Cloth-eez Two-Sided Wipes - White

Cloth-eez Two-Sided Wipes - White
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Clare Randolph
Nov 27, 2013
I really love these! I ordered 50 of them (I think?) and have not run out once. They are such a bargain and they are so soft on baby's bum! I always get two ready when it's a poopy diaper, but frequently I can clean up the mess with just one (I'm guessing this will change once baby is eating solids, though). I get them wet and spritz the Kissaluv potion on both sides. They wash up really well - no staining so far.

I do agree with the 3-star review about the edges. They do fray a little, and based on my experience with fabric, I think they would be even better if the material were preshrunk before sewing, as flannel and terry shrink differently. There is a little bunching around the edges because of this. However, they can be smoothed out flat, and this small flaw is not enough to warrant a reduction in my rating of them. They are fabulous and the perfect size!
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Dec 9, 2013
these were wonderful for my daughter... but she is 9 and using them as regular washcloths. what i love most about them is that the terry side is textured enough for getting her sparkly clean when she needs to scrub herself after getting filthy but gentle enough for her still very delicate skin. these are highly, highly recommended!
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Jan 1, 2014
Amazing! Hands down my fave wipes...wish I had bought these first and that these were the only kind of wipes I have. No folding necessary...just stack one flat on top of the other. They fit perfectly in my wipes warmer. I don't even use the warmer pad...just run plain water over a small stack, wring out the excess, and place in the new ones in each day, so no funky smells or drying out! Have yet to see a stain (breastfed only baby here right now). The perfect wipe! I LOVE them!
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Jennifer Sandoval
Jan 4, 2014
I started off with the Bumkins reusable wipes and Spasilk terry cloth wipes, alternating the 2 in my Munchkins wipe warmer. Neither fit in it, so I have to fold them in half. I paid about 50 cents per wipes for these, even though they fray, fall apart, and are paper thin. I figured, who cares? They're still reusable and they manage to get the job done, albeit terribly. On a whim, I got 1 stack of these just to see what the husband & I thought. I'm FURIOUS at myself for ever buying anything else! These fit phenomenally in my son's wipe warmer -- no folding, scrunching, or any other weird fits. They're so thick and soft, perfect for wiping up my thick all natural butt paste, yeast prevention oils, poop, old pee, and anything else on my son's tush. I can use the terry side for his formula poo (I lost my breast milk), and the flannel side as a smooth finishing cleaner. I truly only need one wipe for everything. I used only 2 today when my son had a major poo after taking in apple puree for constipation! 2 was plenty to clean up the whole thing, poo up the back included!
I'm partial to Sbish wipes for my son's hands, face, and body. Those wipes are very pricey, and they have tags coming from them to distinguish them from these. If I was fluffing on a budget, I'd definitely use just these wipes exclusively!
I'm buying more for bath time, my husband's shop towels/rags, our washcloths, kitchen counter rags, dish rags, etc. And at this price, why not?!
I HIGHLY recommend these! You truly cannot go wrong. Did I mention these are super absorbent? Yup! They hold my wipe solution beautifully, and make cleanups a breeze. Also, Karen, the owner, is great! Buy these wipes asap from GMD! I promise, you won't be disappointed!!
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Nov 8, 2013
Love these wipes. I bought three sets and I'm back for more. The two sides are really practical (terry for the messy, soft flannel for everything else), and the more you wash them, the better they seem to get. I wet them down with my own diaper solution for each use, and they soak up a good amount. A real workhorse--highly recommended!
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Nov 25, 2013
These are really fantastic wipes! I use them for my 2-year old, and sometimes for my baby as well. They do stain, but they can be bleached. If you don't mind stains, these really get the job done!
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Kelli Stewart
Nov 15, 2013
These wipes have worked very well for us. They wash up well and stay very soft. They're such a useful shape, size, and feel - in a pinch, I've even used them as nursing pads!
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Sep 2, 2014
Purchased these over 3 years ago for our first child. They are a real workhouse. Done our diapering with two children. Cloths still in use in our kitchen, at the table for sticky hands and in the bath tub. The perfect size for small hands. I know they're just a wipe, but after three years my enthusiasm still hasn't waned. Will buy more as time requires - bought 4 dozen originally - only a handful with holes now. Good product.
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Nov 8, 2013
I love these wipes. They're so sturdy and I reach for these the most. Great for number 2 changes. I keep them in a wipes warmer with water and diaper lotion potion. I ordered a pack of these and a pack of the flannel wipes and that's all I needed for one baby, washing every other day. I will order more if they ever wear out, which I don't foresee happening. They wash really well and are very practical.
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May 9, 2014
I ordered these wipes in addition to the Unbleached Flannel and Birdseye wipes. These were my least favorite of the 3. After the first wash they were unraveling and they lost their shape. They still function just fine, but they don't look that great. Also, I don't like that these are not available in unbleached/organic.

These fit perfectly in my travel wipes case, so that's where I keep them. I leave them dry and use wet them with water to use, they work just fine.
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Jun 12, 2014
The wipes are the perfect size. They are soft and clean very well. I use a baby lotion on it to wipe out poop. We have been using them for the past 2 months (since birth) and no staining. However, after the 1st wash, they frayed.
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Jun 13, 2014
These are my favorite wipes.
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Nov 22, 2013
These wipes are great! They fit just right in a disposable wipes container. No problems with fraying or anything. I've had 3 different kinds of GMD wipes (to differentiate for different kids/uses) and all have been excellent quality.
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Purly Tyrone
Apr 17, 2014
I really like these wipes. I ordered 36 but should probably order more. I've been cloth diapering for 12 years and have used so many different kinds. From ultra-cheap, to high-end designer wipes. I would say that these are probably my favorite. I love the size! I'd rather have this size as opposed to the fold over size. The two sided texture was exactly what I was looking for but never quite found till now. Another great thing I love is that they lay flat! Not a biggie I know, but for some reason it would bother me if my wipes were wonky and curled up. I love how uniform these wipes are cut, again another problem I had with other wipes. When you wash these, there will be some loose string that you should cut off. I find no problem doing that as it's normal for quality cotton fabric of this nature. I wash them a few times to prep, dry them, then cut off the loose strings. Easy peasy! These are great wipes at an exceptional value!
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Nov 17, 2013
I love most of GMD's products, but these fell short of the mark. They frayed at the edges from the start, so I'm not sure how long they'll last. I like having the two sided options, but they are smaller than all my other wipes. I'll stick to diapers from GMD.
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Apr 1, 2014
I wasn't a fan of these. I wash my wipes along with my diapers and maybe the cycle was to rough on them, but they started to unravel around the edges, get all stringy and fall apart. My other wipes don't do this. I prefer the kind that are one piece of fabric, opposed to two pieces seen together, they seem to hold up better. Plus these almost seemed too thick.
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Sep 12, 2014
I've been using these for 16 months now. Mine have also unraveled in a few places, but that doesn't bother me too much. My complaint is that the terry side is very rough on my daughter's skin. When she has a bit of rash it's clear that it is uncomfortable for her.
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Rachel K
Jan 14, 2014
I do love these wipes. Not too big, not too small, and the double sides are perfect. I am planning on buying more because I want some for myself to use instead of a regular washcloth!

The reason I took off a star, though, is that they frayed immediately, after just one washing. I trimmed the frayed edges once, and they frayed again. It hasn't interfered with their usefulness, but aesthetically, I just hate having a big pile of fraying wipes around.

But they are a great wipe at a good price, and I would still highly recommend them!
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Melody Lee
Nov 11, 2014
I love these. They are the only cloth wipes you will need. We bought 3 packs and it is all we need. I love the two sided way these work. They wash easily and cleanly. They are soft and dry quickly. Do prewash them several times. They did have strings that had to be cut off after first few prewashes, but they are holding up just fine. No signs of wear. My daughter is almost 4 months and we have used these since she was about 2 weeks old. I just spray her bottom with a mix of water, witchhazel, and lavender oil and wipe with these. You could also just wet these with water and wipe baby down. I really recommend these over all the others.
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Dec 26, 2013
Your household cannot possibly have enough of these wipes, even if there isn't anyone in diapers!! I love to have a stack in the kitchen for all the quick wipe-ups, a stack in the closet for all the cleaning, some in the car, and a stack in the bathroom for face washing. If anyone in the house is acne-prone, they need a handful of these: bacteria leads to acne, and a fresh one of these each face-wash is economical and healthy! It's also more sanitary to use a fresh one of these each day in the shower or bath instead of re-using the same washcloth day after day. And oh yeah, they're awesome wipes. The edges & crinkling are top quality for the price -- perfection would triple the price, and I have 4 year old GMD wipes that are still in excellent condition. The flannel starts to give where you scrubbed the grout, long before the edge stitching gives way.
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Jun 12, 2014
Of all the wipes I have bought, these are the best. I have the warmies brand wipes, grovia wipes and several babies r us wash cloths. Warmies wipes are too silky for my taste. What I like best about these is the fact that they are so thick. It makes it easier to separate and pick up one wipe at a time than with the other brands. Like the size and two sided texture also. Doesn't bother me at all that the edges are stringy. Wish this was the only brand I had bought.
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Mar 20, 2014
I LOVE these wipes! We use them in a munchkin wipes warmer and they fit perfectly. We find they are very useful for things other than diaper changes as well. I keep stacks of them in various places around the house for random spit-ups and milk leaks. When I run out of breastpads I just stick these in my shirt- easy! I have even started using them at mealtimes instead of paper towels. Definitely worth every penny!
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Megan James
Jan 27, 2015
I washed these for the first time, and one of them tore apart at the seam completely on one side. They also scrunched up on medium heat in dryer, the edges being all wavy and they don't lay flat, making less of the wipes fit into a container at one time. (Double sad face!) Compared to the velour wipes I also purchased from GMD, I prefer the size of these two sided, and the soft side is way softer on these. Pros of the velour: one layer (washed/dryed nicely), and they do have a 'two sided' texture as well, bigger size if you want it for bigger messes or bathing, etc. Can't comment on use on baby yet, he's still cooking! (FTM-to-be and first timer with anything to do with cloth diapering, I'm excited!)

Comment from GMD: We are happy to replace any defects. Please us the Contact Us link to let us know about sewing problems so we can take care of it. Thank you, Karen.
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Elynne Hamburg
Apr 29, 2015
Maybe if I used a warmer I would appreciate these more because of the smaller size, but I use warm water from a thermos instead. I have three different types of wipes and these are my least favorite, mostly because the two materials shrink differently and they never lay flat. They come out of the dryer puffed up like pillows. Flattening each one just annoys me. The terry side has become rough over time. I also have the unbleached birdseye and the terry/velour. I like both. The terry/velour is my favorite. It has stayed very soft and one wipe can clean up a big mess. They also worked well as doublers for my very small heavy wetter.
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Jul 17, 2014
I like the two sided the best. I like slightly larger squares better for older babies. I fold them in half. These are great for travel.
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