Babee Greens Growing Greens Organic One-Size Fitted Diaper

Babee Greens Growing Greens Organic One-Size Fitted Diaper
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Apr 29, 2015
I wanted a fancy fitted and chose these– sadly it did not hold up at all. The material is super soft, but after even one wash/ dry– no longer. It gets soaked so quickly, a snap broke and came came out and the fit was so big in the beginning that the poop was oozing out around the legs. Would not recommend.

Comment from GMD: The snaps are covered under warranty. Please see the returns page for warranty information.
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Magen MacDougall-Goulding
Feb 2, 2014
I do not like this at all and no longer use it after a few tries. I can not get it to fit my skinny baby no matter how hard I try. The elastic just does not fit to her thighs and these leak horribly.
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Mrs. S
Jun 16, 2014
I bought these diapers for my new born, preemie little boy. Though they started out big for him, as he was preemie, they fit until he stopped using diapers - and lasted beautifully for the entire time!! My son was slim but he never had a blow out, never wet through them, they NEVER smelled, and he never had one diapers rash!! We used Nellie's soap and the sanitary option on our front loader and we were as happy as clams. They lasted until I just gave them to a friend tonight and she was thrilled to get them - and still in such great shape! I can't say enough about what a great diaper this is! We used the nylon nappy's and never had to buy any other diapers or covers (though had a few wool soakers from night time). Hope this was helpful and good luck to all the cloth diapering mom's - it's such a fun adventure! :) Thanks, Green Mountain!!!
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Jan 8, 2015
Three stars for the convenience of elastic and snaps... These diapers are also very well constructed and do seem like they will be pretty trim once a babe grows into them. I love that they are organic and sourced 100% in the USA, but...

Not worth the price in my humble opinion. I cloth diapered my first exclusively in GMD prefolds. I regret selling them to help fund a whole new stash for my new baby - using these fitteds exclusively...

REASON #1: I thought I would be able to use the contours (snap-in inserts) as new born dipes/inserts in a NB cover, just as BabeeGreens suggests on their website. NO WAY. JUST DON'T DO IT. I spent the first month washing dipes every day (the contour alone is not at all very absorbant, so they will need to be doubled, which means: more bulk AND more poo leaks) and handwashing/scrubbing so much poop out of wool and cashmere wraps that I felt like I was literally going insane. There were wet wraps and pants hanging up to dry all over the place all the time. I cried every day. No one who is trying to recover from a hard/traumatic labor, struggling to bond with a new baby, should inflict such a pointless misery on themselves. In my case it just ended up to be a tragic waste of time and effort... I wish very much that I had heeded the advice above about them being more appropriate for 12lbs+ and tried the NB workhorse fitteds instead. These diapers are not a NB solution in any sense.

REASON #2: I ended up putting the diaper on it's smallest setting as soon as it would fit him, but the diaper alone is NOT absorbent enough (just like 1 contour alone was not absorbent enough, at least for a heavy wetter like mine) This means I have to snap in the contours and again, SO BULKY, even now at 14lbs. Only a few poo leaks to speak of, but even with the contours they just aren't very absorbent. These do NOT work at night. The Cotton/Hemp version is better for that, but poor little guy still wakes up to a completely, utterly saturated diaper and cover in the morning (and I change him once a night).

REASON #3: To top it all off, these lost ALL of the lovely softness they had out of the package after just a few weeks of washing, and I wash strictly per directions in a diaper friendly detergent. Now they feel like your standard, nothing special kind of bath towel. NOT what I expected after shelling out somewhere near $700 for 36 diapers (not to mention what I've spent on wraps). Buying organic feels good, but this is not at all an economical option and my baby isn't even comfortable (most all of his fussing/crying has been over these diapers)... Now I'm shopping for doublers and inserts and stay-dry layers etc and starting to feel like anything beyond prefolds or flats is just a racket for $. I bought these because I wanted a SIMPLE solution, but this is not it for us... I am going to resell these and go back to prefolds.

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Oct 26, 2013
This is a nice daytime fitted. We have the cotton one. Super trim but still soft and comfy. The leg elastic has held up well after a lot of use. We could never use it without the doubler though, it is just soooo thin. I think a very heavy wetter would need more absorbency, even for day use.
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Mrs. Sack
Feb 16, 2015
We own somewhere around 30 of these diapers. They were recommended through a friend when we first heard about cloth diapering over 3 years ago. I didn't buy them because at the time I couldn't afford them.. Instead I spent about a year to 18 months trying every cheap diaper that they make. I wish SO bad I would have just saved up and purchased these to begin with! They've been used on 3 kiddos, and now alternating between a stocky 35lb 2 year old and a skinny minnie 10 month old. I have yet to find a single flaw in these diapers. We use hemp, and thus far we have never had a single issue. We use these fitteds under wool interlock, exclusively for the past two years. Trust me, you want this diaper!
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Oct 25, 2013
These were the first fitteds we purchased. We just couldn't find a truly organic one size fitted diaper that we thought looked like it was going to do what we wanted. I ended up buying 3 cotton and 3 hemp. That was a year ago and they're on the next baby now... The fabric held up very well, very strong and absorbant. I do reccommend the cotton over the hemp as it stays soft and the hemp gets courser after a while and stains more. The only thing about these is that after a while the surging on the snap in doubler does fray even though it still seems to stay together and after about a year of being washed and worn every other day for a year the elastic really relaxed. The diapers are still fully functional but someday I may replace the elastic if I need to use them on a baby with small legs. We always use the doubler but even with it the fit from birth on over 8 lb kids at least through training no problem and can be used for a second child.
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Dec 14, 2014
I have had these (3yrs) through my girl and now using on my twins. They wash well and are the diaper I take when we go out, but you do need to add a hemp doubler because they don't hold too much pee. It took me a while to learn how to adjust the size.
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Amanda Saylor
Apr 20, 2017
These are not made to last. Within 8m there are literally holes chewed through the material. The material is rough, super thin and the elastics have lost all elasticity- poop leaks right out onto the cover.

I use tide and I use bleach when needed (like during a yeast outbreak). If a diaper can't withstand bleach how can it possibly withstand the ammonia in a baby's urine?

If you want a super soft absorbent fitted try the organic workhorse and Happy Heiny's Hemp fitted. Those two are awesome:) I like the workhorse throughout the day, Bummis Dimple Diaper at night and Happy Heiny's when I want trim. I realized something in my quest for a trim cloth diaper- most cloth fitteds are actually trimmer than a disposable. Once a disposable gets wet it swells. Cloth doesn't swell like disposables, we don't get that hanging down to the knees, floppy, soggy look from cloth. Once I realized that, I'm so longer obsessed with trim:) I love the workhorse. It's perfectly trim but no leaks either.
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