Bummis Super Brite Newborn Diaper Covers

Bummis Super Brite Newborn Diaper Covers
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Cinnamon Tea
Nov 22, 2013
Bought these for my 22 pound 5 month old and got a size large. They scratch his belly. They fit nice on his legs though. I like them, cute prints. I think I like the cheaper brand better though. I like the double gussets. Np problem with leaks.
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Katherine Demarest
Jun 18, 2014
I have only used this cover in size newborn and it worked really well. Adding a review to help others with sizing. I think I'd have skipped this one if I'd understood how very tiny it really is. My second baby was bigger than I thought she'd be (8lb6oz and a fast grower). This fit really well in the first week, and I kept using it with trifolded newborn prefolds up to 10 lbs or so. That was only 3 weeks. Also the rise is quite short. My babies have both been long, 21.5 or 22 inches, and this cover would be much better on an 18-20 inch or shorter baby. Excellent cover for a teeny one, skip it any baby over 8 lb and 20 inches I think.
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Amber Thompson
Nov 1, 2013
The quality of this cover is nice. I just really hated the velcro. It is very harsh/scratchy. It was especially terrible in the newborn size- left scratches on his legs. For some reason it didn't seem to go so far out-close to the legs- on the larger sizes. Maybe they should make the wings a bit longer on the newborn size and it would remedy the problem. (or offer snaps) Still a really nice cover.
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Erin Carpenter
Feb 25, 2014
These were my favorite NB cover. My DD ended up being 7 lbs 2.2 oz at birth, dipping into the 6 range on the next day. These fit great and we had no issues with the cord. We used the Bummis prefolds at the time, and had no leaks with runny NB EBF poo or meconium. We preferred these to the Super Whisper Wrap, which seemed a lot stiffer to me. I intend to repurchase these covers in the future if we should have another child.
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Nov 15, 2013
3 stars because there aren't bad covers, but they aren't my favorite. Size small just isn't perfect on my baby. The Velcro scratches his belly, so I have to fold the top over, then close so that we don't get scratches. It also seems to be pretty large. He outgrew the NB Bummis whisper wrap, but the SM in this one is just big. It does wrap nicely at the leg, so it does work, but I hate having to fold it down on top, then still have extra fabric in the crotch area. It can be wiped between pees, but the front flap fabric still gets wet, so sometimes they can't be reused between washes, which is why I wanted this cover in the first place.
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May 29, 2014
I bought this in size Small for my daughter. It is not my favorite, but there are some positives and if you are an aplix-lover (I prefer snaps) you might like this cover more.

- double gussets. These are bulletproof for us when it comes to EBF poos. Even with a trifolded pre fold (I usually snappi) no poo esapes, though I do have to wash the cover because it ALWAYS gets on the gussets. But I'd much rather that than on clothes or humans holding her :)
- roomy. These fit over snappy-d prefolds or fitteds (we use mostly GMD workhorse fitteds)

- Aplix. I just don't like it. On this cover it scratches my baby's tummy and I also feel like it makes the cover fit weird.
- Weird fit. Again, maybe this is due to the aplix but I can't get a good fit on my little one. It's either tight on the legs and leaving red marks or gapping in the stomach which increases the aplix-tummy-rub.
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Jan 8, 2015
I loved these diapers in the newborn size for my baby. The fit was great for that tiny stage. They have now been through 3 newborns, 2 since mine, and I have gotten them back. I am disappointed that they are delaminating. I expected them to last much much longer, considering they were only used for a short time for each child. I mean, figure a max of 2 months of use, which is probably stretching it, per child. So, 6 months worth of use, and now falling apart. I really expected better quality.

Comment from GMD: How items are stored between babies and how they were washed when they were in use affects longevity. If stored in an attic, for example, the heat will will speed aging of textiles and waterproofings. Super-heated sanitary wash cycles degrade laminates. Time itself is a factor, too. If it has been several years since they were purchased, then they have lived a good life and it is time to replace them. To store diapering items between babies, rinse them very well so any detergent reside is not remaining on them during storage, keep them at room temperature, not in a hot or damp environment, and keep them away from air. Storing them in a plastic bag or bin in a closet is good for example.
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Nov 5, 2013
These are the only diaper covers used with my daughter and they worked great. Never had problems with leaks. Aplix held up well. Only negative is I believe they need a size between small and medium. It seems to be a big jump. With my daughter they looked bulky under her clothes when she first moved up, but worked fine so no big deal. However, my son had much thinner legs (both of my children were very thin) and looser stools and he would blow out of the mediums for months after he outgrew the smalls. However, now that he is bigger, they seem fine. At that time, even with Aplix tabs overlapping and the double gusset he had big gaps around his legs. The smalls were definitely too small. Thirsties fit better, but I had problems with the Aplix holding up, may try the new ones which are supposed to have stronger Aplix. I did get a couple Swaddlebees Capri diaper covers which worked great for him but are expensive (tried to make sure he was in these when I expected a BM).
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Jun 23, 2014
I used these since the birth of my 8 lb. newborn baby. I used a size small (skipping newborn it was too small.) I also have the Thirstie's Diaper Covers in extra small and small. (Which I also like.) This Bummis small size has a perfect fit in between the 2 Thirstie's sizes! I have been able to use this cover right away and after the Thirstie's extra small became too tight. This is a money saver! It is my go-to cover. I will be buying more once my baby outgrows the small size I bought. Very pleased. Only con: the aplix (closure I prefer) is more catchy than the Thristie's and can snag on the diaper, but I could've bought just 2 of these and not any of the Thristie's at all and saved money.
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Oct 28, 2013
I purchased this cover from a diaper boutique and I never liked how it fit nor did my daughter. On the other hand I ordered the basic covers from Bummis (velcro and pull on) and they were great covers. This one is bulky in the wrong places or maybe by daughter is too chunky for it. Their cheaper covers worked much better and fit nicer.
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Jan 5, 2014
Good for tiny babies. We used these in newborn size on our daughter who came home at 4 lb 3 oz. It was tricky to figure out what would fit - so I'm writing this review to help others with a little baby. They fit over the preemie and newborn size prefolds. We re-used the covers on our son for the first month or so, he came home at 7 lb, 8 oz.
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Jul 17, 2014
OK I did not think I would like these as much as my other Bummis due to the rubbery inside. Well, I really like the fit on these when we tri-fold or pad-fold our pre-folds. They do not have the drop the Flips and other OS can get. The Velcro has never needed to be replaced and they seem to hold up well. These are very roomy and we have been in the mediums forever. DD is 24 pounds and may stay in the mediums to the end of diapering. I also use my organic Flip inserts with a Flip stay dry over the tip for long car rides and trips.
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Oct 26, 2013
Soft binding, trim fit, wipe clean inside--very nice over tri-folded prefolds or pad folded flats. We rarely used it over fitteds though, the rise was usually too short to cover everything. Great at holding in explosive poops. We have a medium and love it.
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Aug 9, 2014
Left red chafe marks on my two week old baby. The velcro rides up and may touch an infants' delicate skin and irritate. I do not recommend this product nor will I use it again with my baby.
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May 22, 2014
These were a great cover and were one of my favorites when my babe was small. Hook and loop closures are, in general a better fit for is and my babe wore these from 4 months to one year. Washes well, no stink issues and the Velcro is still intact. (I wash covers in a lingerie bag). Size seems a bit off-
As soon as she hit the 20 lb mark, size small is too small and medium is way too big (and leaky).
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Oct 25, 2013
Absolutely love these in newborn & small!!! Fit wonderfully, awesome with trifolded diaper, wash and dry easy. They are a workhorse cover that has gone thru 2 babies # 4 & 5 and will be using on baby #6 here soon!!
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Oct 26, 2013
We use these in newborn & small. The newborns work perfect with orange edge prefolds. No leaks, no blow outs! I love the wipe clean inside. They are very true to size.
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Amanda Black
Oct 2, 2015
One of my favorites for my newborn, but we are out growing it very quickly. I give it maybe 2 more pounds (=10) before we have to store them for the next baby. I like the elastics, and how well it holds everything in.
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Mar 21, 2016
So small! Skip this cover if your baby is 7lbs or more, and get one with a cord dip and rise snaps so that you can get more than a weeks worth of use out of it. But it is nice quality and should last through handfuls of children, because they are not going to be in it long.
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Paula Clarke
Jan 27, 2017
Loved these diapers but my newborn out grew them fast. Perfect for premies!
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