Babee Greens Wool Nursing Pads

Babee Greens Wool Nursing Pads
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Oct 28, 2013
I love wool nursing pads! I live in the tropics so the weather can get hot. But I am more comfortable in my wool nursing pads than any other kind of material. I found that the Babee Greens Wool Nursing Pads worked best when I was well established in the breastfeeding relationship and not leaking as much. I leaked too much the first few weeks and needed some extra absorbency during that time. (I could still use my Babee Greens if I added some cotton, like a small handkerchief, next to my skin to absorb moisture and the wool kept it from leaking through to my shirt.) The added dart to create shape is a nice touch and it is comfortable. I don't notice the stitching when I am wearing them. And wool is a great product for this lazy mom because it air-out fresh and only needs washing occasionally!
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Amber Thompson
Nov 25, 2014
Amazing! Soft & breathable. I wish I had gotten these with my first instead of my third! I highly recommend. And I love the way these stretch to the shape of your body; gived a smooth unnoticeable look! I will get more.
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Mar 31, 2016
I love these nursing pads! I have several items from Babee Greens and all of their goodies are wonderful. They are super soft and feel wonderful on sore and cracked nipples. I also have some other nursing pads that had wool on one side and silk on the other. They were nice too, but I reached for these more.
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Aug 12, 2016
Every nursing mother of a newborn needs these! Best nursing pads! Flushes nip with the clothing and is very absorbant. If you're "afraid of wool" this is a great item to start with as they're tiny and so easy to care for. Very breathable which is better for your breasts than the disposables (plastic lined). I don't feel the 3rd picture accurately depicts the seam. It does not tent IMO. The comparison pic seems more accurate to me.
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Nov 8, 2016
I found these to be too thin to use while I was nursing my son (I was a heavy leaker). But...he just weaned and as I was preparing my lanacare nursing pads for storage I started wearing these in my regular bra just because I am so used to wool against my skin now and don't like the bra material on my skin. I love them! These would also be great for some women to wear toward the end of pregnancy for light leaking. I just ordered another pair, not just for nursing mamas, great for warmth and modesty too :)
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Ariel Harris
Mar 5, 2017
These are by far my favorite nursing pads, and i tried a few kinds. Babee Greens products are always so soft. They weren't visible through my bra and i couldn't feel them. I leak a lot of milk and was concerned by how thin they are, but their absorbency is great and I've worn them all day without issue.
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