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Disana Merino Wool Knit Overalls

Disana Merino Wool Knit Overalls
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May 20, 2015
I didn't care for the fit. Large waist band and short legs. Excellent quality wool. I felted the top waist by hand washing and rubbing gently. Fits better now. Not currently using straps. I bought newborn size and they still fit my 14 lbs 3 month boy. Might fit another month. I lanolized these heavily and use as a light diaper cover. I change very frequently so they hardly ever get damp. Only wash when I have a blowout. I use GMD prefold yellow with pins or snapi.
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Sep 30, 2014
We love disana overalls! I had a newborn size (0-3) and both of my babies (when little) outgrow them at 6 months. They are stretchy, super soft, and perfect for day or night. We usually use lightweight wool cover while wearing these (for extra protection) for naps or car rides. I just ordered another pair in bigger size. Perfect pants for babies!
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Jan 31, 2015
Bought these as an alternative to a sleep sack. I mostly use them for naps and night time to stay warm, but sometimes use them all day during cold winter days in the house. I have used them without the suspender straps at night although now (at 9 months) he is starting to kick them off. I like that they are more useful than a sleep sack. They did pill a lot, but I also broke the rules and washed them in woollite on the gentle cycle. The waistband is super big and has stretched out a lot over time -- that and the pilling are my only real complaints.
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Jan 30, 2016
I purchased these for my large, round baby, because regular pajamas and pants would not fit over her cloth diapered bottom. I love them! These do run large. My baby is 9 months old, 20 lbs and 29 1/4 inches long. She has a big bottom, chubby thighs and a high rise, and is in the 80-90th percentile for growth, and she still has room to grow in size medium, and I have the legs cuffed. She usually wears them over a GMD fitted (size x-large) or GMD prefold (size med or large) with a diaper cover. I took the buttons off and sewed the front strap to the overall, because my kid kept trying to eat the buttons. Now, I can let out the straps as she grows. The wool is so soft and comfy, and it doesn't restrict my baby as she moves around. They have an extra panel in the crotch, which is a nice feature. We use these overalls as pajamas on colder nights over a GMD Clotheez fitted and a PLU cover. We haven't had any leaks yet. She also wears them around the house on cold days, and they are a perfect mid-layer for going outside for walks in the winter. I have only had to wash them once so far, and they did fine (I hand washed them with wool wash). There is some pilling, but I was expecting that. I haven't had any trouble with the waist/chest band stretching out, but I can see how that might happen eventually. Felting it a bit would seem to help. I will definitely be getting the next size up when she grows out of these. I would highly recommend!
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Dec 27, 2015
I have such affection for these pants. I bought size small rather than XS for my coming newborn, reasoning that my babies get big fast (they're born pretty normal sized but get to 20lbs sometime before 5mo, so we go through about four clothing sizes in the first couple months). Turns out that I needn't have worried, the small was huge, but after a couple weeks (probably 11-12 lbs?) it was close enough that he could wear it pulled up under his armpits or rolled down with the straps off, cuffs rolled or just pulled over his feet since it was winter. It is so. snuggly. There is nothing better than picking up a curly cuddly newborn in soft squishy wool that stays covering his tummy and ankles. We used a tube-shaped snuggle sack as well and I liked that too, but the Disana overalls were more versatile - they work in the carseat or in a carrier, and they don't ride up the legs once baby starts kicking and wiggling and gets a little longer-legged. We did not use it as a diaper cover, but over a PUL cover, usually with a onesie only snapped in the middle or just pulled far down, and my shockingly-heavy-wetting little baby needed that extra protection at night! He's my fourth baby, so I've tried a variety of ideas for clothing and diapering a young baby, and these (and the snuggle sack, that was awesome too) are my favorite; if I have another winter baby, I'll be getting a couple more of these (or if we manage a summer one, Disana pull-up soakers!).

He was a late February baby and it got warm enough to stop wearing pants (June?) before he outgrew them, but I did try them on him later and I think they'd serve well up to about a size 12m. For reference, he's above the 95th percentile for weight and about the 50th for height, with a tall rise and a wide bum, so a longer, narrower baby could fit quite differently. But this style of pant, with cuffed ankles, tall waistband and free bum & legs, fits so well for such a long time I imagine it is pretty flexible for shape too.

There are downsides, have to mention them: Yep, the top band does stretch out eventually. That's okay if you're using the straps. Or you could felt it smaller, though it wouldn't then be as stretchy. Second, it does not look so great when it gets pilly; I'm not sure I'd choose these for a crawling baby, except perhaps for pajamas. Still, really lovely baby pants and a good value, too.
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