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Apr 25, 2015
This liner is fabulous!! The two things that make it great: (1) It absorbs a LOT of fluid. The hemp on back is large and good quality. In a test I did, it absorbed ~1.5 cups of water. Compared to other inserts (even hemp) that is great performance. (2) This keeps baby nice and dry. I hate the idea of my baby feeling wet all night. This fleece is super soft and kept her bone dry to the touch. I could not be happier. This is the perfect doubler to put in my fitted diapers or over a pre fold for overnight. So happy to have found it! The shape is particularly nice compared to other fleece liners.
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Julie S
Nov 8, 2013
My son has pretty severe reflux and drinks a lot at night. The stay-dry night doubler plus a brown edge sherpa doubler with his night diaper was the only combo that would get him through the night. I like the hourglass shape that keeps a larger area around the waist dry, but still fits comfortably between the legs.
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Jennifer Sandoval
Jan 5, 2014
I am most definitely kicking myself in the butt right now. I bought TONS of the hemp doublers and Maiden Mills fleece liners for my son's nighttime routine. What I obviously did not do is just buy these, which are an exact combo of both! These are AMAZING!!! The hemp absorbs so much, and I cannot say enough good things about it. Even though hemp absorbs more slowly than cotton, it still holds much more. My son is a very heavy wetter and he's been off and on diuretics in his 4 short months of life. He's on a stool softener right now as well, so of course, we're very concerned about rashes and irritations. The Disana silk liners work so well at healing irritation, but they're not for everyday use. These doublers are. We lay them on top of Workhorses, prefolds, sbish OBFs, BG Elementals, you name it. Our son never has the dreaded leaks, yet still stays dry and irritation free. And at this price, there's really no excuse not to stock up!
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Sara D
Mar 10, 2014
We've been using a night stay-dry doubler (with medium prefolds) for 3 months since son was 9 mo. He had been suffering with a red bottom (not rashy, just irritated) and between using this every night and a water rinse before bed, we have a beautiful happy baby bottom once again. Absorption is great – he goes 10 hours with no overflow issue - but it’s the wicking fleece that makes these extraordinary.
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Raina Memea
Feb 12, 2015
I got 2 of the stay dry night and LOVE them. I want to get about 10 more and a couple more covers WITH flaps and use only them. They even fit as an insert in my large G-diapers (very snugly). The only drawback i can think of is that it's hard to tell if my girl needs to be changed, because the top layer feels dry to the touch even when the liner is saturated.
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Heidi G
May 2, 2014
Love these doublers! I use a small one in my daughter's medium workhorse for night. Its so soft and keeps her dry. Highly recommend!
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Jun 11, 2014
These are awesome. Keeps baby tush feeling so dry and adds extra absorption for night or long outings. It does add quite a bit of bulk to the diaper but definetly worth it at night. My 3 month old still nurses during the night and pees a ton. These inside a workhorse or medium wide baby prefold and a blueberry coverall equal no leaks at all. Best is that he doesn't feel wet so I don't have to worry about wetness waking him up. He hates to feel wet. These wash and dry faster than I expected too. Great product.
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Apr 17, 2014
These are amazing! Very high quality and hold a ton of pee! Held my heavy wetter 12 hours overnight and she was still dry in the morning! SO very happy I purchased them.
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Jenny Eskridge
Mar 16, 2015
Love these! Very absorbent.
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Mar 2, 2014
I have both the large stay dry and recently purchased the nighttime stay dry. Both have performed excellent. The large stay dry with a prefold at night for my daughter when she was 12 months and under. At 18 months We still use a prefold but now with the nighttime stay dry. I was impressed with its size softness and aborbancy and the shape is a bonus as the bulk is less between wee legs. They wash thoroughly and easily and dry in the same duration as my flats.
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Jan 22, 2015
They really work! Great absorbency with flats and fitteds.
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May 9, 2014
As much as I wanted to love these, I just don't. I bought the big hourglass-shaped inserts to put in our overnight diapers. Hemp just doesn't work well for me unless it is behind a more absorbent material like cotton, and it kind of defeats the purpose of the stay-dry topper to have it tucked behind something else.

I love the shape of these inserts, and I wish there were more big inserts in this shape. My kiddo has super thick thighs so I try to minimize the amount diaper bulk between his legs. These are the perfect shape for him!
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Sep 4, 2015
I purchased these after reading some great reviews for them and I have to say I am so glad I got them! They really do stay completely dry even when the diaper is soaked. The underside of hemp with be wet but the top is dry and soft against baby's skin. I got them to go with my nigh time stash of GMD cloth eez fitteds with wool covers. I have 5 if the nighttime size and will get more to include with day time changes too (longer car rides and errands). I also love sitting them inside of a cloth eez prefold and using a snappi to put it all together. Great for crawling babies so they can move easily. I have medium and XL cloth eez fitteds and medium cloth eez prefolds and these doublets fit all if those perfectly . Highly recommend!
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Jan 31, 2016
This is possibly the best baby purchase I've made. My baby hattttttes being wet and would wake up often in the middle of the night crying because of his wet, cold diaper. We were getting up to change and soothe a very upset baby once or twice a night!

These liners are game changers. He goes 12 hours now at night and wakes up happy as a clam because his little bottom is still warm and dry--even though the rest of the prefold + hemp liner are soaked! Happy bottom, happy baby, happy parents.
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Mae Kleinheksel
Apr 7, 2016
I have this in every size and love the way the fleece keeps my LO dry. They hold a lot of fluid. I have not had detergent build up as I suspected I would in the fleece. I have all sizes and like the night and small the best. At first I thought the night doubler was overkill because the pad seemed dry in the AM. Now that he is 12 months I'm seeing where the extra absorbency will come in handy. The smalls I like for short trips 3-4 hours. At night sometimes I do a small with a large hemp doubler behind it. A note on wear, the hemp seems to be holding up better with the 2nd layer of fleece than just the hemp doubler alone.
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Jun 29, 2016
These stay dry doublers are wonderful. They are my go-to for overnight. Baby girl is 18 months old and we use the overnight size doubler. Her bum is completely dry in the morning. Just ordered a few more!
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Sade Bonilla
Sep 26, 2016
I bought one of these to try and am now back to buy a few more for our nighttime routine. The nighttime shape is excellent. The site says its for older babies but I was able to use this on my 15 pound chunky 2.5 month old. I used it as an insert in a thirsties duo cover only (nothing else) and it worked wonderfully for 7 hours. As he get's older we'll pair this with workhorses and prefolds in addition to a wool cover. Very pleased!
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Rachael Kirkendall
Jan 13, 2017
I use the size small at night with my size medium workhorse diapers. My son is a heavy wetter and sleeps a solid 12 hours and these keep him dry at night with no leaks. These are seriously the best.
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Nov 16, 2016
Can I just say I love these stay dry doublers . I just received them yesterday, I washed them and dried them once and just couldn't wait to at least try them. I know you have to wash and dry a couple times. I use flats and covers, so that's I used last night. I used the cloth ez white bleached flats normal size for my 5 month old girl, origami fold with a snappi, I changed her diaper and put the stay dry doubler around 9 pm and changed her diaper around 7:30 next morning , the flat was wet but her bum was dry!!!. their was only a little wetness around side , other than that dry dry dry . I loved it. I used the night time stay dry doubler . I thought in my head for some reason it was going to be the size of like a maxi pad. it does seem big but when I put it on the fit was great and I was still able to use the flip cover without adjusting the rise or anything. Over all I really love this product I will only be using for night. so that's why I only got the night version since I don't change her at night, the baby is okay with that , then so am I . I need to sleep ! it is a little pricey but worth it . I bought 7 but I will wash every other day .
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