Cloth-eez Workhorse Fitted Diapers Made Of Organic Cotton

Cloth-eez Workhorse Fitted Diapers Made Of Organic Cotton
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Oct 29, 2013
This is my FAVORITE cloth diaper! It's the bomb! I used size small when we brought our 9+ pound baby home from the hospital. Fit perfectly, even under the umbilical cord, if you folded the top down, which is easy to do. I actually prefer the workhorse fitted to the prefold, though the prefold is much more versatile as you can use it trifolded in covers and in pockets when baby grows out of a size. But the fitted is soooo easy! It takes a second to snappi it on and another second to put on a cover. It has NEVER leaked outside the leg channels once, whereas the prefolds have, though the cover contained it from there. And I love the feel of the organic cotton. Nothing beats changing my baby out of a wet diaper and pulling this fitted around her waist, all snuggly and soft and dry again. The feel is wonderful. It's not too bulky at all. Washing is simple in that you don't have to be careful about which detergent you use so long as it's free of those nasty extra ingredients, and you can bleach the hell out of them if you need to; and cotton is far more superior over stinky microfiber (now banned from our house lol). Drying doesn't take all that long, just on the longest cycle in your dryer. Comes out soft and fluffy every time!! My 6-week old is nearing the end of the fit of size small, she's around 13ish pounds already. But once she outgrows it, I will definitely be buying the next size up. LOVE LOVE LOVE!! Can't say enough.
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Oct 31, 2013
Love these! Cloth diapered my second child with Bum Genius, so we did disposables until she was big enough for those. My third child had problems from the get go with the disposables. I purchased these and prefolds and was completely scared to be cloth diapering a newborn. These diapers are so awesome that it makes me want to have a fourth so I can use them again. No leaks. Washes great. Super soft. Easy, easy, easy.
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Oct 26, 2013
I LOVE these diapers!!! I have tried prefolds and pockets and they just didn't work. I had a "rolling baby" during diaper changes and the prefolds were such a pain! These are a painless diaper change, and they DON'T LEAK!! (I had leaking issues with my pockets). I have a thin daughter, and these fit well on her. I have the kind with snaps. My daughter is 23 months old, and about 22 lbs - she wears size Large during day, and X-Large at night (with a thick insert). Hope this helps!
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Nov 25, 2013
These are truly the BEST cloth diapers, and I have tried many. I have never had a leak, and have used them on my baby for 10 months now, since he was born. If I had the chance to "do cloth over again" with my other 3 kids, I would ONLY purchase these diapers. No leaks, no stains, no ammonia issues. The BEST!!
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tabatha foultner
Oct 27, 2013
This was the first cloth diaper we used on our newborn son and I absolutely loved it. My only regret about it is that I only bought one! Size small fit my 8 pound baby with no leaks.
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Dec 14, 2013
I have cloth diapered four babies now, in addition to being a fluff reviewer. These are, hands down, my absolute favorite diapers ever. I started my cd journey with pockets (bGs) and have literally tried just about everything under the sun. My go-to is a workhorse (maybe with an extra cloth-eez doubler if my heavy wetter is heading to nap), snappied, and covered with either a disana or Wool Lover cover. It's bulletproof, it's cute, and it's EASY.

These diapers wash beautifully, don't hold stink like microfiber can, and somehow manage to absorb even more than the much-lauded GoodMamas. To top it all off, they are economical and organic.

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Oct 29, 2013
The BEST fitted diaper on the market... Especially in newborn size. I am a cloth diapering consultant with 6 kids who has tried and sold almost every brand and kind of diaper on the market and these workhorses are in their own league. They are easy to use, easy to wash, absorbant, soft, and cheap! Fantastic poo containment and infinite fit adjustability on the snapless. The quality in craftsmen ship and sewing is phenomenal with every batch and they take a beating without even flinching. I ve used my newborns on two consecutive babies and they look barely used....they are waiting for a third bum! These also resale at almost retail because of their reputation.
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Nov 15, 2013
I LOVE these! They are my go-to diaper. They are easy in the middle of the night, fit a wide weight range and hold a lot! We had them in NB, and they fit longer than our AIOs. While NB size would still fit our almost 3 month old, I started using the small, because they hold even more than the smaller size. I will make sure to have at least a half dozen of these in each size, because they are so awesome. You should get some too!
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Mar 3, 2014
Love these diapers but don't agree with the sizing. After using some NB and some small, I ordered several medium, thinking she would be in them a while. Started using them at 13 lb and now at 17 lb she has nearly outgrown them. My daughter is long and the rise on these diapers is way too short for her even now. Really sad that I didn't get more than two month's use out of $60 worth of diapers.

If you have a tall baby definitely get bigger than you think you need. :(
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May 9, 2014
These are my absolute favorite diapers! So soft and absorbent, and they are built to last. These are bulletproof. Overnight I add a hemp doubler and top with a nice wool cover -- perfect! I strongly prefer the closureless to the snaps. You can close with a Snappi or use a snug fitting cover and no Snappi/pins needed. It's so much faster than the snaps, and you get a perfect, custom fit every time.

Fair warning, these do take a little longer to dry. They usually come out of the dryer a little damp even when everything else is dry. But all it takes is another 1/2 cycle in the dryer, or laying them flat overnight.

Also, it's not very fun to clean poop out of the leg elastics. (But, let's face it, it's not so fun to clean poop out of anything.)
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Dec 28, 2013
I have been using these for two months now, and love them compared to all in ones made of fleece and other questionable material. I wish I would have invested in these first as I only use these now. They are easier to wash clean than fleece and really take a beating through the wash. I have a front loader and wash them on stain wash, which is a two hour cycle, and they still look new. The cotton is breathable and I have the snaps. My baby is not bothered by wetness during the day too much and can go just as long in these as when we used disposables for the first couple of months to get through the first time parent craziness. She can go over two hours in these diapers with them soaking wet and still be happy. This is not true for nighttime, however, and we had to use wool liners to get the stay dry feeling at night. We also use wool covers. I think if you go with wool you need two Lanacare for daytime and two Disana for nighttime, but if you can do an extra Lanacare, go for it. Wool is really amazing. I also used these with thristies covers and it works good. I just like breathable soft wool that is natural and soft. Wool is great and keeping moisture in, but absorbing if needed without getting clothes wet. It is magical.

My only issue with these is that I did have some leaks at the back top of diaper at night only. My baby is tall, 95th percentile, so the rise is a bit short even though we got the large diaper for our 18 pounder. I think we need an extra large for night. Keep that in mind if you have a tall baby. The other thing is we could of just over dried them. I also think we would have gotten a better fit if we just used a snappi instead of having actual snaps on the diaper, but I was intimidated with the snappi, but when I order the extra large, I am going to give it a try.

For now, I just make sure the diaper is as high in the back as I can get it, and it works great still, and they got more absorbent with more washes and the wool helped with extra absorbency during the night. I used Disana wool covers and have no leaks anymore.

I would also say that these are not bulky like the all in ones I had been using, which is another plus. My baby is a heavy wetter and I didn't need doublers. I tried them, but they were too much work for my squirmy baby. I only used wool liners at night for a stay dry feel.

These are really great. I think the snaps could be developed better so it is more fitting, but it is a good quality for the price and I am going to use them for the rest of my diapering days.
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Nov 6, 2013
I was new to cloth diapering with baby number two at 10 months old and 25 pounds! I bought two of the brown edge (large) organic no-snap workhorse fitted and have been super pleased! I send her to daycare in these in the morning. They absorb the heavy AM wetting well. They wash up easily (I use Tide Free) and are a luxurious soft fabric. I find myself wishing my underwear felt that good! :) I use a snappi. They fit under a Bummis superbrite large wrap. I also put them under Thirsties medium wraps, but it's a stretch: I have had some urine wicking/leaking problems. It may be the teachers aren't changing her as quickly as I would at home. The one drawback to these diapers is they are so thick, that they are not dry at the back where the elastic is when my clotheeze prefolds are ready after about 70 minutes in the dryer. I have to hang them overnight to completely dry. Unless you live in the desert, I'm not sure you could 100% dry these on a clothesline.
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Dec 29, 2013
I love these diapers! I have them in almost every size. My 7 pound, 15oz baby fit in the newborn snapless until 2 months old when we moved into yellow edge size small. We are now in red and browns at 9 months! They fit so well, and I love the customization you can get for different sizes by using a snapless diaper and a snappi. I would love to fill my whole stash with these diapers - they rock!
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Sarah Watson
Mar 6, 2014
I have used these on my son since he was about 5 months old. I bought the large as he was/is a rather chunky baby and they still fit now that he is 11 months old and 22.5 lbs. These are so easy to use, not just for me, but for anyone else who does his diaper changes. They are super easy to wash and come out just as soft if not softer than when I put them in. I use wool covers over them and have not had a single leak/blowout, as opposed to disposables with which there is at least an 85% chance of a blowout. These are a fantastic value, and look like they are brand new after 6+ months of use. I will be using these on subsequent children as well.
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Nov 15, 2013
LOVE this diaper! No leaks even on really big poops. Easy to clean and dry. No special treatment needed. These were recommended by a friend and they have been the only ones I have needed. This is my first baby and first time cloth diapering so you know it's super easy!
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Oct 22, 2014
These are great! They work well under any cover- especially the Disana pull-ons for night-time. Recently my collection has been looking pretty dingy and stained- my washing machine isn't able to get deep stains out from the seaming on top, especially. On a whim I tried hanging them on the clothesline in the sun for a few hours and now... they are all as spotless as the day we got them! The sun is the best anti-bacterial, it's true. I was stunned by the effects. Truly, it bleached all of the stains, made them so fresh, and even got the embedded stains out from the top seam- amazing!
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JG's mom
May 20, 2014
Worth every penney - don't be put off by needing to buy all the different sizes! Huge lesson here, which I am sharing because I sincerely hope that my stupidity helps someone out there - I considered these intially & didn't buy them because I was thinking about having to buy all the sizes & thinking that would be too expensive. Guess what? That line of thinking turned out to be a really expensive mistake! I wasted a bunch of money on cheaper one-size (ha!) synthetic-blended garbage that never did fit right + I frequently had to do battle with the stink issues common with synthetic fibers - which then led me to wasting even more money in the silly quest for a one-size (ha!) something that fit correctly. I finally wound up coming around to where I had initially started & buying some of these (used, because I was out of money due to all the other bad experiments) & these workhorses turned out to be the perfect solution! Folks, it would have been a huge savings had I just bought these new from Karen from the beginning, all the way through the different sizes & skipped all the other nonsense! Also, it would have been a lot more pleasant diapering experience in general. Sorry it took me 2 years to finally figure that out! Please don't make the same mistake that I did! Do your whole family a favor & just buy the good stuff, stick with 100% cotton & wool - and do get the proper sizes as you go along! Everyone concerned will be so much happier. Trust me on this one!
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Michelle Martin
Feb 13, 2014
These are my favorite diapers! I have a variety of fitteds, being new to cloth I tried 3 or 4 different brands and I use the workhorse almost exclusively. We are in a small now and they even work great at night with a doubler for my ebf 7wk old. We have never had a blowout, a couple times there has been a little leakage on the cover but it was contained. I usually use a bummis or thirstie cover with them.
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Erin Riches-Wong
Sep 6, 2014
I am such a fan of these diapers. They are less than half of the price of most other fitted diapers, and although not as mindlessly easy to wash as flats and prefolds, they're still quite user-friendly.

I had 10 of these in the newborn size (about a third of my rotation) and used these under Blueberry and Thirsties size 1 covers. I then had a few in size small but found that these were quickly outgrown (esp in the rise), and I'd likely skip this size if I had it to do over. By the time my daughter hit 14 pounds, she needed a medium and that has fit her for a while longer. These days, though, I prefer wool covers (my trim one-size Flip covers go better over prefolds).

A word to the wise that I wish I had heeded myself: Don't buy very many with snaps. They seem like such a good idea -- and they are when your kid is just moving into a size. Very convenient. But soon, they've grown and you're in-between on the snap settings and it's pain to secure them in middle-of-the-night diaper changes. Right now, I wish everything I had was snapless so I could easily add a doubler and snappi it closed. If GMD ever makes an aplix version, I'll be first in line.
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Jan 6, 2015
The newborn workhorse diapers fit our 7.5lb baby well. We use the ones with buttons and they are as easy as disposables. I use the blueberry covers. So far no leaks even with breast fed newborn poop. What I do not like is they are bulky and leave red marks on our daughters legs and waist. Since they are cotton they do not wick away moisture. If she takes a 2-3 hour nap between changes and feedings although the cover prevents leaks the diaper itself is soaking wet against her skin. I cannot use them for overnight.
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Jennifer Sandoval
Dec 24, 2013
Our son was born 3 months premature. We cloth diapered by the time he was 3lbs with the Happy Heinys preemie dipes. As he approached the 7lb mark, we grew more particular with his dipes and we weren't afraid to spend the extra money on whatever our son needed. We fell in love with sbish OBFs with a wool cover and AIOs by BG or Ragababe. On a whim, I purchased a few Workhorses, thinking these will be just some extra dipes to keep at Grandma's or Auntie's house. WRONG! Now I wish we did care about cost because these are PHENOMENAL!!! Don't let the cheap price fool you; these dipes are comparable to the Kissas, sbish snapless OBFs, and any other brand of fitteds. We've bought a ton for our home, Auntie's, Grandma and Grandpa's, without breaking the bank. We throw on a thin fleece liner (the Maiden Mills sold here at GMD) to prevent staining, rashes and yeast infections, pop on a Snappi or use the free pins, throw on a Disana or sbish cover, and our son has the cutest and happiest tushie here in the nicu!
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Dec 15, 2013
I LOVE these for night paired with the disana wool covers. I would love to use them all day too, but because of dairy allergies and our high veggie and fruit intake- poo is peanut buttery and not a hard turd I could plop out to flush. So as much as I wanted to use them all day, washing out the creases was too much for me for day use. So I do prefer flats and prefolds over these because of our circumstances and flat surfaces are much easier to s
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May 14, 2014
I absolutely love these diapers. This is my 6th baby to cloth diaper and I have tried just about everything out there. A few things to note: size small started getting snug on my baby around 13 lbs. and now at 14 lbs. and 10 weeks old are barely usable. I agree with some other reviews that the rise seems a bit short. Also the organic are softer than the white and have some stretch to them that the white do not. So for this reason the organic are better to me. I have no preference as to whether the snaps are better or the no closure ones. Both are good and have their advantages so I would recommend trying both. These fit great under bummis pull on pants and econobum covers. No leaks and I wish I could afford them for medium size but I will probably have to go with flats to save money. Beautifully made diapers.
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Wonderful diapers!
Jul 12, 2014
We have both workhorses and prefolds that we use with Thirsties Snap Duo covers. My son is 10.5 weeks old and we have never had a leak or blowout with these. They are easy to put on (a bit easier than prefolds) and we call them the "good diapers." My son was 5 pounds 7 ounces when he came home from the hospital. We started using the newborn size around 7 pounds and he is just now about too big for size newborn at a little over 11 pounds.

The only complaints I have about these is that the snaps are a bit stiff. They are difficult for one of the grandmothers to use, but my husband and I don't have much of a problem. They also take a while to dry and the newborn size can sometimes feel a bit bunchy in the waistband in the back. But those are minor complaints. Overall, these are wonderful. I get regular leaks when I use disposables, but these are ironclad!
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Sep 27, 2014
We began using prefolds and covers, seemed simple and budget friendly, but out of curiosity I ordered a few of these when my baby was only a few weeks old, just to try... Well these are the #1 choice in our house! So easy for hubby and grandparents to use, wash up perfectly, I even use these at night with 2 hemp doublers... We've never had a rash, I will use these until baby is potty trained, and definitely from day 1 with next baby.
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