Snugglewool Baby Blanket

Snugglewool Baby Blanket
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Lyndsey Stuart
Jan 5, 2014
At first I was disappointed that this blanket wasn't as soft and snuggly as I had hoped but we still use it a lot. Right now it's in the bottom of the bassinet to help keep my little man warm on our cold December nights. During the day I move it to the living room on the couch or floor to make a nice little napping area for the baby, and it's water proof which has saved my couch a few times already! But this blanket really won me over when my little guy was having a hard time maintaining his body temp the first few days after birth. Simply wrapping him in this blanket did the trick. At 3 weeks now he still seems to get cold easy and we just wrap him up in the wool and he warms up and calms right down. Worth the money, especially if you are having a winter baby and live in a place with cold winters like we do. Would love advice/tips on how to make it a bit softer.
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Nov 6, 2013
I purchased this blanket to help my daughter sleep/nap in her pack n play. I machine washed it, and put it in her bassinet in hopes that it would create a warm, cuddly environment she'd feel comfortable enough to sleep in. It worked! She hasn't napped in it yet but I can now lay her down for 10+ minutes without her crying or fussing. Others have described her as an "easy" baby but she would not stay in her pack n play for more than 30 seconds before crying to be held and now I can lay her down, turn her mobile on, and get some chores done knowing she's comfortable and content. Very happy with this baby buy!
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Brooke Smith
Sep 23, 2014
We ordered the ivory for our daughter who just started sleeping in her own bed. I was concerned that with the nights getting colder, and her room being in the back of our brick house, that she was getting cold in the night. (She kicks every blanket off we have ever covered her with!)(Completely un-swad-able!) So I bought some footy pajamas and this Snugglewool Baby Blanket to lay her on in her crib at night and naptime. Now she is always toasty and rubs her little face all over the blanket when she lays down, like it is one of her beloved stuffed animals. The wool is soft and warm, and I love that the backing is cotton-so nice. I hand-washed it in the bathtub with some of the lavender wool wash, so baby falls asleep soothed by the soft scent and her little head smells wonderful come morning. I am quite pleased with this purchase, along with all my GMD buys, I only wish, for the money, the dimensions of the blanket were a few inches larger on all sides, especially for my older children. We all love this cozy blanket-thank you from my warmed baby girl.
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Jun 4, 2014
if you are thinking that this blanket is going to be butter soft- it's not. perhaps over time. however, i've been using one for my baby since december and still really like it. good quality. i'm a big fan of wool, so i will be purchasing for future kids to come.
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Apr 28, 2016
I bought my SnuggleWool from GMD for my 1st daughter (now age 7) and now it comforts her little sister (3). I have used it as a comfy - the babies slept on it and we took it to grandmas, etc. so that wherever they slept they had their snuggle wool to lay on. It has thinned out a bit but is still as loved, despite many washes (and accidents) it is clean, fresh and a comfort and goes with the little one. It is so worth it!
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Taylor Hale
Feb 17, 2017
I received this blanket as a gift from my registry. After the first wash a quality defect surfaced and Karen took care of the problem immediately. Despite the small hiccup, I'm in love with this blanket. The soft, squishy, WASHABLE wool will be perfect for setting on top of our changing pad (protected with a diaper, of course) and for use as a soft place beneath our baby gym. Thank you GMD for such an awesome product, and such great service.
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