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GroVia Perfect Pail

GroVia Perfect Pail
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Aug 11, 2015
I love this! Mine has been in four different countries, because it folds flat and holds the dirties while hanging on a door or hanging out in my suitcase. Durable, handy, a must-have!
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Jenny Andersen
Jul 19, 2016
I have been using this diaper pail as the sole receptacle for our diapers since April. I would like to be able to give this product a better review, since it is easy to use and keep clean. However, the plastic pieces holding the opening in place wore through the fabric and would work their way out every time it was washed. Not a big deal, just annoying and not what you'd expect from the looks of the bag. Then during today's wash, the zipper came off it's track rendering the bag useless. The bag was always washed and dried according to the directions. I have purchased a handful of GroVia products and I just hope after this experience the rest of their products demonstrate the quality I would expect from the price tag.

Response from GMD: GroVia items have a full 1 year warranty. See http://www.grovia.com/customer-care/grovia-warranty.html for details. I think this style washes best in a front loader and next-best in a traditional top load washing machine. The yank-yank-yank washing mechanism of an HE top loader washer is tougher on the underwire-bra-like plastic parts but they still have the warranty. Use the Contact Us link if you need a copy of your receipt.
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Clarissa Taylor
Dec 29, 2016
In my experience, this Perfect Pail holds the stink in better than a regular pail liner. However, I did have 2 pieces of boning come out a little over a month after purchase. I reached out to Grovia and they responded very quickly and are sending a replacement out in tomorrow's mail. They did recommend a gentle/delicate wash cycle as I have a top loader washing machine with an agitator. Thank you Grovia for your swift response and excellent customer service!
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