Cloth-eez Double Weave Muslin Swaddle (made of organic cotton)

Cloth-eez Double Weave Muslin Swaddle (made of organic cotton)
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Feb 5, 2016
I love this! It works as a blanket (more sturdy than the famous name muslin blankets, but not overly thick either), towel, nursing cover, etc. I will not be without one of these in my diaper bag at all times!
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Feb 5, 2016
Forget A&A, these organic cotton gauze flats are thick, durable (not worried about it falling apart in the washer), and super absorbent. Mine quilted up beautifully and dries very fast. If you're thinking of folding this to use as a diaper for your heavy-wetting infant you may want to think again, as it will be very bulky unless used on a toddler or child (stick with OS flats, hemp doublers and the like for smaller babes). That being said, they are the ultimate multipurpose cloth- big kid diaper, sun shade, swaddle, burp cloth, nursing cover, mess rag, play mat, diaper changing surface, bath towel, blankie. I've used it so much. I keep it in my car at all times because it is so multipurpose and useful, no need to bring everything with you.
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Tiffany Bayer
Feb 9, 2016
We are due for baby #7 in June and I have started to stock up. I ordered three of these to use as a receiving blanket. After one wash they all quilted up nicely. They are absolutely soft and I can't wait to try them out with the newborn. We have cloth diapered three babies so far as this material would be great as a flat as far as thickness. I agree with another review however that this size seems too bulky for use as a flat, but a smaller size would work great!
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Rachel Briones
Mar 30, 2016
I bought one of these to try out when they were on sale. At first I tried it as a diaper for my 28 pounds 10 month old. It was so incredibly huge on her and she is a BIG girl. So it didn't work out as a diaper for us. However, it is great for so many other things.

I really have no regrets with this purchase. I use it as a changing pad in case of accidents since is so absorbent and I use it for a light blanket as well. In our Texas heat you need lightweight blankets. Lol. It's so big we've used it as a sun shade for DD in the back of our truck. It covers the whole side window and part of the the back widow so she has coverage no matter where the sun is. I must say I've really come to love this "diaper".
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Mar 23, 2016
I ordered 2 of these to use as multi purpose blankets for my youngest but ended up using them as diapers on my 3yo 34lb toddler when a medical issue resulted in accidents. Origami folded and pinned they fit surprisingly well under a Blueberry cover and are more absorbent than a pad folded birdseye flat in the same cover. I like them so much that when my toddler no longer needed them I sacrificed one blanket to make doublers for my younger baby. This fabric is awesome!!
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Johnie white
May 6, 2016
I got mine today. And I am so in love. They are by far the BEST muslin type blanket I have ever owned and I look forward to buying more. Others have already reviewed and listed off so many useful ways to use them. And I couldn't agree more. This is hands down the most useful mommy item I've found. And I am literally blown away by the quality. It definitely trumps Aden and Anais in my opinion. I won't use them as a diaper just yet.. but I love that they have a purpose and won't be sitting on a shelf. :) Thank you Green Mountain Diapers for bringing my literal dream diaper into production. Love these.
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Leah O'Brien
Jul 11, 2016
We LOVE these blankets! Actually, that is my 9lb newborn swaddled in the photo :) These worked great for swaddling up until around 13 lbs when they seemed a bit too small to keep him contained. But thats ok because we sill use these blankets every single day. They are cushy soft and wash wonderfully. Eventually maybe we will use them as diapers but for now they have plenty of other purposes!
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Mrs. Martin
May 23, 2016
I bought this larger sized muslin because my baby girl wasn't fitting the "one size" muslin very well as a flat diaper. She has wider hips (takes after her mum, good 'ol child bearing hips).

I use a messy kite fold on this and it works well. Baby girl is about 15 months old and probably just over 20lbs. It's not too bulky or fluffy. I would actually venture to say that the green edge workhorse diaper is fluffier on her in comparison to this toddler sized flat folded on her. It does fluff up more than birdseye, but not dramatically. It doesn't "pillow" like a prefold. Still much trimmer than a prefold for sure.

Absorbency wise, I would say it definitely holds more than my size large GMD birdseye flat (maybe because of how I fold it?). It doesn't absorb as much as my sweet iris flat (folded the same way), but at least I do not need a doubler or anything with the fold I use.

Softness wise, I would say it is comparable to my organic cotton size large GMD birdseye (used on two children, well loved).

If you are wondering whether you should try this as a diaper, I say why not? just buy one and see. But then again, I've noticed most mamas out there do not tend to lean towards this size of a flat diaper. I have been using size Large GMD flats on baby girl since she could fit into OS diapers. So I personally have always leaned towards flats sized 30" or larger. This may make my review biased.

Hope this helps!
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Jun 29, 2016
I wish these were around when my daughter was younger! Right before she potty trained I struggled to find a flat diaper combo that could contain her floods. Regular size flats weren't big enough or absorbent enough. I bought one XL muslin flat to try with my 17 month old 25 pound son in case I started running into the same issue with him. They are really big and at first I couldn't find a fold that worked. Then one day I decided to try a mini kite fold like I used when he was a newborn. Perfect! Nice and trim. Now I wish I had more!
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Leann Puryear
Jul 19, 2016
Absolutely perfect as an overnight diaper for my 32 lb 38 inch 35 month old. The large flats were just not enough for night unless I added quite a few doublers, with the XL, I only have to add one and even then, I could probably get away without it.

I've also used it as a towel at the beach and pool and it's perfect to toss over the car seat to keep it from getting hot.
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Jan 15, 2017
I originally bought two of these for nursing covers while in public but now that my 2.5 year old, 33# daughter is getting red marks from the x-large Workhorse I've started using these as diapers and I love them. I usually have to run the dryer twice to get the Workhorse dry and these are dry in a third of that time! Also, the diaper sprayer can't get all the poop from the elastic nooks of the Workhorse without a lot of extra work on my part, which is gross, but these spray out so easily it's ridiculous. I LOVE our Workhorse diapers. We use them exclusivly for both or babies right now, but I actually like these even more!
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Jan 23, 2017
I purchased one of these to check it out. I absolutely love this blanket for swaddling. This is huge, I don't know how it would be for a diaper, unless it is for a very large toddler. But, it is perfect for a blanket. Washes nicely, she pooped on it, stain came out. It's crisp and beautiful looking. Not too bulky even though it is very large. Some of my other swaddling blankets are rectangles, but this has a pretty even square shape. Great quality stitching.
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May 8, 2017
I ordered 4 of these when they were on sale to use as swaddle blankets. We are now past the swaddle stage and I decided to sew all 4 of them together to make a large summer blanket for my 4 year old. It turned out so well that I bought 12 more to make 3 more large blankets. My kids love the feel of these as blankets.
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Erin Riches-Wong​
Jun 6, 2017
This is a wonderful nighttime option for truly large toddlers who have outgrown most other toddler-size diapers. My 3yo is 42 pounds and nurses at night (so pee volume is high). Her XL Sloomb OBFs weren't enough anymore under a Disana cover, and when my husband and I tried tucking a prefold on the outside, it sagged in the cover and irritated her skin when wet. I really didn't want to have to use disposables at night, but I was almost there... These swaddle-size flats solved the problem. I use them two ways: 1. I pin a single flat around my daughter's OBF and put an XL Disana over it. Or 2. I origami fold two of these flats, tuck in a hemp doubler or two (probably not necessary), and that's enough diaper on its own under a Disana. Now that we have these flats, my daughter is more comfortable and our wool is less stinky (I'm back to washing every few weeks instead of every few days). Happy.
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Jul 6, 2017
Bought two for my son to use this summer in his carrier and absolutely LOVE them!! So much softer and better quality than a $20 muslin blanket we received as a gift! I will be ordering more in the future for baby shower gifts! These are a FANTASTIC buy!! Once again, GMD does not disappoint!!
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