Cloth-eez Flat Birdseye Diapers

Cloth-eez Flat Birdseye Diapers
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Aug 26, 2014
After researching cloth diapers for longer than I care to admit, I am so glad I went with these! They are so soft, absorbent and extremely versatile! I think the rainbow neutral edge stitching on the organic one size is very attractive as well. These flats have really made cloth diapering so fun for me because they're very easy to prep, wash and dry. I couldn't be happier with these high quality flats and think every Mama could love these!
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Oct 25, 2013
These are the best flats Ive ever used. Easy to wash, quick drying, custom fit, economical.
I have small unbleached, white and large unbleached. Really, it is possible to get a large size onto your average newborn. But either size is useable til Potty Training.
These flats are very very good quality. Ive used flannel flats, but theyre more difficult to pin, and not as floppy as these. Ive also made my own flats from birdseye fabric, however it ended up costing the same amount as buying these clotheez flats and fabric store birdseye is of lesser quality.
I could go on and on about how great flats are, but you get the point.
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Oct 25, 2013
These are very sturdy and absorbant. We bough 2 dozen unbleached when our first was a little baby as a backup to our prefolds and as long as you fold them right they're awesome. They wash and dry great and hold lots. I've had them for years and they have become our travel stash. Anytime we have to travel with diapers its them, we can count on them and they wash so well we trust they will get clean in all the random machines and yes I have hand washed them... It was no problem! Definitly consider adding some to your stash the price really is fair and the diapers are just a very practical thing to have.
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Oct 26, 2013
Love these. When I started cloth diapering just to try it out a little I bought some covers and prefolds. When my daughter outgrew those prefolds I decided to try these flats. I am a little obsessive about knowing that our diapers get completely clean and then completely dry. Flats are easy to clean and dry using the machines or hand washing and hang drying (we alternate depending on what is going on).

Also, I love how easy it is to try new folds and find new ways to fit it on my daughter. She can be a heavy wetter, but with the flats I can put the bulk where she needs it most. I like the way her diaper looks better when we use flats because I fold them so most of the material is ready to soak up the wetness rather than on the sides of her hips making her diaper look puffier than necessary. We plan to buy more as we prepare for baby #2.
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Oct 25, 2013
I LOVE these flats. Compared to two other brands I have these are the softest, fluffiest and most absorbent. Nice and square too! I bought large for my 3 month old. The best fold at this time is the kite fold. When he gets bigger I will use the origami fold.
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Nov 5, 2013
These flats are my all time favorite cloth diaper! Luckily I tried flats before trying alot of other things, so I found the love quickly and without spending a ton of money on things I would end up not liking. I have both the small and large bleached flats, and after excessive use for 15 months, they still look brand new and are perfectly square! I padfold the smalls, and do a modified kite fold with the larges for my 17 month old. I will soon be ordering at least another dozen for my baby on the way. You cannot go wrong with flats! Least expensive option, easiest to wash and dry, fit from birth until potty training, easy to manipulate to get the absorbency where you need it, and trim, trim, trim! I cannot say enough good things about them. GMD Cloth-eez flats really are top of the line! Thank you for taking the time to have wonderful cotton products available with top notch customer service!
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Oct 25, 2013
These are the best flat that I have ever used!! They are pretty close to square and the edges do not curl up like most other brands that I have tried.
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Mar 5, 2014
I love these! I started cloth diapering our daughter with prefolds and fitteds, but quickly tired of having to size up... and of running everything through the dryer twice! These are a great solution. I actually enjoy trying out new folds, and you cannot beat the easy laundering of these diapers. I keep some of these pad-folded in Blueberry Capri covers, with a microfleece stay-dry liner on top, in the diaper bag for easy changes when out and about. It's just as convenient as an AIO, but much easier to clean and far more frugal!
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Apr 11, 2014
I LOVE these flats! I have used GMD flats and one other brand of flats on 5 of our 6 children over the last 4 years. I had to replace the other flats (due to wearing thin-there's only so many washes in any fabric and 3 years of use isn't bad). Since I couldn't tell the good ones from the ones that went to the rag bag, I just replaced them all when #6 was on the way.
I love the colored stitching, makes it easy to tell the toddler's dipes from the baby's. And to know which ones are NOT rags. :)
We went with flats because we were having issues with washing prefolds and getting them dry. These wash up so easily and dry so quickly!
I can usually get by with just one flat folded "Rosie posie" style and only need to use a doubler during certain growth stages. I love that they are so absorbent!
Missed these when we found out baby 6 was allergic to sposies on a trip. Had to resort to flannel blankets and plastic pants (did the job, but awful). I was very thankful to come home knowing these were waiting for us.
When my sister called to say they would need some type of cloth diaper for their ministry (they are missionaries), I knew just what to get and where to go! She is folding her first cloth diaper for a newborn today. :)
Thank you Karen for your great products and info!
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May 20, 2014
I purchased 18 of the unbleached flats to diaper my 22-month-old on weekends/evenings since he wears disposables to daycare. We had some challenges with leaks and I realized after contacting GMD customer service that they were not fully prepped. My son is a heavy wetter and we do have to change him more frequently than in disposables, but it's worth it. These are soft and wash up nicely in my front-loader. We use these pad-folded with Flip covers and although we do have issues with poop getting on the cover the system works nicely. Worth every penny!
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Dec 27, 2014
Love these diapers! I used the one-size/small flats on my two older kids and I'm now using the half-flats on my preemie. They are inexpensive, absorbent, easy to snappi and easy to wash and dry! I've tried using "flour sack towels" from the grocery store as flats but these are far superior while still being incredibly affordable. Can't say enough about them - just love them!
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Jan 1, 2014
I absolutely love these diapers. All of my children have been in cloth, and I started with the pre-folds that were available through our local diaper service many years ago. It didn't take me long to start washing my own. Well, I found these flats with baby #4 and wished I had them for every child! They are SO easy to wash and dry. The pre-folds take forever in the dryer; these take just 20 minutes or so! And like a previous reviewer mentioned, you know for sure that they are clean and dry throughout, as there are no inner layers.

My set of 2 dozen has lasted through daily washings for 3 years (2 years for baby #4 and now one year for baby #5) and is just now showing wear. I figure if I add another half-dozen to my collection, they will last another year until my 5th child is toilet-trained.

I love that they can be folded a few different ways, and easily doubled without too much bulk.

I don't use these overnight.
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Jan 12, 2014
I bought a pack of large unbleached flats over a year ago and LOVE them!!!! They are super absorbency, wash well (even by hand) dry fast, & are so versatile! I used them with a traditional oragami fold, I folded them into fourths & then did an angel wing fold, I pad folded them & layed them in covers, & I pad folded & stuffed in pockets. I was 100% satisfied with all uses.
Also, these are #1 best choice for families that hand wash! ;) I brought these on a 4 day camping trip & washed in a bucket, dried on a line, & they were perfect.

I'm writing this review so long after purchasing because I've just "upcycled" them into something wonderful & I have to share!! (I'm expecting another little one & revamping my stash) I saw GMD has 2 ply birdseye wipes at a reasonable price & my homemade flannel ones are falling apart... But I remembered I have these birdseye flats that we no longer use,, so I cut & serged $ one large flat made 8 BEAUTIFUL 2 ply wipes :)

This is a great option for families without $40-$60 in the budget for wipes. Sewing/serging yourself you can get 4 dzn wipes for $13.50!
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Brittany Malone
Feb 10, 2014
these are my absolute favorite flats. I have 6 of the unbleached large flats and have used them for around 6 months now. They are the best flats I've ever tried... And that's a lot lol. I'm considering buying another half dozen right now which is why I'm here :) she has outgrew the medium wide baby prefolds (23 lbs 36" 12 months old) and I don't want to spend $37 on the next size up! Haha. Decisions to be made ;)
I even like these better than flour sack towels, receiving blankets and much cheaper options because they are just such great quality.
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Mar 19, 2014
I stared with 6 small to use as back-up to pre-folds, and immediately wished I had purchased flats only. I do love the prefolds, but they take a long time to dry and I like to save on electricity. Now that summer is coming up, and my daughter doesn't go through as many changes, I decided to buy a dozen large. My husband made a comment to me yesterday. "I really like these new diapers." Oh! that's new. Usually he get annoyed when I change things up, or have too many different types of diaper. Now that I put everything away except the flats and covers, it's so simple! Also, they are very soft and SUPER absorbent. More than I thought they would be. The only thing that really bugs me, is the way the edges wrinkle. it's about an inch on the selvage edge, but not very much on the finished edge. It's worth it to have the softness of unbleached cotton though. I was actually surprised at how soft they are, too! You can't find birdseye flats this big nor this square anywhere (that I know of). I wouldn't buy cotton diapers from any other retailer.
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Apr 16, 2014
I can't believe I never tried flats on my first three babies. Baby number four and I finally decided to buy a dozen. The versatility and the quick drying time are great! I got six from here and six of another brand. These are the better of the two, mainly because of the bigger size and more square shape. These were also slightly cheaper. I'll be back for more.
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Sarah E
Aug 23, 2014
Why didn't I try these sooner??? For some reason I thought flats would be a pain since they look so different than the disposables I used with my first son. I bought pretty much every kind of CD before I tried these - prefolds, AIOs, pockets, AI2s. Most of these were pricer brands to boot. I kept having smell issues with my other diapers because I use an HE machine. Then I tried a pack of flats on a whim and loved them! No stink issues EVER. Super simple to store & bring on the go. Makes a great fill in for a burp cloth, peek-a-boo cover, etc. I tried three other brands and none compared to these. I bought a bunch of the toddler size so that I never need to worry about fit for my very tall son. We just pad fold them and put them in a cover. I love them for travel because I know I can get them clean in pretty much any washer. All of my "fancy" diapers are backups now.
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Oct 28, 2013
I used the Cloth-eez Flat Birdseye Diapers organic size small as a burp cloth. It was my favorite burp cloth when my baby was little. Big enough to cover & protect me without being bulky. I could fold it several ways to cover up a little spit-up and keep using the same cloth. Economical and easy to wash & dry.
I have never used it as a diaper but it makes the best burp-cloth!
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Feb 18, 2015
As a mom of four, I've been cloth diapering on and off for the past 14 years. These are by far the highest quality flats that I have ever purchased. They would easily hold up through multiple children. I'm not a timid washer, and although I line dry in the warm months - I use a drier during the winter. Even ones I purchased years ago for my now-five year old are still in wonderful condition. Because I change diapers frequently, I purchased a few extras from here and also unfortunately caved in and also purchased a dozen from Diaper Junction. If I could do it over again, I'd have only purchased these. They are well worth the slightly higher cost because they don't wear out. I'm dyslexic, but still am able to fold these without issue. I also sometimes just pad fold them. They come SO clean without effort and dry quickly - which is awesome once a baby becomes a toddler and has stronger bms and urine. I can't recommend these enough.
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Oct 25, 2014
I never thought I would try flats, but then I bought a handful of used Hemp Babies flats thinking I might I used them to stuff pockets when the need arose for more absorbency. We haven't gotten there yet, so I experimented with snappi-ing them on my baby under prefolds. They were nice and trim but hard to work with... so on a whim, I bought a pack of the Cloth-eez organic. These are very easy to origami-fold, very easy to snappi and they fit so nicely under Flip covers. I'd never ask my husband or Grandma to deal with them, but when I'm on my own, they're a convenient option.
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May 14, 2014
I bought a dozen of the unbleached large back in 2006 or 2007 and they are still going strong. Really amazing. They diapered a toddler back then and another baby in 2008. Then we used them as the most awesome dish towels until now and they are diapering our 6th baby. They all look great except a tiny hole in one. Puts all other brands to shame.
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Nov 17, 2013
GMD flat diapers are by far the best I've tried. In fact, they are pretty much my only diapers. I like that they are square. It makes folding them so easy. They wash so easily and dry so fast. They are very absorbant. I bought my first flats over 2 years ago and they are all going strong. I've used them kite fold a on a smaller baby and currently use them padfolded on my almost 3 year old. One of the best diaper purchases I've made.
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Mar 2, 2014
We have only had these our stash for a couple weeks for our 18 month old. These are far superior than other equivolent flats. They are indeed a larger cut and mostly square and supremely fluffy and aborbant. My previous brand of flats became quite thin and ragged after diapering two kiddos so I am eager to see how long these last in comparision.
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Feb 3, 2014
These are my absolute favorite diaper. I have gotten rid of every other prefold and insert and I just use these. They are very absorbent, easy to use, launder and very practical. Love them! We use the unbleached large.
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Dec 27, 2013
These are my favorite diapers. I use the small unbleached on my 12 week old. I love how quick and easy these are to wash and dry; even line drying is fast. They are soft and are holding up great being washed every other day.
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