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Blueberry Mini-Coveralls

Blueberry Mini-Coveralls
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Apr 3, 2014
We have been using these covers on our newborn for the past week and we LOVE them. We have used them over newborn and small prefolds. With the adjustable rise and separate waist/leg snaps the fit is great and we haven't had any leaks yet. The adjustable rise fit under her umbilical cord while it was still healing. My husband even loves using them and hasn't had any issues with them. Also they are extremely cute:)
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Jun 26, 2015
These are the perfect diaper cover for newborns. My son was only 6 lbs when he was born, with very thin legs. I purchased both these covers as well as the Thirsties Duo Wrap covers to use with the Workhorse fitted and prefold diapers (newborn size). These covers are definitely better than the Thirsties covers. The fit is much better for a smaller baby (and they are still fitting very well at 10 lbs), and the quality of the cover feels much better - more durable and more leakproof. I will definitely be sticking with this brand and these covers!
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Apr 30, 2014
These covers are great! I used ours on my preemie the day he hit 6lb and they fit. I think they would have fit him when he was even smaller. He outgrew them at about 15lbs, right when I switched him from our yellow edges to our reds.
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Jun 4, 2014
My favorite cover for my baby from weight ~8-16lbs (roughly 2-6 months). Things I love: 1) the elastic is gentle on baby, 2) the two snaps on each side make the cover lie flat on the tummy, it doesn't roll down and expose wet diaper to clothes 3) roomy so it contains the prefold easily and I don't have to snappi it "just-so." Things I don't love: was pretty big on 6lb newborn and covered umbilical cord (so we used Mommy's touch at that stage instead).
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J. Fine
Aug 22, 2014
My favorite "newborn" cover. The only cover that seemed to fit my son at his 7lb birth weight and still fitting nicely over yellow edge prefolds at 14 lbs. Very trim, the elastic is soft and I like the double snaps, make it fit more trimly when they are smaller. Worth the money. For the next one will probably switch to these and thirsties size ones for newborn stage.
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Feb 19, 2015
I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE these covers! I got so many compliments on how cute they are. I love how when a little something gets on the inside of the shell, simply wipe it clean. I use them multiple times before washing and they rarely smell. They rarely leak...when they do, it's understandable as they were on way too long! We used the minis when my son was about 8 lb and they fit him until about 17 lbs. if he wasn't so tall he would have fit in them longer too. We simply put a clotheez prefold inside tri-folded. Wonderful inexpensive combo!
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Tracy Mosher
Feb 2, 2015
Love theses covers! They were great on our preemie, I'm sad that they are too small now that they have new designs! My little one skipped small and went right to mediums and since i have a ton of other covers (Flip, Blueberry and Thirsties) that I like and are in great shape from our daughter, I can't justify buying more.
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Nov 16, 2014
I love these covers. They have been my favorite on my 6 lb newborn from the beginning. Folded down to avoid the cord, too. Fit perfectly over newborn prefolds and workhorse diapers. Just sized up to yellow edge prefolds at 10.5 lbs, and they still fit over those, although I do think the thirsties duo wrap fit better over the yellow edge. The blueberry mini coveralls are made really well and the prints are really cute. For fitting well through the range of the rapidly growing newborn stage, from scrawny legs to getting chubby, these are definitely my favorite.
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Amanda Black
Oct 2, 2015
This is our favorite cover hands down. I didn't think I would care for the snaps on a newborn cover, but my husband loves them.... I came around. Baby was 7lbs when we brought him home now 8lbs, and fitting into the cover a little better. We will be in this cover for a while to come.
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Apr 4, 2016
I wanted to like this diaper cover because their prints are so cute, but the fit was just really weird. The rise was low, and it always seemed like it was about to slide right down off my baby's bottom (although it never did). I never got leaks that I can recall with this diaper cover, but the fit was so bad that I never wanted to use it. (They only got used when I ran out of clean Thirsties Duo Wraps, which are my favorite.)

I also found that my baby outgrew this diaper cover really quickly, probably at around 10 pounds. What a waste of money, for the 2 diaper covers that I only used a handful of times.
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