Bummis The Pull-On Diaper Cover

Bummis The Pull-On Diaper Cover
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Jan 12, 2014
We have more of these than any other cover. They are simple to use and a little more difficult for my son to get off. We actually use them at night becuase they seem the most comfy for him. We use them over a WH with a doubler or 2 and have never had an issue. Hubby loves them, sitter can figure them out, super sleep deprived mama proof and cheap. We have had some PUL seperation in a few, but I wash them with the diapers and they still work pretty well even with seperated PUL.
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Nov 19, 2013
I like that these covers are quick and easy to put on. They never leave marks on his legs and look comfortable. However, I find that the snappi doesn't always stay tightly secured when I use this cover (maybe I'm not putting it on correctly?!). I always keep one of these covers in my diaper bag, but overall I prefer a more fitted style cover.
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Apr 20, 2015
I absolutely love this cover! It's perfect for my little one who has a chubby belly, no snaps or velcro squeezing him with this set up. We use it over flats with a doubler at bedtime. I can't wait to try it over fitteds. My little one is 15 months, 25 lbs and in size large. I wish I would have discovered these much sooner and will definitely be trying these during the little baby phase with my next child.
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Nov 30, 2013
I've been taking care of my grandson while his mom works since he was two months old. At first my daughter wanted me to use diaper covers with inserts. My fingers must not be as strong or nibble as when I was young; all those snaps were very difficult. I found these, ordered some prefolds and diaper pins (couldn't get those snappi's to work either!) and have been a happy grandma. These are definitely an improvement over the plastic pants that I used with my children.
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Oct 28, 2013
These were the first covers I purchased after I got rid of those awful and smelly Charlie Banana pocket diapers. I was so tired of snapping diaper covers and these were awesome. I came back to the sight and ordered more prefolds and I now have every color.
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Oct 25, 2013
These work well but do wick and if you have a messy diaper it is kind if gross to have the child lay down to take his off and get everything under him/her nasty. Wash & dry easy, trim under clothes and kids love the bright colors.
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Abbey S
May 29, 2014
I have spent the first 6 months of my daughters life trying all sorts of cloth diapers to find what works best for our family. I held off on purchasing this diaper cover mostly because it looks like what my mom used on me and my brother :). In the last few weeks I have learned that for our family natural fibers are a priority and the "ease" of pocket dips with synthetic fibers is a non issue since my husband has consistently grabbed a fitted + cover when doing changes (something that shocked me!). I finally broke down and bought this cover recently and I LOVE IT - my girl has been in it almost non-stop during the day since I washed it. Here's how I would break it down:

- GREAT under pants/leggings. It's so trim because it squishes down!
- So comfy for baby! My 6 month old cant talk but it doesn't dig into her tummy, leaves no red marks anywhere, and is roomy for her to move about.
- easy on/off. My husband hasn't used it yet but I think he will love that there are no snaps!
- Fits under any diaper. Sometimes I have trouble getting a cover to completely cover some of our fitted diapers. You might need to use a larger size for high rise diapers like Karen said in the description but it will definitely fit.
- Price. Tight budgets can afford this.

- While I haven't had a "blow out" in it, I can see how that might be messy to pull the cover off rather than unsnap/velcro...but aren't all "blowouts" messy anyway?
- I have had some "shifting" of snappi'd prefolds. This has not caused an issue in performance of the cover but as my baby gets more active I wonder if the snappy will hold. This is a non issue with a snap or velcro fitted like the snap workhorse diaper.

Bottom Line: Don't avoid this just because it looks like the cover your mom used. :) I will be buying more of these.
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Oct 26, 2013
After three kids in cloth I discoverd this cover. It's my Favorite. Super easy, trim& works great over flats, prefolds or Mother ease fitteds. The edges do get damp if left on too long but what cover doesn't? Fool proof!
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Laura Twitchell
Oct 9, 2014
This is a serviceable cover, and I really love the low price, but it's more of a back-up for me. Nothing wrong with it, it just didn't work for us. For one thing, no matter how messy the diaper, it has to be pulled all the way down the legs to take it off. :-P
The leg holes fit my son well, but the waist was loose, and didn't quite come up high enough. That's the risk with this type - if it's too loose in any area, there's no adjusting. Maybe he'll fatten up before he potty trains!
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Oct 28, 2013
I choose this cover because I needed an affordable option. And I love it! I use it over snappi or pinned pre-folds. I never had issues with wicking except once or twice at night when I forgot to add a doubler for extra absorbency. Easy & quick on & off. (Some one gave me a cover that snaps on. But I prefer The Pull-On.) Never leaves a mark on my babies thighs (and he has big thighs!) but also never had poop leak out of the cover. Very trim under clothes which helps since most baby clothes are now cut to fit disposable diapers. I always hand wash in the sink and they wash easily & air dry quickly which means that I need fewer covers in each size (3 or 4 was plenty for me). I first choose it because of the price but now I love it and wouldn't choose anything else.
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Oct 28, 2013
I love this cover! Aside from wool, which is what I use here at home, this is the only other cover I use. It is trim, simple, and comfortable for my boy. He is a chubby little guy with big thighs, but this never leaves marks on his legs. I also have had poo come out of the diaper into this cover, but it has never leaked out of the cover. I haven't really had a wicking issue, but I change pretty often and don't use this at night. Overall, great cover, great price!!!
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Amanda Richards
May 30, 2014
Great for nighttime!

My 22 month-old wets through her nighttime diapers. Always.

I bought these pull-on covers because they were nice and big. They fit very well over a Workhorse fitted with a hemp doubler.

She seems very comfortable, despite the bulk. No leaks, even though she's a very active sleeper. Very easy to get on and off. They're also super soft. Not at all crinkly like the Gerber pants we'd tried before (which are basically PVC and nasty).
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Jan 9, 2014
Great cover, great price. Use these on my 2 year old with workhorse diapers and snappied prefold. Trim underneath clothing, definitely one of my go to covers.
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April Comstock
Feb 17, 2014
Love this cover above any other kind! No snaps to figure out and no Velcro to scratch. Very thin under clothes, very lightweight, and snug enough elastic to prevent leaks. So worth the extra money instead of buying the cheap vinyl pants that don't breathe. Don't pass these up!
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May 14, 2014
I really like these covers a lot better than the older version whisper pant. They are so soft. Such gentle elastic. Wash well and are easy to get on and off and no snaps to hurt my fingers. My only issue is that the rise could definitely be a bit taller. These have the same feel to me as the econobum cover and I really like it. Wish there were some pastel colors instead of all brights.
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Feb 20, 2015
For any one else that is wondering, these are made of exposed PUL.
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Jul 23, 2014
I've only used these once, but as soon as I pulled these bad boys on, my son had an poop explosion. Not even one leak. After it gets out of the wash, I'll be using this more often. They remind me of the pull on pants I used with my oldest, super easy over a pinned prefold without the leaks that the pull-ons used to give me.
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Dec 8, 2014
Easy to use diaper! I got the elephant print which is super cute. I only use these as a cover over my baby's nighttime fitted. I got the large for my 23 lb chunky baby and it fits well. It's kind of "poofy" but does the job, is soft on her thighs and is easy to put on and take off, particularly since at almost a year she enjoys rolling over on the changing table.
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Feb 11, 2015
My son is now 12 months old and we have been using these since birth and I have not had one leak, they still look great and wash up nicely. I use them over a prefold with a snappie. The only thing I can say against these covers is that it takes a little longer to get them on which was not an issue until on little guy has decided that he hates a diaper change so I'm looking for a cover that I can put on at the same time as the diaper. You really can't beat the price and ease of this cover!
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Sharelle York
Nov 29, 2014
This cover is excellent! It keeps baby more comfortable than any snap on or hook and loop diaper cover. I also find it to fit trimmer under clothing than any other cover. After trying many different kinds of diapers ranging from flats to all in ones and pockets, i found my favorite is a pinned prefold with a pull on diaper cover! Much simpler than any One size diaper. I love the colors and i love how comfy they are on baby. I have only had wicking when mommy let baby sit in a diaper too long, or the diaper underneath isnt absorbent enough, otherwise, we have had great success with this cover! We are using this cover almost exclusively! We love it that much!
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Greta Lyn
Apr 11, 2015
After a week of using this cover, I am so glad I have it! It is our second child to cloth diaper and I bought this cover because I wanted something easy. Our daughter is around 20-21 lbs and fits the medium perfectly. It so light and thin it fits under her pants and shorts, nothing to adjust, on quick. We just got over a stomach bug and this was amazing at containment, it's just a bummer to remove if the poop is very messy. But for the price and no leaks and fit, I just wish we had a few more. Next baby will have a few for sure.
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Apr 2, 2015
I never write reviews but this cover deserves one. I did so much research and got caught up in all the different covers, so I ordered several types to see which one I liked best. I ordered these just as backup covers because they were inexpensive. This are my favorite covers hands down. They fit under clothing better than snaps or hook and loop closures, they don't leak because the elastic is fits against the skin so nicely and is much softer than other cover elastic, quick to put on and take off, pack small in diaper bag, wipe clean on ALL of the inside fabric, cost less, dry faster, fit over cloth easier, don't have annoying snaps, and come clean easily. I just wish they had cuter colors and prints. Oh well....it works great and that's what counts when you are talking about 15 diapers a day.
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Nov 19, 2014
This cover is perfect for wearing over cotton training pants during potty training. It's also nice having an inexpensive cover for back up in the diaper bag. I got newborn size for my newborn, and I do think the legs got too tight before 10 lbs. I used medium for my (very small) toddler, and the legs got too tight on her around 24-25 lbs. I think we will get size large now to wear over underwear when leaving the house. I would absolutely size up if my baby were near the upper end of the weight range and had chunky thighs. The leg openings really are small on this cover.
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Oct 26, 2013
I love these covers! I appreciate how trim they are (we use over snappied flats), their price, and easy care (we wash and dry with diapers). It's true that these wick if left with a wet diaper for a long time, but we do EC, so this isn't much of an issue for us.
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Nov 2, 2014
these definitely run small. I ordered medium to fit my skinny 14 lb 7 month old who is long (66%). She wears a medium workhorse, but the medium bummis barely covers the diaper because of the rise. Hope this helps someone. They are soft and bright.
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