, 2016
LOVE these! Prefolds were my diaper of choice with my first child, and with my second I moved more towards flats. These are the perfect in-between. Definitely more absorbent than either of them alone, very soft. Perfect for my heavy-wetter. She had not saturated one in a pad fold after 3 hours. That's very rare!
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Apr 12, 2016
I have been purchasing diapers from GMD for many, many years. I have used GMD prefolds, birdseye flats, and workhorses. Loved them all. I have taken Karen's advice on almost all of my cloth diapering purchases.

I love these new muslin flats. They are as absorbent as my stretchy bamboo flats. In fact, I am using them at night, with another hemp/cotton flat pad folded in the middle and they are doing a fabulous job. No leaks at all. During the day, I am folding in a modified kite and they are perfect for my 11 month old. So trim, so soft, so easy to wrap around the baby. They work well with a snappi, pins, or boingo. I prefer the snappi, as my pin skills aren't what they used to be. Even my 15 year old likes how these fold and wrap on. I bought 6 and need more. Love these.
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Anna Thomas
Jul 1, 2016
First of all, let me say that I have tried almost all brands of flats including WAHM Luxe (Sweet iris, Stashify, FOTW) Diaper rite bamboo, Nickis bamboo, GMD birdseye, and Imse Vimse muslin. These have become my favorite of all of those brands! They are the only flats that I can leave coverless on my active toddler and they hold their shape without wing droop and falling off. They are thicker and more durable feeling than birdseye but still very soft. I will be ordering more of these.
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Tisha Friesen
Aug 27, 2016
If you are deciding between these and the birdseye flats...these are about the same size, thicker, more absorbent and more square. These are soft, and once washed, quilty like a muslin swaddle, only thicker. These might be a bit bulky on a newborn. I use them pad folded in a Grovia shell and they work great. I would not recommend these for night if used alone. Easy to wash and quick to dry. I highly recommend these and wouldn't waste money on anything else if you are going with flats.
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Apr 13, 2016
These are now my go-to flats! I use them on my 9 month old 16-pound daughter. They are about twice as thick as Aden and Anais muslin blankets. These have a nice, hardy yet soft feel thanks to the thicker strands of thread. Truly a premium feel to them. They have held up well with Snappi. We take reasonable care to not yank the Snappi off. They wash up well in my HE washer and dry quickly. The color is richer than the organic birdseye flats--hiding faint breast milk poop stains quite well without any effort on my part.

For absorbancy, these flats are just the right absorbancy for my daughter. She needed more than the one size birdseye flats provided during the day but the large birdseye were still a little big. Perfect. I suspect they will get us through til potty training around 21 months because they are not near getting soaked yet.

I bought a dozen, reserving three for baby shower gifts, but I may be using them all for myself. If you are new to flats, and don't have a newborn, buy yourself these, and if you sew, cut and hem some in half if you want some half-sized doublers for night. These are truly gorgeous diapers.
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Tandalyn Szczurek
Jun 23, 2016
I could not wait to get these in the mail and was anxiously checking my mail box. I was excited to try these because I love the unbleached Cloth-eez flats so much for their versatility! The Cloth-eez are such good quality I have never been disappointed! I have some that have lasted through 4 children and are now rags. I LOVE the thickness of these, they wash well and they absorb great for heavy wetters. They pin and Snappi nicely and I especially see them holding up well over time much like the Clotheez flats I've used. I do wish they made these in a half size as well. I love the half sizes for flats and also used them as a diaper for my newborn. I love the weave of this diaper and it does quilt up nice and soft after prepping. I am definitely buying more of these and I do recommend them. They are a tad bulky on my 12 pound 2 month old in an Origami fold, but they do fit awesomely in a prefold fold at the moment with a cover. Thank you so much for making these! They are also a fantastic night time diaper too! I see them being kind of difficult to double up unless your baby is toddler size... it's not really necessary.
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May 10, 2016
These are great diapers! They are soft and fluffy and the loose weave makes them a bit easier to pin than the birdseye flats. They are a bit bulkier so they don't fit under my trimmest covers as well as the birdseyes do but they're more absorbent so they are better if I need to go a bit longer between changes. These are also my husband's favorite, he doesn't like to mess with pins or snappies so he just pad folds them and lays them in to the cover - he says these stay in place a bit better than the others. Everyone needs a few flats on hand, these are great!
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Jul 15, 2016
I purchased the birdseye flats to use when my son was born but decided to try out 6 of the muslin flats shortly after that. I used them as burp cloths at first but now I am using them as diapers since they have more absorbency than the birdseye flats. My son is 1 month old and 10.5 lb, though the diapers are a tad on the bulky side at the moment they are no bulkier than a pocket diaper or small prefold. I plan on getting more because I love the fabric and how nicely it washes up.
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May 16, 2016
LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these new muslin diapers!!!! I previously thought the Organic Bird's Eye flats were my fave (for 9 months on to potty training)....BUT, WOW! These muslin diapers are amazing!!
1. They are the perfect size for folding in a Flip cover (LOVE Flips!!!).
2. They are very absorbant.
3. They are baby soft and fluffy, even after line drying, they are still softer than the Bird's Eye.
4. They come smelling and looking natural and organic (like all Organic Cloth-Eez diapers!).
5. They seem like they will really hold up well! Sturdier, and thicker than other comparable muslin type blankets. Should handle lots of scrubbing! ;) GREAT quality!
6. These would fit my almost 3 year old, and my 16 month old. Great for if your babies are close together like my last two don't have to hunt for different sizes when changing diapers!
I am super pleased with these muslin diapers, and look forward to using them for my little ones to come! THANK YOU for another great product!!
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Oct 27, 2016
We love these flats! We have both these and the birdseye flats, and these ones are much more absorbent and are great on our larger baby. We didn't try these during the newborn phase and they may be a bit large, but as our baby grew (and wetted more) these diapers hold up really well. We were able to do more complicated folds for longer with them compared to birdseye, and they are now padfolded into our thirsties covers during the day. They wash and dry really well and I love how versatile they are. Awesome product!!
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Oct 30, 2016
These are very beautiful flats. I'm using them on my 2 month old and they are pretty bulky right now. I think these are lovely and I like the birdseye just as well. These are good to dry baby off with after a bath and they're useful as a receiving blanket. I've noticed very little shrinkage since prepping. They are very easy to pin, and I love that they hold their shape in a fold well. If trimness is really important to you, you may be happier with the birdseye though. I love clotheez flats and these are no exception!
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kiara silvestreespejo
Nov 2, 2016
I really like these flats compared to the cotton flat. even if you hang dry them /or put them In the dryer they are really soft and fluffy . I use mine with flip covers and wool covers. would recommend.
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