Cloth-eez Birdseye Wipes made of organic cotton

Cloth-eez Birdseye Wipes made of organic cotton
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May 15, 2014
I love these wipes! At home we use bleached-white 100 % cotton wash cloths, which are my preference because the bleached white allows me to see that baby's bottom is completely clean (they're the only bleached product in our diaper stash). I also find that a wash cloth grips poop so much better than anything else available.

That said, these wipes are my go-to for diaper bag and travel. Cotton washcloths are just far, far too bulky to transport in a diaper bag and do not easily fit in wipes-sized wet bags. These wipes are a great size for travel--smaller and less bulky than a wash cloth, while still being 100% cotton and much grippier than a flannel wipe (which I personally find to be ineffective).

The other major bonus for the wipes over a wash cloth is that they wet MUCH easier with a spray bottle. At home, we pre-moisten our wipes, but use a spray bottle when out and about. The wash cloths took far too long to get wet enough for wiping--these birdseye wipes are wet enough in just a few sprays.

I highly recommend these wipes for anyone looking for a 100 % cotton wipe that is grippier than a flannel wipe, thinner than a wash cloth, and all natural (unlike the thin baby wash cloths sold at big box stores, which are usually synthetic blends that will slowly gather stink).

I give them four stars only because I would prefer a bleached version so that I could see the last traces of yellow while wiping (again, I prefer unbleached for everything BUT wipes).
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May 9, 2014
I bought these in addition to the Unbleached Flannel and Two-Sided wipes. These are my favorite for messy diapers. I love the texture of the Birdseye fabric for cleaning up, um, tougher messes. I wet them with water when I'm ready to use them and they work wonderfully.

They do shrink a little bit, so if you're a little nutty like me it will bother you that they are not exactly the same size as the other wipes in your stash.

They have a seam running down the middle to reduce bunching. (It works.)
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May 21, 2014
I ordered these as a first time mom and have only disposable wipes (Kinder by Nature brand) to compare to. These are wonderful! One wipe can get most, if not all, of a blowout mess cleaned up! I was really impressed and they have not irritated our son's skin. They have enough grip to get the mess out and are soft enough to wipe clean. We spray the Kissaluvs Diaper Lotion Potion (made it from the concentrate) and it works great as a duo. Highly recommend these. One or two have frayed at the edges, but nothing disappointing or problematic.
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May 2, 2014
We had these for a while and didn't use them much when baby was newborn. They were a tad big for the wipe box, even folded in half, and seemed unwieldy for a tiny baby butt. Now that she's older, bigger, and eating solids, it's my favorite! Thin enough to get in all the 'cracks,' with gentle texture to grab tiny bits of solids off the cheeks, and large enough to enable folding or rotating the wipe for a secondary swipe! Finishing always with a clean one, but there's nothing worse than wiping poop back ONTO your baby's bum!
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Jan 24, 2014
We have tried the two layer wipes, the flannel wipes, and Grovia wipes. Of all of these, the Birdseye are by far our favorite. Thick enough to only require one for the messiest messes, yet thin enough to get into the crevices of the groin, yet soft enough to not irritate the skin--they're wonderful! They have also held up in the wash far better than the two-layer terries, which seem to be slowly fraying and cannibalizing themselves after only 4-5 months of use.
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Jan 21, 2015
I LOVE these wipes! I rarely need to use more than one.
They are soft enough as to not irritate a baby's sensitive skin, but have enough grip to wipe off poop. I also use them to wipe our baby's hands and face when needed, too. They're a great all around wipe.
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Oct 25, 2015
Try these wipes, you will not be disappointed. They are great wipes. My favorite by far although I like the flannel as well. Birdseye is a great fabric and these are well made.
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Jan 23, 2014
I can't believe these don't have a review yet. I really like these wipes and plan on ordering more. They are longer than the two sided wipes and flannel wipes. I have all three and think these work the best.
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Jul 2, 2014
Great thickness--compact size. We actually use these most often as an extra layer when using birdseye flats. That way we have some extra absorbency without the extra bulk of doubling the diaper itself. We have been using them with GMD's Cloth-Eez birdseye flats (unbleached) and Kissas Wool Lovers (now discontinued).
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May 13, 2016
I really like these wipes. I have a set of them, some OsoCozy flannel wipes, and a set of Thirsties velour wipes. They all blow poly baby washcloths away, and the Thirsties are my favorite. These are just so much more affordable and really, they wash better too. Some of my Thirsties wipes bunch but the stitching keeps these looking nice even now that we're on baby #2. They really do a much better job than the thin flannel OsoCozy ones. They're my favorite for the diaper bag since the thirsties are too bulky for my wipes pouch. I can easily fit 10+ of these, but only about 6 fluffy velour ones. Really great part of my stash.
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Sep 10, 2016
I read a previous review that said these wipes grab everything that needs to be grabbed, but are still super soft. That reviewer was not joking. I've had 3 dozen of these birdseye wipes for almost 2 years and they are so super soft and get the job done so well. I never feel like I'm going to get poo on my hands even during the messiest of changes. I just ordered 2 dozen more so I have plenty for both changing stations and the diaper bag!
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Karlee Gong
Dec 30, 2016
LOVE these wipes! Perfect size to clean up messes and the texture helps grab everything while still being so soft. I've been using these wipes for a year and they are very durable and wash well. They are thick so my hands always stay clean and are easy to fold over so that I can use it to clean twice the mess.
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Sarah Martin
Jul 12, 2017
I am admittedly a lover of all things GMD but these wipes are my favorite after trying many brands/types. They are thin so you can fit a bunch in a tiny wet bag, they are absorbent, they have just enough texture to do a good job cleaning but not so much as to be a little rough like some of the others I've tried and they are fantastic quality (as everything from GMD is). Thanks again for having such great products that work!
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