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Oct 29, 2013
This is my first time using prefolds, coming from years of using pocket diapers. I often ask myself, "Why didn't I use these sooner?" and "Were have you prefolds been all my life?" I wasted so much time trying to get the stink out of my microfiber. Let me just say that these prefolds wash AMAZINGLY!! Infant messes, pssh! Please. Washes clean. Toddler pee/poop, no problem! Squeaky clean without a trace of ammonia or stinky stank. If there's a stain, put them out in the sun for 30 minutes. Poof! Gone, like magic! Can you tell I'm excited about my newfound discover of prefolds?? We used the newborn size on our 9+ pound newborn. Perfect fit, but it only lasted two weeks. Don't regret it at all. Only purchased a dozen of them at $24 and I would have spent much more in newborn disposables, so I'm happy. And they were fun to use, believe it or not. Loved them paired with Thirsties size 1 cover. Now we're using size small and love them. I used size small in my toddler's pocket diapers while I was waiting for our newest addition to arrive. Just trifolded and stuffed them in. My 13+ pound newborn is already nearing the end of the size small range, but we'll be sizing up soon. The beauty of it is that I can stuff my pockets or line covers with size small. It's a great size for a very broad range of diapers. I love these prefolds... and I also love the workhorse fitteds. You rock, Green Mountain Diapers!!!
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Nov 6, 2013
I was reluctant to go with the unbleached diapers, because I like the look of white, and didn't want them to look grimy. Having purchased both kinds from GMD, I definitely prefer the unbleached. They are just a little more soft and pliable. They look natural, not grimy. Unfortunately, I could not get the size large (brown edge) to fit under a medium thirsties wrap (from 7/2013) on my daughter. It was so bulky at the back (or front) where it was folded down, that it looked ridiculous. Even tri-folded the other way, my 26 lb, 12 month daughter could undo the velcro by just sitting down.
I discovered the medium wider size diapers, and love them. They fit perfectly trifolded into thirstie medium, capri large, bummis superbrite medium and large, and fuzzibunz pocket M and L without folding down. I can just barely snappi them on, but there is not a lot of overlap to protect her from the snappi teeth, so usually we just trifold them. (She has a large waist!!) If you want a high quality prefold without all the folding, these are the diapers for you! Even my husband can use them!
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Nov 5, 2013
Other than a couple all in one diapers I have gotten free with diaper cover purchases, these are the only diapers I have used for my 2 children. I got 24 each newborn, small, and medium when my daughter was born and this is enough when washing every 2-3 days. They do wash up better and hold up better than the microfiber inserts that came with my all in ones. The newborn and small still look new. The medium was used with my daughter from about 9 months until potty training at 21 months and with my son from about 7 or 8 months through current (he is just about 17 months now) and are starting so show wear at this point (some fraying and thinning), but still seem plenty absorbent. May need to buy more of this size for the next one, but great value and not bad given they are washed about 3 times a week for almost 2 years. My kids are thin, so unless my son is a late trainer, this size may be large enough for him until toilet training as well.
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Oct 28, 2013
I have the organic in 4 different sizes - yellow, red, brown, and green (used as my favorite changing pad). The sizes have worked great - Karen's chart about sizes by weight has been accurate and helped me order the correct sizes for my big baby. Washes easily, super absorbent (no leaks), and they still look brand new. My baby's bottom always stayed cooler in cotton than any other material or disposables; I live in the tropics so staying cool is important. I Snappi or pinned it under wool soakers or Bummis The Pull-On Diaper Pants. 24 in each size was enough with washing every 2 days. (I had some hand-me-down pre-folds that I very rarely had to get into. If I didn't have them, I would have ordered some seconds as my emergency stash.) Cloth-eez Prefold Diapers make cloth diapering easy & so fun for me!
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Oct 26, 2013
I bought these to use as liners for my pocket diapers when I finally realized I could use prefolds to stuff and ditch the problem-prone microfiber! These are great. They are very absorbent and good quality. They wash up great every time and keep getting fluffier as I go.
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Oct 26, 2013
I love these prefolds! And at 6 months and 15 pounds, my little guy is still in the size small, trifolded. (We did use newborns for the first month, and did not regret it! )
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Jan 14, 2014
I originally bought just a dozen orange-edge NB prefolds. I wanted to do pocket or AIO, but decided it would be economical to do these "hard ones" for the short newborn faze, and then switch to the more expensive ones for longer-lasting sizes. I fell in love, and ended up with 2 dozen of each the yellow and red-edge, used with ANY cover I had or tried. They are truly the "go to" diaper & I won't use any other! I tried some others, but none compared. DS potty-learned before he outgrew the red.
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Feb 18, 2014
I've cloth diapered 5 babies over 10 years and these are simply **the best**. Soft, absorbant, durable, and easy to care for. We love our GMDs!
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Oct 26, 2013
These predolds are awesome. When we started using them at one month, I got the medium because he was growing so quickly. He was 12 pounds. Now he is 21 poumds and the mediums are still great. I love the wide baby because there is more room to snappi. We use e large with a doubler for nighttime. So far no leaks, and we had leaks all the time with disposables. These wash so well!
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Oct 11, 2014
Love these prefolds…they are such good quality and wash up so easily. Once I figured out the best way to get them snappied on my son they have done great at holding in breastfed poo which is a big plus. I used newborn size for him and now we are using small. But I recently bought some medium and large just to have on hand for down the road since I know I'll use them.
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Apr 19, 2015
Best quality. I tried 3 brands of prefolds, after 1 baby GMD hold up the best, feel softest, best sizes/fit. And they are SO EASY to wash especially before baby starts on 'people food.' A stack of clean diapers from the laundry is lovely nice. Like other comments, put in the sun to bleach out for toddlers. So easy. Thank you GMD!
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Oct 28, 2013
I am so glad that I found these diapers here after experiencing the nightmare of pocket diapers with the microfiber. I was going to start using disposables it got so bad. Then I saw a youtube video about prefolds vs. pockets. I bought some prefolds at a local boutique but their prefolds aren't as nice as these and the size was always very off after washing. GMD has great, great diapers! I just wish I had found this sight sooner and not invested so much on those pocket diapers. Pocket diapers look cute but they STINK. If you are on the fence get some prefolds or flats with covers and never look back.
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Nov 13, 2013
I cannot say enough good about these diapers! I first ordered a trial pack of econobum prefolds from another site to see if I could handle cloth diapering at all. I liked them well enough to keep trying to fully cloth diaper, but I did not love them. I had read all about these GMD prefolds online, and decided that these were the ones I wanted to buy to fully use cloth. Well! The difference is startling! The other prefolds are still very stiff and rough, even after repeated washings, and the GMD prefolds just seem to get better and better: fluffy, soft, absorbent, and cute! They also fit SO well. The other prefolds were bulky, and because they are not as soft, they did not seem to mold to my daughters shape as well, whereas the GMD prefolds are nice and flexible. Also, just in case this helps anyone, I bought 24 smalls and 24 mediums when my daughter was 2 months and 12 pounds, thinking I would only use the smalls a tiny amount of time. Well, she is now 19 pounds and six months old, and the mediums are STILL too big on her. The smalls still work perfectly- we don't pin or snappi, though. The smalls are too small for that. I just fold the small size into a capri, thirsties DUO, Kissas Marvel or Econobum, and they fit and work perfectly well. I expect the mediums to fit for a VERY long time because of this. Meanwhile, they are great changing pads:) These diapers are awesome and I have been telling everyone who asks all about them. I touch MUCH less poop now than I did when we used disposables, because my duaghter never blows out anymore. Thank you, Green Mountain Diapers, for carrying such awesome products!
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Kristen D
Mar 20, 2014
These shipped so fast and prepped so well! And compared to other prefolds brands I have, the unbleached cotton is thicker, softer, and more absorbent. And they have only been washed three times so far. The bonus is that they cost less than my other prefolds. I'm kinda wishing I'd bought these in the first place...
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Jun 7, 2014
I started cloth diapering full time with my 4th baby (if only I knew about them before!). I started with AIO's and pockets, and it took me a month to figure out what was causing his painful blistery rash. The 'stay dry' lining in those AIO's and pockets!! As soon as I changed to all natural fibers, the rash disappeared! I am so thankful! I had different brands of prefolds, but let me tell you, GMD prefolds are 'THE BEST'. they look better, feel better, and absorb better. I like my different brand bamboo prefolds as well, but now GMD offers bamboo as well! I love that their tags are not big (unlike the different brands out there). I have 2 dozen organic and 2 dozen bamboo blend prefolds in sizes NB, and S, and just 2 dozen in size M. Love them.
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Nov 15, 2013
These are the best! They wash so very well, even in hard water (meanwhile my friends are always complaining of the stinkies with their fancy synthetic dipes). I snappi and have never had a poo-splosion, even though both my boys had allergic colitis and there was definitely explosive potential. Simple prefolds and covers (we use pul for day and wool at night) are THE best cloth diaper system. I love GMD!
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Nov 7, 2014
I absolutely love the prefolds. I started out with the newborn size with my baby and they fit her wonderfully. Covers were still too big for her. It was great to have a lot of them as at times I would go through 3 in one changing. I have had no problems with leaks when I use them with a thirsties cover. Very large poops I have no problem with. If I don't get the legs tight enough it may leak around the leg but the cover keeps it contained. Prefolds are super easy to care for and I love that I can put them in the dryer. After starting out with these I wonder now why I spent so much money on pocket diapers. I always prefer the prefold over the pocket as does my husband. Her grandparents diaper her during the day and they have no problem with using them. I use a snappi and use the prefold as a diaper instead of just tri-folding and placing in a cover. I feel like they would leak more if I were to use them that way but have not tried. I highly recommend these diapers as they work great, super easy to use and easy to care for. In my opinion they are way better than a pocket or all in one diaper system.
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Nov 13, 2013
I love the white cotton prefolds! it is almost all we use. They are soft, absorbent and easy to care for.
We did initially want to go with the unbleached organic, but they were a bit scratchy on baby;s bottom, no matter how many times we washed them.
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Jul 12, 2014
I used these on my twins. So economical and they are awesome!!! They wash up beautifully and absorb beautifully as well. They still look like new, and I'm getting ready to use them on my third baby. No pinning necessary! Makes me wonder why anyone uses 'sposies when these are so affordable and so easy to care for!
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Feb 6, 2015
After trying BumGenius Elementals, Osocozy Prefolds, and the Grovia system I wanted to give up on ever using cloth. Then my husband found Green Mountain Diapers and we love them. I am not using the word "love" lightly.

The organic prefolds have been amazing for us. Our baby has ridiculously super sensitive skin and these diapers are fantastic on her. For reference, we have done just fine with the following amounts:

24 prefolds + 6 Thirsties cover = daytime
8 Workhorse + 1 Disani wool pull on = night time
This is more than enough to diaper her for two days in a row, doing laundry 3 times a week.

I found diapers frustrating beyond belief before GMD. Instead of crying over how to diaper her I actually like doing the laundry, I like changing her diaper, and I like that I am saving money.
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Lori Gotelli
Oct 28, 2013
Both hubby and I love these prefolds. We have them in NB, small, med, and wide med. I wish that I would have only bought these prefolds with covers, but I had thought a variety of CD would be best. It would have saved us hundreds of $$ if this was all we bought. My baby has sensitive skin too, so cotton and natural fibers can only be up against her skin. I do have other brands of prefolds, but we don't even use them.
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Jan 24, 2015
These are by far my favorite prefolds handsdown. They are wide and not long like others. These are our everyday go to. We have both the unbleached and organic and I adore both. We have orange, yellows, reds, and browns! They was up so nicely and are soft and clean against babies skin. I never thought "old school" diapering would be for me with so many modern cute options. We adore wool and these amazing prefolds all the time. In and out of the house! Ive even converted to pins for the better fit reasons! You won't be disappointed!
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Clare Randolph
Nov 27, 2013
I am so happy I went with GMD!!! I did so much research before purchasing; and it was actually a negative review of another mamufacturer's diapers that led me here (the reviewer lamented that she should have gone with GMD). I purchased NB, smalls, and mediums. My baby is still in the NB because she's just a month old. I am so happy with the quality of the diapers! A few things to note: if you baby is large (mine was 8 lbs 12 oz and 21 1/2"), I recommend ironing the diapers after washing. They really do quilt a lot (as Karen will tell you!) and the difference between ironed and unironed can be as much as 3/4", which makes a big difference in fit for bigger newborns. I have the most success if I iron when very slightly damp. As far as washing goes - initially I rinsed in the tub and pretreated with Charlie's Soap Laundry Prespray, but it just got to be too much for me. I must confess that now I just run them through the washing machine twice (with each run having a prewash and extra rinse cycle) and they come out just the same!! Baby is EBF so there has been very minimal staining. I am using the powder Charlie's Soap and Borax for each wash. Per Karen's advice, I was every other day. For new moms, this makes it really easy to track how many diapers your NB is going through (dr wants 10-12 per day). It definitely helps to have a system/ritual in place. I also fold them the same way every time when I iron (and store them in a soft canvas container facing the changing pad so I just have to take it out and set it under her in one efficient motion). I also suggest you go with the flannel wipes, too - it really does make it easier to just throw everything together.

For the dirty diapers, I either throw them in the tub (only works if you have a bathroom exclusively for this purpose) or I put them in a bucket. And guess what? Absolutely NO dirty diaper smell. My husband can't get over this fact. With his first, who was in disposables, he dreaded that stinky diaper genie. He can't believe he hasn't smelled one dirty diaper!

Definitely spend the extra few dollars and order a few of the GMD diaper pins, too. They are of great quality and do a fabulous job. And be sure to order at least 3 dozen - it may seem like a lot, but trust me, you'll appreciate the buffer on those days when you can't seem to get them washed in time (like during growth spurts with cluster feeding!).

I am so in love with these diapers that I don't know if I'll be able to get rid of them once baby is potty trained! I have a feeling I'll be saving them for my grand babies!
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Nov 27, 2013
These are great. My almost 2 year old son has only worn these and WH's from GMD. Some leaks but always due to user error and not the diapers. Super easy to clean and can handle a lazy mom like me who only washes them every third day. Service is great too. I bought all the diapers I thought I would need at one time and 3 mobths after purchase I had some issues with some yellow edge. They were promptly replaced by GMD even though I just e mailes to get suggestions on how to make them work (a few were twisted inside the center and much shorter than the rest).
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Jul 21, 2014
I'm new to cloth diapers, but I just wanted to share my experience with these real fast.

My husband and I were having A LOT of problems with disposables on our 8 month old (now 9 months). So we decided to try prefolds every other day to see if it would make our lives easier. If we liked cloth we would order fitteds as they looked easier to use.

Well, cloth solved ALL our diapering problems. We use the large brown edges on our little girl who might be just shy of 20 lbs? Under thirsties diaper covers (medium). We actually loved cloth so much that we used our small stash of 12 prefolds and 3 covers whenever they were clean. When id run out id put her in disposables until the diapers were clean and dry again and then it was back to cloth at the very next change.

We have had NO leaks in cloth and I no longer need to slather on diaper rash cream to prevent rashes because she simply does not get rashes in these. (Well she got one recently but after a month with no rashes, this is probably from the wash routine.)

Not only that, but we are expecting our second order of cloth diapers in the mail, but instead of going for fitteds, it's actually another dozen prefolds (much to our surprise). We snappi using an angel wing fold and it's sooo fast and easy that fitteds can't possibly make life any easier. Even my husband uses the angel wing fold easily.
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